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Wu Xinzhou, vice president of Xiaopeng autopilot, resigned! He Xiaopeng responded

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On the evening of August 2nd, the official account of 36 krypton launched PowerOn and released an article entitled: Wu Xinzhou of Xiaopeng Zhijia No. 1 will leave, and the person in charge of AI has left. As soon as the article was issued, it immediately triggered a heated discussion on the Internet. According to the content of the article: Xiaopeng auto-driving ushered in a major personnel change, self-driving vice president Wu Xinzhou will leave and join Nvidia. The report also pointed out that the news has been confirmed by a number of people in the industry.


In response to the news, Xiaopeng founder he Xiaopeng then posted a post on his personal Weibo platform in response to the incident. It said: because of family and various reasons, Xinzhou said in the second half of last year that he would return to the United States for many reasons, but he respected and recognized his thinking very much, so in the next 10 months, he determined a new work mode together, made a lot of optimization and iteration in advance and initiative in structure and organization, and chose Dr. Li Liyun to take over the AD team a long time ago.

In addition, he Xiaopeng also said that he will personally lead the autopilot and R & D team, together with Liyun and the team, to continue to bring the best XNGP to users, with the goal unchanged, working day and night in order to complete 50 cities this year, and fully support the strategic partner Volkswagen Group.



Wu Xinzhou, vice president of self-driving Xiaopeng, also wrote after he Xiaopeng responded: five years ago, I came across the ocean to Xiaopeng and came to the right platform at the right time to join a surging and exciting track. So with HNGP,CNGP and XNGP, set a precedent for Chinese brands to land high-level auxiliary driving, with China's intelligent electric vehicles leading the world's brilliance. Here, there is Xiaopeng's foresight and insistence on intelligence, and there are officers and soldiers of the three armed forces working hard. Also, the wave of intelligence coincides with the luck of the time. In addition, the hard work of the family, silent support and the sacrifice of gathering less and leaving more.

Finally, Wu Xinzhou said: the time for parting has come. I am reluctant to give up, but I believe Xiaopeng's solid team and system can still push auxiliary driving forward until the arrival of self-driving. In the new AI era, the next decade is full of opportunities and uncertainties. But one thing is certain: Xiaopeng and I are both people who have technological dreams and can trust each other, and we will work together to make the world a better place.


Relevant data show that Wu Xinzhou has a wealth of experience in the field of smart driving, and before joining Xiaopeng, he served as the senior engineering director of Qualcomm self-driving. Joined Xiaopeng in early 2019 as vice president of self-driving, responsible for overall technical route planning, business and team management in the United States and China, and reported to he Xiaopeng, chairman and CEO of Xiaopeng. After joining Xiaopeng, Wu Xinzhou completed automatic parking (APA) for Xiaopeng G3 in January 2020, high-speed navigation assisted driving (Highway NGP) for Xiaopeng P7 in January 2021, memory parking for Xiaopeng P7 (VPA) in January 2022, and the first lidar for Xiaopeng P5 in September 2022 to complete the original city NGP (City NGP). In March 2023, Xiaopeng G9 and Xiaopeng P7i are equipped with urban NGP based on BEV Trabsformer architecture to achieve urban driving assistance (XNGP).


As for joining Xiaopeng Motor, Wu Xinzhou once said: "Xiaopeng Motor was chosen to join Xiaopeng because Xiaopeng Automobile is a technology company with excellent Internet genes and a sense of artificial intelligence innovation, has a solid vehicle team, and has the determination and strength of independent research and development. This is a unique advantage. I believe that Xiaopeng car will get stuck on the autopilot track and give a wonderful race. " Wu Xinzhou did not respond to the news about whether Wu Xinzhou joined Nvidia after leaving Xiaopeng Motor. However, he Xiaopeng mentioned in the article that Xinzhou will become the highest-ranking Chinese executive of a world-famous company, and will continue to cooperate deeply with Xiaopeng in many aspects such as chips, looking forward to his career reaching new heights, and also looking forward to in-depth cooperation in more fields around the world in the future.

According to the official plan, Xiaopeng will achieve full-scene intelligent assistant driving from 2023 to 2024 and will be driverless from 2025. On July 26, Xiaopeng just announced its technical cooperation with Volkswagen Group. At this time, Wu Xinzhou's departure, or for Xiaopeng car, will have some impact. Affected by the news, Hong Kong stocks closed on August 2, and Xiaopeng Motor fell 14.63% to HK $70.6 per share.

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