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Jidu Automobile personnel change! The chairman of a company leaves office.

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According to the national enterprise credit information publicity system, industrial and commercial changes have taken place in Wuhan Jidu Automobile Service Co., Ltd. Liang Zhixiang stepped down as chairman and Zhou Yi took over.


There is no official explanation for why Liang Zhixiang stepped down as chairman. It should be noted that Tianyan check information shows that Jidu Automobile has recently set up service companies with new energy vehicle sales functions in many places throughout the country. Most of these service companies have registered capital of 10 million yuan, and their legal representatives are all Jidu Automobile CEO Xia Yiping.

According to public information, Wuhan Jidu Automobile Service Co., Ltd. was established in December 2022, with a registered capital of 700 million yuan and legal representative Xia Yiping. Its business scope includes new energy vehicle sales, second-hand car brokerage and so on. Tianyan check ownership structure chart shows that Wuhan Jidu Automobile Service Co., Ltd. is wholly owned by Jidu Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd.

Jidu Automobile is the carrier of Baidu car, which is a joint venture between Baidu and Geely Holdings. In March 2021, Jidu Automobile Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of 2 billion yuan, and Xia Yiping served as the CEO of the company. Based on the vastness of SEA Intelligent Evolutionary experience Architecture, which is the world's leading pure electric architecture newly developed by Geely, the two sides worked closely in the field of smart car manufacturing to build smart cars.


In June 2022, industrial and commercial changes occurred in Jidu Automobile, Shanghai Huapu Automobile Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of Zhejiang Geely holding Group, withdrew, and the shareholding proportion of Baidu affiliated company Dazi County Bairuixiang Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd. increased to 100%. The latter's contribution increased from 1.1 billion to 2 billion. At the same time, Xia Yiping, CEO of Jidu Automobile, stepped down, the legal representative was changed from Xia Yiping to Liang Zhixiang, and an Conghui resigned from the director. For the change in the project, Jidu Automobile responded at that time: "this is a normal adjustment made by the company based on the needs of business development. Jidu is still jointly owned by Baidu and Geely, and the shares held by both parties remain unchanged, and the Jidu CEO is Xia Yiping." Xia Yiping said: "Thank you for your attention, this is the normal adjustment of the company due to business development, Jidu is still jointly owned by Baidu and Geely, the shares held by both sides remain unchanged, Xia Shu is still set CEO."


In December 2022, Jidu Automobile Co., Ltd. changed its name to Shanghai Power Aviation Automobile Co., Ltd., but officials said: "this is a normal adjustment for the company to meet the needs of business development. Jidu is still jointly owned by Baidu and Geely, and the shares held by both parties remain unchanged."

At the end of the same month, Jidu Automobile participated in the 2022 Guangzhou International Auto Show, and Jidu ROBO-01 was unveiled. The car is based on Geely SEA vast architecture and is positioned as a medium and large SUV. However, at the Shanghai Auto Show held in April this year, Jidu Automobile was forced to be absent from the Shanghai Auto Show because it did not have the qualification to build cars. According to media reports at the time, because Jidu Automobile did not have the qualification to build cars, the relevant departments required that the participating car companies must have the qualification to build cars. As a result, the organizers of the Shanghai Auto Show rejected the request of Jidu Automobile to participate in the exhibition. However, Jidu Motors later responded that the absence from the Shanghai auto show was made according to the marketing rhythm of its own products and was not rejected by the organizers because of its lack of qualifications.


At present, ROBO-01, the first concept car robot product of Jidu Automobile, was released in June last year, and the limited version of ROBO-01 lunar exploration has been released since then. As Jidu Automobile is based on the vast SEA platform, coupled with the partnership between Baidu and Geely, it can be said that Jidu has not been worried about suppliers since its birth. It is understood that the factory that produces ROBO-01 is the factory that produces Polar Star-the new energy brand after Geely "grafted" with Volvo. According to the plan, the first model of Jidu Motor will be delivered in the third quarter of this year.

With the reform of the automobile industry, car manufacturers are facing "speed of life and death". At present, the automobile industry is experiencing accelerated reshuffle, and when the industry enters a watershed, undelivered car companies such as Jidu Automobile and Xiaomi Automobile have also become the focus of the industry's attention. After all, in the fierce "knockout", we all know that if the car companies do not come up with products, elimination is only a matter of time.

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