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Come on! The business officials of two more cars announced a price reduction.

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On the first day of August, a number of SAIC-Volkswagen models cut prices.


According to SAIC-Volkswagen official sources, nine SAIC-Volkswagen SUV models were reduced in price from August 1 to August 31, 2023, with a comprehensive discount of up to 60, 000 yuan. Among them, Tuang 2023 to high comprehensive discount 60, 000 yuan; new Tuang X to high comprehensive discount 60, 000 yuan, suggested retail price from 255000 yuan; new Tuyue to high comprehensive discount 30, 000 yuan; Tuguan L2023 from 169900 yuan; Tuguan L plug mixed to high comprehensive discount 55000 yuan; Tuguan X2023 to high comprehensive discount 35000 yuan; Tujie 2023 to high comprehensive discount 30, 000 yuan ID.4 X 2023 upgrade to the highest comprehensive discount of 42000 yuan; ID.6 X 2023 upgrade to the highest comprehensive discount of 50,000 yuan. SAIC-Volkswagen said that the above activities are only for SAIC-Volkswagen SUV models, and local dealers can be contacted for details.

On August 1, SAIC took the lead in announcing the group's new energy vehicle sales in July. Data show that SAIC sold 91000 new energy vehicles in July, continuing to rank second among domestic auto companies, with cumulative sales of 463000 vehicles from January to July this year. Judging from the newly released sales statistics, SAIC-Volkswagen and SAIC-GM new energy vehicles both sold more than 10,000 new energy vehicles for the first time. Among them, SAIC Volkswagen sold 13000 new energy vehicles. Among the subdivided models, Volkswagen ID.3 had more than 10,000 orders in July, with the highest daily order reaching 950 vehicles, an increase of 689% from the previous month. The industry believes that the surge in Volkswagen ID.3 orders is related to SAIC-Volkswagen's announcement of price cuts last month.


At the beginning of last month, SAIC-Volkswagen announced a price reduction of up to 37000 yuan for its ID.3 model, which is currently sold from 125900 yuan. This move has sparked an enthusiastic response on the terminal, with ID.3 orders exceeding 10, 000 yuan a month as of the end of July. It should be noted that the deadline for the event is July 31, and the edition is limited to 3000. Subsequently, SAIC-Volkswagen launched a time-limited preferential policy for the Tuang family, which can enjoy a comprehensive discount of up to 60,000 yuan for any model of the Tuang family, and a lifetime free basic maintenance package for the purchase of Tuang X. however, this offer also ends on July 31.

In addition to SAIC-Volkswagen, Zero has also released price cuts for some of its models. Zero run said that the prices of some of its C11 pure electric and C01 models will be adjusted from 0: 00 on August 1, 2023, with a maximum reduction of 20,000 yuan. The price adjustment models include C11 650, C11 580, C01 606, C01 717 and C01 630, all of which are C11 pure electric and C01 high-end versions.


According to the official poster, the price of the C11650 Smart Edition has been reduced from 199800 yuan to 189800 yuan; the C11580 four-wheel drive performance version has been reduced from 219800 yuan to 209800 yuan; and the prices of both models have been reduced by 10, 000 yuan. The C01 606 version was reduced from 189800 yuan to 173800 yuan, a decrease of 16000 yuan; the C01 717 version was reduced from 216800 yuan to 196800 yuan, a decrease of 20, 000 yuan; and the C01 630 four-wheel drive performance version was reduced from 228800 yuan to 206, 800 yuan, a decrease of 20, 000 yuan.

According to the official website, zero-running cars are currently on sale, including C11 extended range, C01, C11, T03 and S01 models. Among them, zero-running C11 was launched in 2020, which is the first model of zero-running C platform and the third mass production model of zero-running cars. Positioning pure electric medium-sized SUV; zero-running C01 is listed in September 2022, which is the second model produced on C platform after C11.


According to the data, zero-running C11 sold 27493 vehicles in the first six months of 2023, making it the highest-selling model under zero-running cars, with 8975 zero-running T03 and 8034 zero-running C01. For comparison, the sales of zero run T03, zero run C11 and zero run C01 in 2022 were 61919, 44371 and 4815 respectively. In short, zero-run C11 sales surpassed zero-run T03 in the first half of this year.


As a second-tier new power brand, Zero delivered a total of 44502 new cars in the first half of the year, down 14.41 per cent from the same period last year. Zhu Jiangming, founder and chairman of Zero Motor, once said: "if Zero's sales don't go up in 2023, there will be no hope behind it."

Since 2023, "price war" has been the key word of the automobile industry. Since the beginning of the year, the automobile market has set off an unprecedented "price war", and it has become more and more intense. In January, the prices of Tesla's two domestic cars were cut to an all-time low, followed by a number of new energy car companies. In March this year, Hubei Province launched the strongest car purchase subsidy policy in history, and the "price war" further spread to the field of fuel vehicles, among which the maximum subsidy of 90,000 yuan for Dongfeng Citroen C6 has become a hot topic in the industry. In April, a number of domestic new energy vehicles have also begun to have "subsidies" activities, and the way of price reduction is different from the ambiguous rate of reduction and promotion model of the fuel vehicle price war in March.

According to incomplete statistics, at present, more than 40 car brands and hundreds of models in China participate in the price war by means of factory subsidies or price cuts by dealers, with a discount range of 30, 000-100000 yuan. So, can "price reduction make a profit" boost the sales growth of car companies? There's a good chance! However, "auto industry concern" and "price reduction" may enable car companies to achieve sales growth in a short period of time, but they cannot become the magic weapon of long-term sales target growth. According to the China Automobile Association, domestic car sales totaled 13.239 million in the first half of this year, up 9.8 per cent from a year earlier.

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