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After the incident of backstabbing regular users! Nashi S compensation plan has been announced.

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Recently, 2024 Nezha S models have been put on the market, and a total of 6 models have been launched with a price range of 159800-269800 yuan. Because the new model has been upgraded in configuration, and the price has been reduced by 30,000 yuan compared with the old model. In this regard, many of the old car owners said they had been "backstabbed".

With regard to the dissatisfaction of car owners, Zhang Yong, CEO of Naha Automobile, also said in a post a few days ago that some old car owners will feel uncomfortable when the 24 models are released, which, in your words, is "backstab". However, any enterprise will rise and fall according to market changes. As a consumer product with the same performance and quality, the price of cars is bound to get lower and lower, even if the city-assisted intelligent driving system, which now looks very good and expensive, will also be the price of Chinese cabbage in the future, or even free.

At the same time, Zhang Yong also pointed out: "Building cars for the people" is not only a slogan, we give users good products and affordable prices. For a LOGO, you may have to pay an extra 50 million or even double the price. Regular users will try their best to make compensation as much as they can.


On July 27, Nashi Automobile officially released the compensation plan for the first owner of Nashi car. According to the official poster, the car owner can choose one of four options: 1200 degrees of electricity for free, atmosphere lights, electric door knobs and 15000 points for the exchange of premium products at Naga APP Mall.




It is worth noting that in recent years, with the increasingly fierce competition in the car market, many car companies have also introduced measures to reduce prices and promote new models to seize market share. For example, BYD, Xilai and other car companies are launching low-price and high-configuration models one after another. The champion version of the BYD destroyer 05 went on sale on April 28th. The price of the new car ranges from 101800 yuan to 148800 yuan, with a maximum discount of 30, 000 yuan compared with the 2022 destroyer 05. On May 24, the new ES6 went on sale. The starting price of the new car is nearly 20, 000 yuan cheaper than the discontinued 2022 Xilai ES6, with a price range of 368000-426000 yuan.


As for the current situation of Nahan car, it also has to reduce the price to promote the new model. Although Najia ranked second in the first half of this year in terms of cumulative sales of car-building new forces in the first half of this year, it met only 20 per cent of the overall target of 300000 annual sales set by the government earlier. Relevant data show that from January to June this year, the cumulative sales of Naha cars was 62400, down 1.13% from the same period last year. If Naxi is to reach its sales target of 300000, that would mean an average of nearly 40, 000 vehicles in the remaining six months.

According to the official website of the automobile industry, it is found that there are four models on sale under the company, namely, GT, S, U-II and V. Nashi GT went on sale during this year's Shanghai Auto Show, with prices ranging from 17.88 yuan to 226800 yuan. Nezha S will go on sale on July 31, 2022, with a price range of 19.98-338800 yuan. Nashi U-II went on sale on October 10, 2022, with a total of four new models with a price range of 12.98-159800 yuan. The Nezha V went on sale in 2020 with a price of 6.59-123800 yuan. From the price range, we can see that all the cars launched earlier are inexpensive models, but this strategy is also difficult to reverse the loss situation. Relevant data show that from 2020 to the end of 2022, the cumulative net loss of Naha Automobile is 11.14 billion yuan, of which the net loss is 1.321 billion yuan in 2020, 2.9 billion yuan in 2021 and 6.919 billion yuan in 2022.


In order to get rid of the situation of reversing losses and make the brand climb up, Naga has launched models such as the Nezha S and the Naga GT, which have entered the high-end market. However, the sales of the new models are not satisfactory after the launch, with only 2003 cars sold in the first month. From January to May, the monthly sales of Nezha S were 1517, 2048, 2206, 2237 and 2212 respectively. Sales of Nashi GT are also not satisfactory, with sales of 1716 and 1298 respectively in the second month of listing. Judging from the current situation of Nahan car, there is no doubt that the high-priced models cannot be sold, and the competitors are fierce. In this context, Nahu cars may have to cut prices to promote new models. Of course, the price reduction of new models can not only improve the competitiveness of models, but also increase sales, but also take into account the mood of old car owners.

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