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The extreme krypton 001 is reduced by 30,000 RMB!

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On August 11, Guanxuan of the polar krypton brand reduced the price of its extreme krypton 001 by 3.0-37000 yuan, of which the prices of the You version and ME version were reduced to 386000 yuan and 349000 yuan, while the latest price of the entry-level WE version was 269000 yuan. It is understood that the discount will be held from now to August 31.


At present, polar krypton car has three models on sale, which are polar krypton 001, polar krypton 009 and polar krypton X. According to the Federation of passengers, from January to July 2023, the polar krypton brand delivered a total of 54672 new cars, of which polar krypton 001 was the main source of sales, with a total of 37475 vehicles sold, accounting for 69% of the polar krypton brand sales. In addition, the polar krypton 009 is 10080, and the just launched polar krypton X is 7117.


Extreme krypton 001 direct drop, mainly hope to enhance the competitiveness of products, so as to compete with other automotive products.

In the domestic market, station wagons, hunting trucks and crossovers are niche markets, with almost no precedent for volume. The reason why station wagons do not exist in the domestic market, either the brand is not good, or the price is too expensive, but extreme krypton 001 is an exception. Its positioning is pure electric hunting equipment sedan cars, the highest monthly sales reached more than 10,000 vehicles, which is a good performance in the station wagon market. However, it is also the reason for its product positioning that more consumers prefer to choose mainstream models, such as the ES6 and the ideal L7. The ES6 focuses on power exchange and service, while the ideal L7, as an added hybrid, has no battery life anxiety and has more space.

On July 3, the Tengli N7 went on sale with a price range of 30.18-379800 yuan. Teng Teng N7 and Pole Krypton 001 are both hunting coupe, the terminal comparison of the two models is very fierce. From the price point of view, the price of Tengli N7 is 30.18-379800 yuan, and the price of polar krypton 001 is 30.00-403000 yuan before the price reduction. In terms of power, polar krypton 001 is available in both single-motor and dual-motor versions, with the former with a maximum power of 272 horsepower and the latter with a maximum total power of 544 horsepower. Tengli N7 is also available in both single-motor and dual-motor versions, in which the total motor power of the single-motor version is 230kW and the total power of the dual-motor four-drive version is 390kW.

In comparison, the power performance of the Tengli N7 is slightly lower than that of the polar krypton 001, but the gap is not big, mainly because the polar krypton 001 has been verified by the market, and the sales volume is not bad, while many consumers hold a wait-and-see attitude shortly after the launch of the polar N7. The official price reduction of the polar krypton brand, to some extent, is to improve the performance-to-price ratio of the product and make consumers pay more attention to the polar krypton 001 model. Of course, polar krypton 001 may also have more and more competitors, such as BYD Song L, which just released its official picture today, whose positioning of the medium-sized flagship hunting suit SUV, may become another competitor of polar krypton 001.

This is the first public price cut of polar krypton this year. Zhao Yuhui, vice president of polar krypton intelligent technology, has said that polar krypton will not adjust its prices, but it has twice adjusted and upgraded its car purchase rights in March and July. the specific contents include free access to polar blue accessories, 200000 two-year interest-free policy, different versions of free upgrade option services, and so on.

According to incomplete statistics in the Tramway report, in the 11 days since August, 10 car brands have successively launched "price reduction and promotion" policies in the form of official reductions, time-limited promotions, time-limited subsidies, new models with lower configurations, and so on. the models involved are mainly new energy vehicles.

Earlier this month, officials such as SAIC Volkswagen brand, SAIC MG, Chery New Energy, Euler Automobile, Najia Automobile and Zero car were reduced. Among them, SAIC Volkswagen SUV family synchronous time-limited promotion in August, bicycles to the highest comprehensive discount of 60, 000 yuan.

In the first half of the year, almost all car brands failed to meet half of their annual sales targets, highlighting market pressure. Since entering the third quarter, many car companies have announced price cuts for their products. On the one hand, it is the completion of the sales target. July and August are the off-season of traditional sales, and the price reduction promotion offsets the sales pressure to some extent. On the other hand, it is to enhance the competitiveness of products. In the context of more and more brands cutting prices, not following the price reduction may lead to the loss of their own market.

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