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The list of the most complete car value preservation rate: it is the dark horse!

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On July 28th, J.D.Power, a consumer insight and market research institution, released a list of China's automobile preservation rate in the first half of 2023, including the performance of different vehicle categories, different model brands and independent brands in three years.

The J.D.Power report shows that due to the comprehensive impact of changes in the automobile market, the value preservation rate of second-hand cars in the overall market in the first half of 2023 decreased to varying degrees compared with 2022, with nearly 80% of the models falling in the range of 2%, 7%, and even more than 7% of the products with higher holdings. From the analysis of vehicle types, in the mainstream market, the fluctuation of the preservation rate of MPV is smaller than that of cars and SUV; in the luxury car market, the preservation rate of cars decreases more than that of SUV.


First of all, let's take a look at the list of preservation rates of car subdivisions. The report shows that most of the preservation rates of small cars and compact cars are dominated by Japanese brands, while the preservation rates of medium-sized cars are carved up by Japanese and German cars. German cars are the most on the list of luxury models.

Specifically, Guangzhou Auto Honda Fido, Dongfeng Honda Civic, Guangzhou Automobile Honda Accord and Lexus ES ranked first in the list of small cars, compact cars, medium-sized cars and luxury cars, with a 3-year preservation rate of more than 60% except Dongfeng Honda Civic.

Among them, the compact car list models are all Japanese cars, in addition to Civic, Carola, Panda, Leiling and Mazda 3 Oncsera are all on the list, and the value preservation rate gap is very similar, which also means that the competition in the same class is very fierce. The preservation rate of medium-sized cars is divided among Japanese and German cars, but the top four models on the list are also Japanese cars, namely Accord, Yingshi, Camry and Asian Dragon. Among them, the preservation rate of Camry dropped from 64.04% in 2022 to 57.32% in the first half of this year, while that of Asian Dragon increased significantly, from 50.69% in 2022 to 56.13% in the first half of this year. In addition, Maiteng ranks fifth in the list with a value preservation rate of 51.08%, making it the only German car on the list. As for the luxury car market, Lexus ES leads other models with a 62.75% hedge, but it is down significantly from 68.08% in 2022. The report shows that the reason for the decline is related to the loosening of terminal sales prices. In addition, the three Mercedes-Benz models and a BMW model on the list have all fallen below 60 per cent in three years.

Next, let's take a look at the value preservation rate list of the SUV segment model camp, the report shows that the small SUV market continues to shrink, and the overall value preservation rate level has also declined significantly, but Japanese brands are still high value preservation rate models in this market segment. In terms of subdivision, among the top five models on the list, the top four are Japanese cars, namely Dongfeng Honda XR-V, Guangzhou Automobile Honda colorful Zhi, FAW Toyota Yize IZOA, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota C-HR. Among them, Dongfeng Honda XR-V ranks first in the list with a three-year preservation rate of 53.30%. In addition, the Chinese brand Changan CS35 PLUS is on the list for the first time and has a 3-year preservation rate of 50.85%, which is very similar to Toyota's two models, the Yize IZOA and C-HR.


In the compact SUV market, Dongfeng Honda CR-V topped the list, with a 3-year preservation rate of 60.87%, while FAW Toyota RAV4 Rongfang, Harvard M6, Guangzhou Honda Haoying and Yueda Kia Zhiba ranked 2nd to 5th, respectively, with a 3-year preservation rate of 55%. 53%. Among them, Harvard M6 is the "dark horse" on the list, and its preservation rate has increased by more than 10% compared with 2022. The overall level of preservation rate in the medium-sized SUV market has declined to a certain extent, but the preservation rate of GAC Toyota Hanlanda is still relatively stable, the report said, although Guangzhou Automobile Honda Crown Road and Dongfeng Honda UR-V rankings have not changed, but affected by the increase in new car concessions, the two have opened the gap with Hanlanda.



In the medium and large SUV and luxury SUV markets, Harvard H9 and Porsche topped the list, with a three-year preservation rate of 52.38 per cent and 63.76 per cent, respectively. As for the MPV market hedging rate level fluctuation is not very big, Dongfeng Honda Ericsson with 64.49% of the hedging rate firmly ranked first.



Throughout the list, the J.D.Power report also lists in detail the Chinese brand segment TOP3, among which the Dongfeng Nissan Qichen D60 leads other models with a value preservation of 49.02%, making it the most value-protected car of Chinese brands. Among the SUV models, Harvard M6, Chuanqi GS8 and Changan CS35 PLUS topped the list of compact SUV, medium-sized SUV and small SUV, respectively.


Let's take a look at the list of the preservation rate of the model brand camp. from the perspective of model brands, the preservation rate of imported brands and joint venture brands has declined, but the ranking of the preservation rate has not changed much, while Chinese brands show that the preservation rate fluctuates greatly. In addition, with the upgrading of consumption in the domestic automobile market and the more rational car purchase demand of consumers, Chinese brands have received more attention, and independent brand models have become the first choice for more consumers. In the list of independent brands, SAIC GM Wuling holds the most value, with a preservation rate of 49.48%, followed by Great Wall Motor and GAC MOTOR with 46.61% and 46.59% respectively. Lecker and Changan Motor also ranked fourth and fifth respectively.


In addition, among the imported brands and joint venture brands, Lexus and GAC Honda have the most value preservation rates of 62.27% and 57.15%, respectively. The report points out that the value preservation rate of imported brands and joint venture brands is higher than that of Chinese brands, with Japanese cars occupying the leading position. In terms of subdivision, imported brands Lexus, Porsche and BMW are respectively in the top three on the list, while joint venture brands are still dominated by Japanese cars. The top four on the list are all Japanese brands, and the fifth is Beijing Mercedes-Benz, with a value preservation rate of 53.57%.


Automobile value preservation rate is an important part of the performance-to-price ratio of cars, which has a high reference value for consumers to buy cars, but also reflects the market recognition of new cars to a certain extent. "Automotive Industry concern" believes that there are many factors that affect the value preservation rate of vehicles, including the number of cars in the market, product popularity and market terminal concessions are all potential influencing factors, therefore, car value preservation rate is not the only criterion to judge whether a vehicle is good or bad.

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