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Xiaopeng Motor sues Mavericks for car infringement

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According to the Heavenly Eye of Automotive Industry concern, Guangdong Xiaopeng Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. added a court notice to Gu Yubo, a blogger on the Douyin account "Mavericks say car". The cause of the case is an online tort liability dispute. The case will be heard in Guangzhou Internet Court on August 29th. However, Xiaopeng Automobile officials did not announce the specific incident of suing "Mavericks said car" infringement. So far, the Douyin account "Mavericks say car" blogger has not responded to the incident.


In May this year, Xiaopeng officially established the official Weibo of the Ministry of Justice, and posted: "the Internet is not a place outside the law." New here, please give me some advice. " The following June, Xiaopeng Automobile Law Department posted on Weibo that it had known the identity of several rumor mongers, started judicial rights protection procedures, and would take legal measures to pursue legal responsibility, including organizers, planners and implementers.


According to the data, Gu Yubo is the holder of the Douyin account "Mavericks say cars". As of press time, the number of fans of "Mavericks saying cars" has reached 2.319 million, while works on Douyin platform have 38 and have been liked 28.289 million times.

Prior to this, Mavericks said that the car had also been sued by the Ministry of Justice for infringement of reputation. The lawsuit filed by Lailai against Gu Yubo, the holder of the Douyin account "Mavericks said car", has been officially filed by the court, according to the official account of the legal department of NIO on May 15. The Ministry of legal Affairs of NIO said that since April 6, 2023, Gu Yubo has used his registered Douyin account "Mavericks to say car" to release more than 10 short videos, using insulting, vulgar, vulgar and vilifying words. fabricate facts, distort and interpret the information about Lulai and NIO users, and slander, abuse and attack the new energy vehicle industry, Ullai and Lailai users. Even repeatedly use insulting female descriptions to denigrate NIO brands and products, and use insulting words to carry out malicious personal attacks on NIO users, seriously infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of NIO and NIO users. The production, dissemination and forwarding of related videos have been suspected of serious violations of relevant criminal and civil laws and regulations. Gu Yubo was asked to delete the relevant video, make a public apology and tentatively compensate 5 million yuan.


Earlier, the Douyin account "Mavericks said car" said in response to the prosecution that many works had been removed from the shelves mainly because of complaints and that they had received a number of letters from lawyers.

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