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How much is the price? Baojun cloud real car exposure

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A few days ago, a group of Baojun cloud real car pictures were exposed on the Internet. It is understood that the new car is located in a five-seat pure electric home car and is expected to go on sale by the end of July. From the analysis of the price circulated on the Internet, the price of the new car may be about 150000 yuan, which will compete with BYD Dolphin after listing.

In terms of appearance, different from Baojun's current models, the new car is more round and lovely in appearance. The front face is designed with a closed grille, with split headlamp groups on both sides, and the LED daytime driving light belt design that runs through the front face is also quite eye-catching and highly recognizable.


The new car has smooth lines on the side of the body, and the roof is designed for the popular suspended roof, with hidden door handles and five-spoke low wind resistance wheels, which makes the whole car look very young and fashionable. In the rear part, the new car taillight adopts through-type design, and the rear spoiler of ducktail type is suspected to be added in the upper part of the rear window.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4295/1850/1652mm and the wheelbase is 2700mm. For comparison, the length, width and height of BYD dolphins are 4070/1770/1570mm and the wheelbase is 2700mm. In other words, except that the wheelbase of the new car is the same as that of the dolphin, the length, width and height of the new car are better.


In terms of interior decoration, the new car uses a relatively simple double color design, and many details are embellished with similar wood grain elements, together with an 8.8-inch narrow strip LCD instrument and a 15.6 suspension central control screen. it looks very fashionable but also has a sense of science and technology. In addition, Baojun Automobile officials have revealed the details of the intelligent network connection configuration-LingOS 2.0 system, and announced that Baojun Yunduo will be the world's first model equipped with this system. According to reports, the LingOS 2.0 system is equipped with brand-new automotive specification-level high computing chips and super-large screen new UI design. Therefore, the new car will also be equipped with LingOS 2.0 system and MediaTek MT8666 chip to support intelligent voice interaction, seamless navigation, mobile phone APP remote vehicle control and other functions.


In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous single motor with the maximum power of 100kW, of which the low battery version is equipped with 37.9kWh battery pack with a pure electric life of 360km, and the high battery version is equipped with 50.6kWh battery pack with pure battery life of 460km.

Baojun is an independent automobile brand founded by SAIC GM Wuling in 2010. Since its establishment, it has undergone two changes. In January 2019, Baojun Automobile released a new logo-diamond logo, which bears the important task of high-end brand. The other time is this time, the official said that with the new LOGO as the starting point, it will fully enter the new energy track to reshape the brand, and become another car brand to announce the full entry of new energy.

Baojun launched the KIWI EV in August 2021, but sales of the car were mediocre after its launch. For the current Baojun, it has no voice in the fuel car market, Baojun may also be aware of this. On May 25, SAIC GM Wuling's new small pure electric SUV-- Baojun Hyatt was officially launched, with a total of two models, the flagship version and the Zhizun version, with a price range of 79800 yuan and 89800 yuan respectively. This is the first model launched by Baojun after comprehensively cutting into the new energy track and brand LOGO.


Figures show that in June 2023, Baojun Yue also sold 2148 units at retail, while Baojun KiWi EV sold 274 vehicles.

Comprehensive Baojun cloud positioning point of view, the follow-up launch of the new car in addition to competing with BYD dolphins, including yuan PLUS, AION Y, dark blue SL03 and other models will also be Baojun cloud's potential competitors. As for whether the new car can become a popular model? As the exact price of the new car has not yet been announced, it is too early to discuss.

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