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Jiangling Ford product planning, Ranger/Bronco is about to be made.

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A few days ago, Jiangling Ford revealed its future product plans. The closely watched Ranger will be officially put into production and listed before the end of the year, while Bronco, the direct competitor of Jeep Horse Shepherd, will also be launched in the first half of 2024. In the future, Jiangling Motor and Ford Motor will rely on Ford's product development system to develop new products and actively open up overseas markets.

Ranger is one of Ford's pick-up truck models. Since its birth in 1982, the original Ranger has undergone five upgrades. Now it has become one of the pillars of Ford's sales in the global market, especially in Southeast Asia and North and South America. As the world's largest automobile market, Ford has confirmed the domestic Ranger, and its production and sales rights are handed over to Jiangling Ford. The domestic version of Ranger has been unveiled at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show. It will provide manual and automatic transmission models, and the EV version may be launched in the future.

In terms of appearance, the domestic Ranger has many design elements of the Ford F series pickup truck, which is very similar to the Ford Maverick in the design language, but closer to the Ford Fmur150 in the aura. Specifically, the interior of the large forward air grille adopts double-layer banners designed horizontally, which is perfectly integrated with the "C" headlights, and the headlamps also use matrix LED light sources.



Specific parameters have not yet been released, but we speculate that the new car will only provide axle and box models for consumers to choose from. The design style of Jiangling Ford Ranger in the box gantry is more modern city style, and does not adopt the steel pipe gantry design, and the inside of the box is sprayed with a complete box treasure, and the 220V 120W external discharge interface can be seen on the left side of the box.


At the scene of the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show, the domestic Ranger did not disclose the interior design to the public, but according to the spy photos, the interior design style of the new car is expected to be consistent with overseas models. It will be equipped with a 10.1inch full LCD display and a 12-inch central control screen, equipped with the latest SYNC 4 infotainment system, and standard with wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.


In terms of power, there is no official release of the power part of the Jiangling Ford Ranger, but it is reported that the domestic Ranger will be equipped with 2.0T and 2.3T gasoline engines, with a 10-speed automatic transmission and a six-speed manual transmission. At the same time, domestic Ranger may also launch 3.0T diesel engine models.

The Ford Bronco was unveiled at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show, but it is an imported model, and it is expected that future domestic models will be adjusted to the details. In terms of appearance, the overall shape of the Ford Bronco is hard and retro, the new car uses a square appearance, the retro atmosphere of the round headlights extends to the through-type front grille, and the word "Bronco" is directly embedded in the intake grille with a high degree of recognition.

On the side of the body, the doors, side / rear windows and roof of the new car are detachable, the wheel arch is equipped with the standard black fender of the hard off-road vehicle, and the rearview mirror is also designed on the A-pillar, which will not be missing by taking apart the door plate. In the rear part, the new car adopts full-size external spare tire, and the taillight groups on both sides are all LED light sources. In addition, the new car offers a wide range of personalized options, including different types of doors, modular steel bumpers with integrated winches, various front grille designs, roof luggage racks, LED light bars and even a range of fenders.

In terms of interior decoration, the Ford Bronco can obviously feel the design flavor of the first-generation Bronco. The whole central control adopts a T-shaped layout. The new car is equipped with a semi-LCD dashboard and a 12-inch central control screen. Under the central control, there are conventional air-conditioning panels with physical buttons, shift handles, driving mode choices and knob-like transfer box handles.

In terms of power, the Ford Bronco is equipped with 2.3T and 2.7T engines with a maximum power of 270hp and 310hp, and a maximum torque of 420N m and 542N m respectively, matched by a 7-speed manual transmission and a 10-speed automatic transmission.

As we all know, Ford has two joint ventures of Jiangling Ford and Changan Ford in China. In contrast, Changan Ford has a significantly higher sense of existence than Jiangling Ford, the former mainly focuses on the passenger car market, including Mondeo, Explorer, Fox and so on, while the latter mainly relies on Ford commercial vehicles to maintain its market position. for example, Quanshun, Fushun, Teshun and other models.

At present, Ford's domestic models in China include Mondeo, Fox, Ruijie, Ruiji, explorers, etc., with rich products but average sales. According to the data of the Federation of passengers, Changan Ford has accumulated retail sales of 62123 vehicles in the first half of the year, of which Mondeo has the highest sales volume of 21097 vehicles. Jiangling Ford has a cumulative sales of 17807 vehicles, of which the highest sales are LinkedIn, with 11896.


If Jiangling Ford can make these two models, Jiangling Ford may surpass Changan Ford in brand reputation or maintain Ford brand share in China. At present, the pickup market is also gradually affected by the layout direction of passenger car companies, especially Great Wall Automobile, which enjoys a certain market position in the pickup market, while the Ranger, as a hot-selling model in many markets around the world, may also get a place in the Chinese market. It is rumored that the price of domestic Ranger may be around 160000 yuan. How about this price? In addition, the hardline SUV is also one of the directions of the car company layout, the hot sales of tank 300 let many car companies hear the wind, and the domestic Bronco price will be further down, the performance-to-price ratio will be higher. Of course, whether Ranger or Bronco can sell well in China will depend on the price, and it will take time to verify whether the domestic production of Ranger and Bronco is the enrichment of the product camp or the beginning of plundering the market of other brands.

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