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Divine operation! The post-00s boy tried to drive a car for marriage.

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Recently, an unexpected bizarre test drive happened at a Geely 4S store in Zhengzhou, Henan province. A young man born after 00 actually took the test drive away to get married. The incident occurred in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, when the newlyweds were ready to buy a wedding car, but due to more vehicle orders and a long waiting time, the young man took away the test driver during the test drive and drove the test car home in order to buy the car in advance.

Geely 4S store sales staff said: the normal reception of customers that day, after entering the store, customers listened to the sales explanation of the car, put forward a test drive requirements. When the customer got on the car and prepared for the test drive, he asked the test driving staff to accompany the test driver into the store to get the phone on the grounds of "leaving the phone at the store for his help." the customer unexpectedly drove the car away with a foot throttle. The girlfriend who came with the customer continued to stay in the 4S store. When the staff of the 4S store was ready to call the police, the man who drove away said that he wanted to buy the test car and let the clerk go to the girlfriend who stayed in the store to go through the formalities.

The salesperson said to him: we don't sell this car, it's for you to feel the performance of the car, not to drive it home directly. What makes people "laugh and cry" is that the man repeatedly stressed the rationality of his test drive, claiming that he had "obtained the consent of the staff of the 4S store" and asked the staff at that time whether they could drive it, while the staff responded that they could drive. The salesperson later said in an interview with the media: this car has just been on the market, there are more orders in front of it, if you want to pick up the car, it will take nearly a month. The man also said that because of the approaching wedding date, the car he liked could not be booked all the time, and he had to wait at least a month before he thought of buying a test drive. because the shop assistant did not agree, he planned to drive away first and then pay for it. then he apologized for his reckless behavior.



In response to this matter, the person in charge of the 4S store said: this thing also happened for a reason, and it is also a trust of customers on the brand, so they did not choose to call the police. Subsequently, a special approval from the leader transferred a car purchase target of the internal staff to the customer to solve the incident.


For this kind of behavior of driving away without permission, some professional lawyers pointed out that this kind of behavior is not advisable in law. On the one hand, before the car purchase contract is formally signed, the vehicle still belongs to the 4S store. The man took the test drive away without permission and violated the property rights and interests of the 4S store. If the 4S store is not willing to reach a purchase agreement with the man, but choose to report to the police and ask for the car to be recovered. Then the man will face administrative punishment and even be investigated for criminal responsibility.

At the same time, the lawyer also pointed out that the insurance for test driving is sometimes not standard, and some test drivers assume that they do not have third party liability insurance and car damage insurance. If the man has a traffic accident while driving home, in view of the fact that the vehicle has been out of the control and control of the 4S store, then the man, as the actual driver of the vehicle, need to bear most of the property losses caused by the traffic accident. "Don't take it for granted, 'take it first and buy later', it will plant a major hidden danger, and the loss outweighs the gain."

It is worth noting that the car involved in this incident, the Galaxy L7, went on sale on May 31, and the new car launched a total of five models with a price ranging from 138700 yuan to 173700 yuan. The Galaxy L7 sold 9673 vehicles in its first month on the market, according to official figures.

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