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It doesn't sell? The price of a car is reduced less than half a year after it has been on the market.

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On July 14, auspicious Yundu official WeChat announced that it would open a 60, 000-class aviation quality national boutique car and comprehensively reduce the prices of its two models, "Yun Rabbit", by up to 16000 yuan. According to official posters, the price of the "Cloud Rabbit" 320km smart model has been reduced to 69800 and that of the 415km jump model has been reduced to 89800. In addition to the price reduction, the official also launched a three-year free travel, three-year vehicle warranty, free points and other welfare policies.


Many people may not be familiar with auspicious Yundu. In February this year, Junyao Group, the parent company of auspicious Airlines, announced that it would build cars across borders and enter the field of new energy vehicles, and released the strategic concept of "auspicious Great Travel." through auspicious Airlines and Yundu Automobile, we hope to provide users with integrated land and air service experience from the three dimensions of hardware, software and service. Data show that Junyao Group was founded in July 1991 and has now formed five major business sectors: air transport, financial services, modern consumption, educational services, and scientific and technological innovation. It has four listed companies: auspicious Airlines, Aijian Group, Great Oriental and Junyao Health.


On June 28, the original Yundu officially announced that it had officially changed its name to "auspicious Yundu". It said that what had changed was the name, but the constant was to improve the national quality of the standard. With the arrival of "auspicious cloud", it also means that auspicious Airlines and Yundu Motors have a deeper cooperation.


Yundu Automobile, founded in 2015, belongs to the new energy brand of Fujian Automotive Industry Group, whose business scope includes the research and development, production and processing of new energy vehicles and auto parts. As one of the earliest new car-building forces, Yundu Automobile is not a low starting point, and it was one of the first enterprises to obtain the "dual qualification" of electric vehicles. In 2017, the brand of Yundu New Energy vehicle was launched, and in October of the same year, the first small pure electric SUV Yundu π 1 was released, with a price of 13.89-197500 yuan; in March 2018, it released Yundu π 3, with a price of 17.08-186800 yuan. With the blessing of the new car, Yundu achieved an annual sales of 20,000 vehicles in 2018. However, with the rise of mainstream electric vehicles, Yundu Motors' products do not have obvious competitive advantages in terms of battery life, sports and configuration. In addition, Yundu has not released a new car since 2019, and sales have stagnated.


Without the support of sales volume, the financial data are naturally a mess, and the losses are increasing. Relevant data show that the net loss of Yundu Automobile in the five years from 2017 to 2021 is 827 million yuan. The net loss was 95 million yuan in 2017, 138 million yuan in 2018, 177 million yuan in 2019, 204 million yuan in 2020 and 213 million yuan in 2021. After losing another 55.7136 million yuan in the first quarter of 2022, it was revealed that Yundu had stopped production. The emergence of Junyao Group has brought hope to Yundu Motor. After obtaining the capital increase of Junyao Group, Yundu Automobile announced its resumption of production last year, which has become part of the strategic concept of "auspicious Great Travel".

On February 28th, the first new car, Cloud Rabbit, was put on the market after the two sides signed up. The new car is located in a small pure electric SUV, with a price range of 8.58-95800 yuan, mainly focusing on the A0-level SUV market segment below 100000. In terms of appearance, the front face is a closed shape, with split headlights on both sides, and a through taillight on the rear. The new car is 4035/1736/1625mm in size, 2480mm in wheelbase, 12.3in suspension central control screen in interior, 70kW in motor power and 165Nm in torque, providing CLTC with pure electric mileage of 320km and 415km. Due to the low brand awareness, weak market competitiveness, and fierce competition in this market segment, the cloud rabbit model did not attract high market attention after listing.


Of course, Yundu Motor has gradually ushered in the time to catch its breath after getting the "blood transfusion" from Junyao Group. But at this stage, the new car on the market less than half a year to start the price reduction model, the development of Yundu Automobile may not be optimistic. In addition, with the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the market share of new energy vehicles is also decreasing. Although it can be temporarily survived by "blood transfusion" at present, if the product positioning and market perception are not changed, it may eventually face the fate of being eliminated.

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