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NIO: refusing to sell cars to Mavericks is willing to pay double deposit

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The contradiction between NIO and "Mavericks talking about cars" has further intensified.

On Aug. 4, car blogger Mavericks said in a video posted on the social platform that he had taken Wei to court because he had paid for the new ES6, but by the time it was delivered, he had refused to deliver the car for various reasons.


According to the blogger, he will pay the deposit on July 4 and the full payment on July 12, and the car will be picked up two days after the sales notice. However, when the blogger went to the delivery center to pick up the car, he was asked to pick up the car the next day for reasons such as "the car is dirty" and "not recharged", but still failed to pick up the car the next day. The staff of the delivery center also said directly: "received notice from NIO headquarters, refused to deliver the car to you." The blogger questioned that the new ES6 was decided to buy on the recommendation of the sales staff, and should have been delivered smoothly after the payment was invoiced, but refused to deliver it for various reasons, saying it was "unjustifiably discriminated against by NIO".

On August 5, the legal Department of NIO responded with a clear and firm attitude, refusing to deliver the vehicle to the blogger, returning all the money and paying the double vehicle deposit involved in the agreement on the day of termination. However, Mavericks said in a video message later that they had not received the deposit refunded by Wei.


It turns out that there has been a contradiction between NIO and "Mavericks talking about cars" for a long time.

In May this year, Mavericks said the car publicly criticized Weiwei on social media and listed its "five major crimes". It includes: 1, running all the way to the dead end of changing electricity; 2, being irresponsible to investors and Hefei; 3, trading old batteries for new batteries to harm car owners; 4, falsely claiming high-end prices; 5. Advertising exaggerated publicity. Among them, especially for the power exchange in NIO, Mavericks said that the car has publicly released video accusations that the power exchange route is a bottomless pit of burning money, which will drag NIO to death sooner or later.

In response to this matter, NIO Chairman Li Bin publicly responded that "slander, discredit Wei users, break through our bottom line, will fight to the end." Subsequently, NIO filed a lawsuit against Gu Moubo, the owner of "Mavericks said car", and the case was formally filed by the court.


Wei Lai said that since April 6, 2023, Gu Moubo has used the "Mavericks say car" account to release more than a dozen short videos, using insulting, vulgar, vulgar and vilifying words. fabricate facts, distort and interpret information about NIO and NIO users. Slander, abuse and attack the new energy vehicle industry, Lulai and Lailai users, and even repeatedly use descriptions that insult women to slander NIO brands and products, and use insulting words to carry out malicious personal attacks on Yilai users. seriously infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of NIO and NIO users. NIO tentatively asked it to delete the relevant video, make a public apology and pay 5 million yuan in compensation.

On August 5, the Ministry of Justice of NIO announced the latest progress: the Hefei Intermediate people's Court has rejected Gu Yubo's appeal against jurisdiction, and the case is in normal progress. In view of Gu Yubo's abuse, slander and attack on NIO and its users, Lailai has notified to rescind the car purchase agreement, refused to sell it the NIO brand vehicle, and refunded all the money and paid the double vehicle deposit involved in the agreement on the day of termination. NIO is a user enterprise, which welcomes every consumer's criticism and suggestions, but does not accept any unreasonable and suspected illegal abuse and attacks on NIO users.

It is understood that the company behind "Mavericks talking about cars" is Jiangsu Chebang Culture Communication Co., Ltd., which was founded in August 2021 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. The account has 2.47 million followers on Douyin. In recent months, through intensive opinion output of cars or brand models such as Xiaopeng car, ideal car, Xilai, Geely, BYD, BAIC Blue Valley, etc., to incite netizens' emotions. Get more than 2 million fans in a short time. After the prosecution, the blogger has deleted the recently published content of vulgar language attacks on companies, and we can't know the details, but if you click to check the video that "Mavericks say cars" has not been deleted, there are indeed a lot of "slanderous, abusive, offensive, vulgar, vulgar, vilifying" remarks that have been widely fermented on the platform and spread through more than 2 million fans.



In addition to NIO, Xiaopeng Motor will also sue "Mavericks say cars". Tianyan investigation shows that Guangdong Xiaopeng Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. added court notice information, the defendant is Gu Moubo, the cause of the case is an online tort liability dispute (reputation dispute), the case will be heard in Guangzhou Internet Court on August 29. In June this year, Xiaopeng Automobile Law Department posted on Weibo that it had grasped the identity of several rumor mongers and started judicial rights protection procedures, and would take legal measures to pursue responsibility.


NIO's refusal to deliver the car to the Mavericks has also aroused heated discussion among netizens. Some netizens believe that the counterattack from NIO is a powerful response to online abuse and protects the rights and interests of enterprises and users.

As a Chinese car company, we should pay attention to the criticism and advice of users, but if we fabricate facts, distort and interpret brand and user information by using insulting, vulgar, vulgar and vilifying words, I'm afraid no car company can accept it. What's more, it is a new power car company represented by customer first and high-end service.

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