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Does the ideal owner drive unmanned at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour? Official response

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A few days ago, a video about "the ideal car is driverless on the highway" has sparked heated discussion on the Internet.

Video footage posted on the Internet shows an ideal car driving at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour on the highway, but the main driver's seat is empty, there is a drink in the steering wheel, and a man is sitting in the passenger seat. the TV series "Storm" is playing on the screen in front of the seat.


After the video went viral on the Internet, many netizens said it was shocking and made a sweat about it. One netizen said: "it's too dangerous, suspected of dangerous driving." "Please severely punish this seriously irresponsible behavior to others." , "the ideal car is auxiliary driving, not unmanned autopilot, ah, this is to play with life, the heart is really big." , "do you have to have an accident to know what's wrong?"




In addition, some netizens questioned the driving assistance function of the ideal car, saying, "Why didn't the seat detect that no one was sitting?" Or does the ideal chair have no such security function at all? " , "if you don't hold the steering wheel to plug the bottle of water, the seat will not be detected by the DMS driver detection system."



In this regard, on the evening of July 19, the ideal car customer service staff said that when starting the ideal car auxiliary driving function, the driver should sit in the cab and hold the steering wheel. The staff member asked the reporter to send the relevant videos and questions to the email, and there will be a special staff to reply.

Since then, ideal Auto officials have also responded via Weibo. On July 20, the official statement of ideal Motors said that some users showed uncivilized driving behavior on social media, bypassing the monitoring of the system, or carrying out a series of dangerous operations during the period from the system warning to the retreat. For example, when using auxiliary driving, lying flat to watch a play, or in order to create "self-driving", or even in the process of using the function, people leave the driver's seat, and so on.


Ideal car stressed: "this is what we resolutely put an end to. At this stage, it is still auxiliary driving, not autopilot." The ideal car says that at this stage, the driver is the first person in charge of the vehicle and needs to keep the steering wheel on hand and be ready to take over. For example, in ghost probe or vehicle emergency congestion scenarios, the processing capacity of vehicle systems is often not as fast as human beings; in some construction scenarios, the system does not even know to intercept obstacles in the road. This requires the driver to always maintain the correct sitting posture and pay attention to the road conditions in order to take over in time and avoid accidents.

In this note, ideal car also shares a letter from the product manager of the intelligent driving team, which also mentions information such as putting an end to uncivilized driving. Earlier, ideal car CEO Li wanted to make it clear: safety issues should be strictly unified industry standards, simple and clear, without scratching the edge. Such as the use of a unified standard of Chinese terms for self-driving, and it is suggested that the unified name: L2 = auxiliary driving; L3 = autopilot; L4 = autopilot; L5 = self-driving. Li wants to emphasize that there should be no extra Chinese characters to avoid misunderstandings caused by exaggerated publicity.

But this kind of thing is not an isolated case! As early as 2021, when an ideal ONE was driving at high speed, the main driver and copilot seats were put down, and the video of the owner and crew lying flat in the car also caused heated discussion on the Internet. At that time, the ideal car official also issued a document saying that the ideal car was firmly opposed and required all car owners to use the auxiliary driving system in the correct way, and pointed out that the auxiliary driving system of the ideal car must wear a seat belt before it could be used. Do not take your hands off the steering wheel while the vehicle is driving. the ideal ONE steering wheel has a grip sensor that will remind the driver through visual and auditory alarms that if the driver does not take over the steering wheel for more than a period of time, the system will exit and the use of auxiliary driving function will be prohibited during this driving.


Auto Industry concern believes that although self-driving is a major trend in the future, it may be possible to completely liberate human hands and feet in the future, but from the perspective of existing technology, the current auxiliary driving is not perfect enough. It also needs the intervention and guidance of the driver. Whether it is an ideal car or other car brands, the current auxiliary driving is not equal to autopilot, far from being able to let go completely, which means that drivers still need to stay focused while driving.

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