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Coming soon! Subaru BRZ Special Edition Preview released

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A few days ago, Subaru officially announced that it will officially release a new version of BRZ at Subiefest (Subaru Fans Annual Party) held in California on July 23, while Subaru also released a preview of the new BRZ model.


The preview picture of this exposure is only a photo of the headlight position. According to the preview picture, the overall outline of the appearance of the new car and the layout of the lamp cavity are basically consistent with those of the old model. The headlight shape of BRZ logo is still adopted, and there is BRZ logo embellishment at the "corner of the eye." What has changed is that the BRZ logo inside the lamp cavity of the new car adopts more striking red font.

It is reported that the new version of BRZ will be upgraded for performance, but so far, there is no information on the dynamic parameters of the new car online. For reference, the Subaru BRZ previously sold in China is equipped with a 2.4-liter horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 235 hp and a peak torque of 250 N·m, matching a 6-speed manual gearbox or a 6-speed manual self-contained gearbox. At the same time, the brand-new BRZ front suspension features a custom-designed McPherson independent suspension and five different mode settings for the track driving body stability system.

It should be noted that Subaru officially introduced a new generation of BRZ to the domestic market, which ceased production in March 2023.


In January 2023, Subaru officially released the article "SUBARU BRZ with Hope," indicating that the production of the current BRZ is expected to stop in March 2023, and then it will continue to be sold until the end of June 2023 and temporarily leave the Chinese market. Customers who need to book cars should contact local authorized dealers as soon as possible to consult the car model and color, and they will do their best to meet the personalized needs of car booking customers.

Subaru BRZ is a model jointly built by Toyota and Subaru. It was introduced into the domestic market as an imported car in 2013. Later, due to the influence of the "Accounting Method for Average Fuel Consumption of Passenger Vehicle Enterprises," Subaru BRZ stopped importing sales in 2017.

In February 2019, Subaru China announced the return of SUBARU BRZ to the Chinese market, and unveiled the new Subaru BRZ at the Shanghai Auto Show in April of the same year. The car launched two models with prices of 273,800 yuan and 283,800 yuan respectively. In December 2021, the new generation BRZ was officially launched, among which the price of manual gear was 308,800 yuan and that of automatic gear was 330,800 yuan. However, the emission of this model is the national 6A standard, which also causes the new generation BRZ to be unable to complete the vehicle registration formalities in the areas of national 6B standard, such as Beijing, Shanghai and other regions. In desperation, Subaru announced BRZ farewell to the Chinese market.

Earlier Subaru official said, Subaru BRZ will temporarily leave the Chinese market at the end of June, this new version of the model after the appearance, whether the follow-up new car will return to China, there is no clear statement at present.

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