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How? BYD equation leopard LOGO release

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On July 14th, equation Leopard officially launched the brand LOGO. According to the brand side's explanation: "the logo extracts elements and structural inspiration from mathematics, such as star lines, double-button function graphics, and outlines a strong, tough and futuristic totem of the equation leopard." Equation Leopard said that "personalization" will become a new track developed and led by the equation Leopard brand. Equation Leopard LOGO expresses the thinking and exploration of "personalized car" and "personalized life".



The equation Leopard car LOGO is really personalized enough that many friends "don't understand".



On June 9, BYD announced the official name of its new personalized brand, equation Leopard, as well as more official pictures of its first product. The official said that the standards and rules contained in the "equation", "Leopard" embodies wildness and dexterity, and "equation Leopard" means to "solve the personalized changes in cars and users' lives with the professional wisdom and spirit of exploring the digital world." With the official announcement of "equation Leopard", BYD's brand matrix layout has been completed, from household to luxury, from Volkswagen to personalization, to meet users' multi-faceted and full-scene car needs.


According to BYD's brand plan, in addition to the BYD main brand supported by Dynasty and Ocean net, there are also momentum, look up and just announced the equation Leopard, in which the equation Leopard positioning is between momentum and look up, focusing on multi-category and uniqueness. It is understood that as BYD's personalized brand, its future products will cover new energy models such as SUV, which focuses on off-road, as well as sports cars, the first product has been officially named "Leopard 5", the new car may be equipped with Yunyi-p chassis technology and new hybrid platform DM-o, is a standard Mercedes-Benz G-class hardline SUV, the car will be officially released this year, the price is expected to be between 40 and 600000 yuan.


From the perspective of model pricing, 40-600000 yuan is the core pricing range of the main BBA models, such as Audi Q5L, Mercedes-Benz SUV, etc., but these models are not hard-line GLCs. In the domestic market, the dominant hardcore SUV is the tank brand of Great Wall Automobile, which has launched two models, especially Tank 500. the overall body modeling is very hard off-road, with a maximum price of 395000 yuan, and its future will also launch SUV such as Tank 700,800, when equation Leopard and the tank brand must have a war. In addition, joint venture brands will also be affected. Toyota Prado is the most classic representative, with a price of 43.58-604800 yuan when it stops production, which happens to fall within the pricing range of the first model of equation Leopard, and the new generation of Prado will be introduced for production and sale in China next year.

In 2023, BYD hopes to challenge its sales target of 3 million vehicles. As of June, BYD had sold 1.2556 million vehicles, up 94.25 per cent from a year earlier, with a target completion rate of 41.85 per cent. According to the current development trend, there is no small pressure to complete nearly 2 million vehicles in the next seven months.

That's why BYD launched the equation Leopard car. From the perspective of brand positioning, the launch of equation Leopard not only improves the layout of BYD's new energy passenger car, but also the key layout for BYD to complete the full-field coverage from household to luxury, from Volkswagen to personalized. The addition of new brands can not only enhance brand positioning, but also contribute to market increment for BYD. In addition, there are also successful cases of targeting hardliners off-road. Once the Tank 300 was launched, it continued to explode, and this very niche market segment gradually became lively.

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