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Xiaopeng also wants to develop hybrid cars? Official response

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A few days ago, some netizens posted the recruitment information of Xiaopeng Automobile. Judging from the job responsibilities, Xiaopeng Automobile is recruiting high-pressure fuel tank technicians. Subsequently, the news sparked a heated discussion on the Internet, and there was even a view that Xiaopeng might develop hybrid cars.


In response to the above news, Xiaopeng Automobile responded: "this recruitment information is to assist Xiaopeng Huitian to recruit, not to develop hybrid cars."

In fact, Xiaopeng has made it clear that it will not do hybrid models before. As early as last year at the China Automobile Blue Book Forum, he Xiaopeng, chairman of Xiaopeng Automobile, said: "I once considered mixing. In the face of the temptation of short-term benefits, I finally gave up mixing and chose long-term doctrine and longer-term goals." He Xiaopeng believes that although the hybrid technology is very strong today, Xiaopeng car can survive the transition period of the next two or three years. Xiaopeng's investment in intelligence is an example. Determine your own direction and go to the extreme.

Compared with Xiaopeng Automobile, Xiaopeng Huitian is not well-known. Data show that Xiaopeng Huitian was established in September 2020, the legal representative is Zhao Deli, with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. Tianyan check ownership structure chart shows that Xiaopeng Huitian is jointly owned by he Xiaopeng, Guangdong Xiaopeng Automobile Industry Holdings Co., Ltd., Zhao Deli and Guangzhou Huitian Star Exploration Technology Co., Ltd., of which, he Xiaopeng is the chairman of the company and holds 60.1% of the shares. He is the actual controller of the company.


It is understood that Xiaopeng Huitian mainly aims at urban air travel UAM to build intelligent electric flying vehicles. In September 2020, Xiaopeng unveiled a flying car called Voyager T1 at the Beijing Auto Show, which can fly at an ultra-low altitude of 5-25 meters and can be used by two people to achieve intelligent interaction and low-altitude map navigation at a price equivalent to that of a luxury car. In December of the same year, he Xiaopeng gave a new imagination of flying car. He shared an official picture of T2 flying car by Xiaopeng Huitian on Weibo and called the test ride experience exciting.


In October 2022, Voyager X2 completed its overseas maiden flight in Dubai, the first public flight demonstration there since the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority issued a chartered flight permit for the X2. It is understood that Voyager X2 is a two-person intelligent electric flying car, the fuselage uses carbon fiber structure, with manual driving and self-driving two modes.


In January this year, Xiaopeng Huitian official announced that Voyager X2 officially obtained a chartered flight license issued by the Central and South China Civil Aviation Regional Administration, and Voyager X2 became the first manned eVTOL (Electric Vertical take-off and Landing) product to be successfully approved.

It should be noted that Xiaopeng is not the first car company to test flying cars. As early as 2010, terrafugia Company of the United States made a land-and-air morphing vehicle, which was allowed to be put into commercial production by the US aviation authorities, with a maximum speed of 200km / h and a ground top speed of 160km / h in flight mode.


Dutch company PAL-V launched its final mass-produced flying car on March 6, 2018. the first batch of mass-produced flying cars meet European road and air traffic standards at a price of about 425000 pounds (about 3.735 million yuan). In addition, the car is limited to 90 units and will be officially delivered in 2019. In addition, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW and Rolls-Royce have also been involved in flying cars before.


Although flying cars are still immature, he Xiaopeng said bluntly: "A small number of cars will fly into the sky after 2024 and occupy the sky on a larger scale in 2030." According to the plan, Xiaopeng flying car will begin mass production in 2024, and the price is expected to be less than 1 million yuan.

At present, there are 97 positions on Xiaopeng Huitian's official website, but there is no "high-pressure fuel tank system post" that has been hotly discussed online. whether this post can accelerate the landing of the sixth-generation flying car will still have to wait for official progress to promote it.

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