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The opening of the charging pile is controversial! Vice president of NIO: priority is given to pure electric vehicles

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Recently, there has been a heated discussion among netizens about the opening of charging piles and time-limited opening of Xilai cars.

On July 27th, a blogger posted on Weibo: during a self-driving trip to Xinjiang, a cyclist from Guangzhou NIO encountered two plug-in hybrid cars charging at the NIO charging station, and those who could refuel accounted for the only two charging stakes. NIO users who really need to recharge can only wait, and find NIO customer service also said there is nothing they can do about it. Encounter this kind of situation, as the owner of the car must be angry, the recent peak tourist season, Xinjiang charging pile resources are scarce, or hope that Wei to give priority to take care of their own users, do not be a "good old man"! As can be seen from the video posted by the blogger, plug-in hybrid vehicles are parked next to the charging posts in the video.


As soon as the blog post was issued, it immediately sparked a heated discussion. As of press time, the post has been forwarded 210 times and commented on 666 times. Some netizens commented: when the fuel truck is empty, some people still give way and understand each other. Some netizens also suggested that at least one pile should be used for special use.

It is worth noting that the Weibo post also attracted a retweet from Mr- Shen Fei, vice president of Lulai, saying: it has been asked the team to study quickly, and for this kind of protective and unusually busy charging station, it seems reasonable to ban fuel-burning cars. If it is technically feasible, measures will be taken immediately to give priority to the protection of pure electric vehicles.


In fact, it is not just the opening of electric piles that has been hotly debated these days. A few days ago, it was also hotly discussed by netizens because of the restriction on the use of other brand models in the charging piles in Xilai in Xinjiang. A netizen posted on the Internet: from Karamay to Sailimu Lake, the only charging pile on the highway is NIO, which does not allow other brands to recharge. Recently, I can only run the electricity dry with 25 yards at the last 20 kilometers of the highway and rely on the power supply of the gas station.

In addition, a notice about the charging pile setting the exclusive charging time has been exposed. According to the picture, Xingxingxia, Hongshankou, Sailimu Lake, Wusu and other seven overcharging stations in Xinjiang have been set up from 11:00 to 18:00 from July 20 to 10.8, in order to ensure cyclists' experience during the tourism season.



In response to this matter, NIO Shen Fei also retweeted a blog post saying: there is nothing wrong with giving priority to serving Lulai users. Find some more elaborate ways to take into account more non-Ulay users, although it is the peak tourist season, there is still some potential to be tapped. At present, it is not the best method to cut across a certain period of time in terms of time, and it should be optimized. In the medium to long term, we should further expand our capacity, enhance our service capacity, and be able to serve more users. Always hope to have a larger pattern and stronger ability to serve more users, to help the entire industry, has been so hard to do. At the same time, Shen Fei also pointed out that he does not accept anyone to kidnap us with a pattern. The remarks in the attached picture are really too much. I believe it is just a few people who are excited to say anything.


On July 26, NIO Shen Fei again wrote about NIO's setting up its own charging time: before setting the exclusive time period, NIO users complained more, while other users complained less; after setting the exclusive time period, the complaints of NIO users basically disappeared, and the complaints of other users increased rapidly, exceeding the number of complaints made by NIO users before the setting. Because the product can not be booked directly or exclusively for a single shot for the time being, but the across-the-board time period is really unreasonable, so after considering the charging efficiency, the exclusive period of NIO is changed to 12.00-14.00 and 16.00-18.00 per day, and the rest of the time is open to the public. After the adjustment, non-Wei users complain about fewer incoming calls. The most interesting thing is, thank you for your discussion and attention. the situation in the past few days is that there are other brand users and NIO users encountered in a non-exclusive period of time. Non-NIO users will take the initiative to be courteous and embarrassed to grab stakes. This unexpected effect, that is, as I said earlier, we should believe in the beauty of human nature.

With regard to the opening and time-limited opening of charging piles in NIO, some industry insiders pointed out: when charging resources are tight, it is very rational to exclude plug-in hybrid cars. After all, plug-in hybrid can burn oil. In addition, the charging pile is built by NIO himself, and it is affectionate to share it out and share the cost. There is nothing to scold if you don't give it to me.


In fact, whenever there are holidays, it is difficult for the owners of new energy vehicles to recharge, and there are always some problems, such as the scramble for charging piles between extended cars and pure trams. Relevant data show that by the end of June, more than 6.6 million charging piles of various types and more than 2200 exchange power stations had been built nationwide. Although the construction speed of charging pile is also accelerating, it is still far from enough compared with the development of new energy vehicles. By the end of June this year, the number of new energy vehicles in China exceeded 16.2 million.

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