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The summer test results of understanding car emperor are announced.

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A few days ago, the understanding car emperor announced the summer test results, and carried out tests on more than 60 models of 37 brands, including high-temperature full-load life, high-temperature charging, high-temperature acceleration, high-temperature formaldehyde testing, red ultraviolet isolation rate, and so on. test the performance and safety performance of mainstream models in the current automobile market at high temperatures.

The test site for the summer test of new energy vehicles is located in Huoyan Mountain, Turpan, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region, which is called "Kiziltag" by locals. This is the hottest area in China. The temperature in summer is as high as 47 degrees Celsius, and it is said that the temperature at the top of the mountain can reach 80 degrees Celsius. In such a hot environment, it is not only a test for new energy vehicles, but also a "roast" test for testers.

It is understood that the car emperor summer test is divided into four grades: G excellent, A good, M general, and P poor. A total of 12 G-level models were selected at the end of the test. Toyota Leiling, Bao Junyue, Harvard owl Dragon MAX and other models with prices below 200000 yuan also received G-level ratings, while BMW 3-Series and Audi A4L won M-level ratings due to "lack of sincerity in configuration" and "weak power".

In terms of the success rate of driving range, the best performer is Avita 11, with a success rate of 76.3%. The model is jointly built by Changan Automobile, Ningde Times and Huawei and is priced at 319900 yuan from now on. ZEEKR 009 and Changan Lumin ranked second and third, with a success rate of 76.2% and 75%. In addition to the above three models, Gaohe HiPhiZ, Xiaopeng G9, Lulai ET5, Xiaopeng P7, Lulai ES6 and BYD EV all entered the top 10, while the Lutes Eletre became the only imported / joint venture model to squeeze into the top 10.


In the ranking of high-temperature charging, in terms of charging time, the model with the shortest charging time of 0-99% is Changan Deep Blue SL03, which only uses 56min, followed by Tesla Model 3 and Xiaopeng G9, respectively, 58min and 60min. If according to the average charging power, the best performance is Avita 11, the average charging power is 99.1%, and Xiaopeng G9 also reaches 92.5%.


In the vehicle high temperature formaldehyde test, all vehicles should be exposed to high temperature for more than 4 hours in advance. The results showed that the formaldehyde volatilization in the car increased significantly after exposure, which was 3-5 times higher than that in the non-exposure environment. the more luxurious the interior was, the higher the formaldehyde emission was. Among them, BMW 3-Series ranked the last, only Changan Lumin and Polar Fox Alpha S qualified.


In the air conditioning cooling test joint after 4 hours of exposure, the average cooling of all vehicles was 13.85 ℃ within 15 minutes after turning on the air conditioner, and no vehicle could drop below 30 ℃. Many expensive electric vehicles did not perform well, such as extreme Krypton 009 only cooling 6.8 ℃, Lutes Eletre 7.5 ℃, Xiaopeng G9 and Tesla Model S 8.2 ℃, even worse than low-cost electric cars. Wuling colorful fruit, Baojun Yueyue, Wuling Hongguang MINIEV, Panda mini and other models with less than 100000 yuan can all reduce the temperature inside the car to below 40 ℃ in 15 minutes.


With the arrival of hot summer weather, the panoramic skyscreen design of new energy models began to be complained by users. Generally speaking, the use of panoramic canopy does improve the permeability of the car, which is very common in new energy vehicle products and is beginning to become a mainstream design method, but it has to be admitted that driving in summer is really tough. So, what is the isolation rate of panoramic skyscreen for infrared and ultraviolet rays?

Judging from the ranking published by the car Emperor, the red ultraviolet isolation rate is closely related to the price of the model. In the test, there are only two models whose infrared isolation can reach more than 90%, namely Zhiji LS7 and Tesla Model Y. this uncompromising attitude towards infrared is worthy of recognition. In addition, the UV isolation rate of most models can reach more than 90%, which is not difficult to understand. The higher the price of the model, the better the materials may be.


This test is the first time to join the high-temperature mobile phone control test. Domestic new energy in the App feature richness is better, can provide remote parking, in and out of parking spaces, sentinel mode and other bright features, Mercedes-Benz GLCs, Audi A4L and other luxury fuel vehicles mobile phone control function can be called "old", ranking in the bottom 10, while Bao Junyue, Panda mini although the location and price are lower, but also provide a good mobile car control configuration.



Compared with 2022, the summer test of understanding car Emperor 2023 has added a lot of new test items, which still has a certain reference value for consumers who intend to buy electric cars. This summer test just covers the mainstream electric vehicle products in China. There will be a more comprehensive understanding of the actual performance of electric vehicles. Of course, the location of the test is the Turpan Basin in Xinjiang, and the daily temperature can reach up to 45 ℃. This kind of test environment is relatively harsh for new energy vehicles, which can be said to challenge the performance of new energy vehicles in all aspects to the maximum extent possible.

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