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The founder of Stone Technology is off to build a car! The first model is named "Stone 01".

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Recently, according to the 372nd batch of "Road Motor vehicle Manufacturing Enterprises and products Bulletin" released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the first SUV model built across the border by Changjing, founder of Stone Technology, which is a floor-sweeping robot, has been officially declared. Judging from the tail mark, the new car is named "Stone 01". Because it does not have the production capacity, the new car is produced by Beijing Automobile Factory Co., Ltd.


In terms of appearance, the new car adopts the styling design of the off-road vehicle in founder's strong style, which is very similar to the appearance of the Land Rover Guardian. The front face is matched with T-shaped headlights and the fumigated medium net, which improves the overall visual effect of the vehicle. On the tail side, it is equipped with an external spare tire, and the taillight group and the tail door handle all adopt a vertical shape, which strengthens the off-road property of the vehicle.



As for the car body, the side is a box-shaped structure, and the through waistline extends to the rear of the car. The roof is designed with a suspended roof, with traditional door handles and a two-color body. According to the declared information, the new car will be 5295mmx1980mmx1869mm in length, width and height, 3010mm in wheelbase, and provide 21-inch and 20-inch wheels. From the body size data, the new car can be positioned as a full-size SUV.


In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with a 1.5T engine, of which the maximum power is 112kW. In terms of competitive products, after the new car comes on the market, it may be like the L7/L8 and other models.


Many people may not know about stone technology. Relevant data show that Stone Technology, formerly known as Beijing Stone Century Science and Technology Co., Ltd., was established in July 2014. Its main business is the design, research, development, production and sales of intelligent cleaning robots. The production link is realized by commissioned processing. The company's products are stone sweeping robot, Mijia sweeping robot, Mijia hand-held vacuum cleaner, small tile sweeping robot. In 2021, Changjing, founder of Stone Technology, personally set up an independent automobile company, Shanghai Luoke Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 10 million yuan and Changjing's 40 per cent shareholding. In January last year, Shanghai Luoke Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. received $100 million in financing.


In recent years, with the promotion of intelligence and new energy, many enterprises and technology giants have announced cross-border car construction, including Xiaomi, which cooperates with Stone Technology. When Xiaomi announced cross-border car construction in March 2021, Lei Jun said at the time that it was the last time in his life to start a business and was willing to bet all his reputation to lead the team to fight for Xiaomi cars himself. As to why cars are built, Lei Jun once said: making cars is not for "limelight". At present, electric cars have changed from machinery industry to information industry. Coupled with the fact that some peers are already doing it, Xiaomi will be eliminated if it is not done.

Of course, for cross-border players, cross-border car construction success is not easy, in addition to the need for sufficient funds, production qualifications, R & D capabilities, product mass production and follow-up delivery and services will face many tests. Changjing, the founder of Stone Technology, has gone from sweeping robots to building cars, which is not easy for Changjing, who has no experience in building cars. after all, it is far more difficult to control the quality of cars than to control the quality of sweeping robots.

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