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Tengli X successor! Momentum N8 makes its debut

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On July 18, a set of Tengli N8 real car pictures were exposed online. As the successor to the Tengli X, the Teng Teng N8 locates a medium and large SUV, providing both pure electric and hybrid power.

In terms of appearance, the appearance of Tengli N8 is derived from Tengli X and is integrated into the latest π-Motion design language of Tengli brand, which is similar to Tengli N7 as a whole. The front part of the car adopts the stackable grille lamp of the same shape as the potential N7, showing regular flickering changes, and there is also a relatively exaggerated aerodynamic design in the fog lamp area, resulting in high visual recognition. The pure electric version uses a closed medium net design, while the plug-in hybrid version is equipped with a banner-shaped medium net.



In the rear part, the new car uses a "Pi" light group, which has a good visual recognition, but there is little difference between the whole rear part of the pure electric model and the plug-in model, and it is expected that it can only be distinguished by the tail mark in the future. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4949/1950/1725mm, the wheelbase is 2830mm, and the positioning is medium and large SUV.



In terms of interior decoration, the Teng Power N8 car continues the design concept of Teng Power X, which is equipped with a large-size suspended central control screen and a full liquid crystal dashboard, and the center console is decorated with starry sky style lights. The shape of the air outlet of the air conditioner is the same as that of the potential X. at the same time, a light source is added to the position of the knob to improve the texture of the car. The Teng Teng N8 steering wheel adopts the new double-spoke style, the multi-function keys use blue backlight, which is consistent with the lamp belt and atmosphere lamp, the shift lever is designed in crystal style, and the layout of buttons on both sides is also redesigned.


According to official information, the Tengli N8 has an optional seat on 5-6-7 to meet family travel needs, and passengers can easily walk in and out of the third row of space in the middle aisle of the second row. The car is also equipped with double air desks in the middle row, which can facilitate a variety of business and family travel scenarios. At the same time, we see that the second row also uses LCD touch screens to complete air conditioning and other operations. At the same time, the large skylight of Tengli N8 can be opened freely and equipped with sunshade curtain.

In terms of power, the Tengli N8 plug-in hybrid version provides two power versions: DM-i two-wheel drive and DM-p four-wheel drive, both of which are equipped with a 1.5T engine with a maximum power of 102kW, in which the maximum motor power of the DM-i model is 160kW and the maximum power of the front / rear motor of the DM-p model is 160kW / 200kW respectively. The maximum power of the front motor of the pure electric version of the two-wheel drive version is 230 kilowatts, and that of the four-wheel drive version is 230 kilowatts / 200 kilowatts respectively.

Official data show that in the first half of 2023, Tencent D9 sold a total of 56164 vehicles, which is the first model launched after Tencent's refurbishment. It is positioned as a medium and large MPV, and offers both DM-i hybrid and EV pure electric versions with a price range of 335800 yuan to 465800 yuan. Competitions include Buick GL8, Toyota Sena, Lantu Dreamer, Polar Krypton 009 and other models.

On July 3, the second model of Tengli, the Tengli N7, went on sale, which is the second model launched after the brand Huanxin, and the first SUV after the brand Huanxin, with a price range of 30.18-379800 yuan. Zhao Changjiang, general manager of Tengli sales Division, said, "N7 is the first luxury SUV to challenge BBA." It also pointed out that Tengli will seize some of the market segments in the hands of BBA, and strive to reach 15-20% of the market segment in the future.

According to the official announcement, the Tengli N7 and Teng Teng N8 will be officially unveiled this year. As a reference, Tengli will build more than five series of models with the letters D, E, N, Z and A, of which D is the MPV model series, N is the SUV model series, and Tengli will also build cars and coupe series.

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