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Liang Jiahui endorses Mazda! CX-50 sales soar

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Retail sales of Changan Mazda from January to June in 2023 were 32097, down 42.42% from a year earlier, of which retail sales in June were 7411, down 23.50% from a year earlier, according to the Federation of passengers.


In terms of specific models, the highest-selling model of Changan Mazda in June was CX-50, with a total monthly sales of 4158 vehicles for the first full sale, followed by Mazda 3 Oncella, with 1587 vehicles. In third place is CX-5, which may be affected by the listing of CX-50, whose sales fell to 698 vehicles from 1070 in May.


CX-50 Bank also officially listed on May 25, with a price range of 15.98-106800 yuan, of which 2.0L is 15.98-177800 yuan and 2.5L is 17.58-206800 yuan. It is understood that the CX-50 is based on the front drive horizontal platform to build a new compact SUV, can be seen as the successor to CX-5, but the positioning is slightly higher than CX-5.

In terms of power, CX-50 provides 2.0L and 2.5L power options in the early stage, of which 2.0L engine maximum power 114kW, peak torque 200N m, 2.5L engine maximum power 138kW, peak torque 250N m, transmission are equipped with 6AT gearbox, hybrid models will be launched in the future.

On June 25, Changan Mazda announced the great reconciliation of the century. Liang Jiahui shook hands with Mazda and personally certified that "there is no traffic jam." Mazda invited Liang Jiahui as the spokesman of CX-50, the effect is absolutely explosive, coupled with the CX-50 is the first new car after the merger of North and South Mazda, it is expected that the CX-50 will become the best-selling model of Changan Mazda.


Previously, the Onksera was the best-selling model of Changan Mazda. In the first half of the year, for example, the Mazda 3 Uncera was 12024, followed by CX-5 with 5215. The newly listed CX-50 jumped to third place, with 4661 vehicles.

It is worth mentioning that on June 30th, Changan Mazda launched a new Onksera on the market, with a price range of 899-141900 yuan. As an age-renovated model, the price of the new car has been greatly reduced.


Compared with the 2022 model, the price of the 2023 Mazda 3 Oncella has been greatly reduced, with a maximum reduction of 30, 000 yuan. For reference, the price of the 2022 Mazda 3 Onksera is 11.59-169900 yuan. As for the reason for the price reduction, it may also be related to the internal volume of the domestic car market, and it is also a helpless move by Mazda to compromise to the market. Under the fierce competition in the industry, there may be a small fluctuation in sales in the future, but the overall trend is still not optimistic.

In the domestic market, Onksera's competitors include Toyota Corolla / Leiling, Volkswagen Langyi / Bora, Nissan Xuanyi, etc., but compared with the above models, Onksera does not have an advantage in space, power performance is not outstanding, and the smart configuration still stays in the Carplay display, which undoubtedly reduces its competitiveness in the fuel circle. At the same time, as independent brands become more and more powerful, the Japanese compact car market is gradually replaced by domestic cars, such as Qin PLUS DM-i 2023 championship version.


It is undeniable that Mazda is still in a passive state in the environment. Especially when there are similar competitive products, Mazda will face the risk of diversion of audience groups, which may have a serious impact on it. In fact, in the era of transition from fuel vehicles to energy vehicles, Mazda's persistence is meaningless, sometimes complying with the trend is not a compromise, but a trend, in different areas can still find new pursuits.

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