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Brand new front face, new Junwei official picture released

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With the Buick brand new family design language gradually promoted on the whole series of models, the styling style has also come to Regal models. On July 15, Buick brand officially released the new Regal official map, the new model adopts brand-new front face design, design style and new generation LaCrosse, high-spirited, century similar.

According to the official map, the new Regal has obvious changes. The front face adopts a brand-new trapezoidal large-mouth front grille, the details on both sides of the front bumper are adjusted synchronously, the interior of the grille adopts horizontal chrome lines, and the two sides of the front face are redesigned correspondingly, but the modeling design of the headlight group is consistent with that of the current model. At the same time, the new Regal is equipped with the latest Buick brand logo, and the installation position of the logo is also transferred from the inside of the front grille to the upper part of the front grille. Since the new Regal is still a modified version of this generation, its length, width and height are still 4913/1863/1462mm and the wheelbase is 2829 mm.



The rear part has certain adjustment compared with the current model, but the overall change is not big, mainly due to the replacement of the brand-new design brand logo, its trunk lid switch may not be integrated with the tail logo as in the 2023 model sold, so we can see in the real car diagram that the new Regal is suspected to have added the trunk lid physical button switch at the upper part of the tail logo.



Interior, the new Junwei official map has not been exposed, referring to the previous outflow of interior spy photos on the network to see, the new Junwei center console has not been equipped with Buick the latest family-integrated curved large screen, visible interior adjustment is only the steering wheel logo replacement for the latest Buick brand logo. At the same time, the new Regal continues to offer pointer instrument panels, push-button shifting mechanisms, shift paddles, etc.


In terms of power, from the exposure of the new Regal tail, it will continue to provide 1.5T and 2.0T two engines. Unlike the 2023 models on sale, the new Regal will be redesigned with tail numbers representing the powertrain. Among them, the tail label of 1.5T model is simplified from "552T" to "25T", and the tail label of 2.0T model is simplified from "652T" to "28T". The new tail label is similar to Cadillac model.

It is understood that Junwei was first born in the 1960s, introduced into domestic sales by Shanghai General Motors in 2002, and has undergone six iterative upgrades by 2018. In August 2020, the mid-term modification of the sixth generation of Junwei was launched. At present, the guidance price range of 2023 models of Junwei on sale is 196,800 - 249,800 yuan. The new model exposed this time can be regarded as the second major modification of this generation of Junwei.

In the domestic market, Regal's competitors include Honda Accord (1698 - 259,800 yuan), Toyota Camry (1798 - 269,800 yuan), Volkswagen Passat (1819 - 252,900 yuan), Nissan Teana (1798 - 269,800 yuan) and other medium-sized cars.

According to the data, the sales volume of Buick Regal in the first half of 2023 was 24139 vehicles, ranking fourth in the Buick brand family, second only to Weilang, Buick GL8 and Angkewei. Compared with the models of the same class, the sales volume of Regal is not as good as that of the above models, but the configuration is more conscientious, especially in terms of power. Regal is 1.5T/2.0T+9AT gearbox, while Accord and Camry of the same class are still using CVT gearbox. As for whether the new model can help Buick Regal return to its peak sales after it comes on the market, it still needs to take a step.

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