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Positive hard steel BYD, Baojun cloud can lead Baojun back to the top?

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Baojun Yunduo officially launched on August 10, launching a total of four models of 360km and 460km with a price range of 9.58-123800 yuan. From the product positioning point of view, Baojun cloud directly aimed at BYD dolphin (11.68-136800 yuan), the price is significantly lower than BYD dolphin, but its body size and product configuration is not bad, but Baojun cloud can become a small pure electricity market a dark horse, still need to wait for the market test. According to Zhou Jinkai, deputy general manager of SAIC GM Wuling, the order for new cars exceeded 5000 on the night of the launch.



Baojun and Wuling two major brands belong to SAIC GM Wuling. At first, SAIC GM Wuling had only Wuling brand. With the help of Wuling Light and Wuling Hongguang, two models almost dominated the domestic van subdivision track, with "what the people need. Wuling will build what" the concept is deeply rooted in the hearts of consumers, but at the same time, SAIC GM Wuling low-end impression is also slowly rooted in the hearts of consumers.

In order to break this impression, SAIC GM Wuling began to upgrade its brand in 2010, and Baojun brand came into being. Since 2012, SAIC GM Wuling has achieved the goal of selling one million vehicles a year for many years with the two major brands Wuling and Baojun, and has become the star car company in the domestic joint venture car enterprises for a time, but the fate between the two brands does not understand.


Baojun's peak was in 2017, with hot sales of Baojun 730, Baojun 510 and Baojun 310 models, with annual sales of more than 1 million vehicles, on a par with Geely and Great Wall of independent brands. However, with the car market winter, the global epidemic and the Black Swan incident and other multiple volatile background, Baojun sales plummeted. In 2022, Baojun sold 59722 vehicles for the whole year, with monthly sales of less than 5000. Entering 2023, Baojun's life is even more difficult, with only 11604 vehicles sold in the first 7 months, with monthly sales of 1500 +.


In the situation that there is no way to retreat, Baojun is finally determined to make a comprehensive transformation of electrification, and then promote Baojun brand upward. In August 2021, Baojun launched the KIWI EV, which can be regarded as a replacement of the Baojun E200, with a unique overall appearance, but due to the high market pricing, most consumers prefer to choose the same level of Wuling Hongguang MINIEV. In 2022, Hongguang MINIEV sold 403800 vehicles, while Baojun KiWi EV only 24900.

On May 9, Baojun released a new LOGO, which comprehensively entered the new energy track with the simpler and younger new LOGO as the starting point, and became another automobile brand to announce the full entry of new energy. As the first mass-production model with the new LOGO, Baojun Yue also went on sale on May 25, launching the flagship version and the Zhizun version, priced at 79800 yuan and 89800 yuan respectively.


Zhou Yan, deputy general manager of SAIC GM Wuling Division, revealed several small goals of Baojun brand on Weibo: 1, the annual turnaround brand: Baojun car; 2, the annual small pure electric SUV sales champion: Baojun Yueya; 3, the year's most popular comfortable five-seat pure electric household car: Baojun Yunduo; however, Zhou Jinkai did not mention Baojun Yue and Baojun Yunduo specific sales targets.

Baojun's electric transformation will not stop at the clouds, in addition to the above two models, Baojun will also launch the EQ200 to enter the medium-sized car market, the product is positioned as "ET5 flat replacement", but its price will be more than 100,000 yuan cheaper than the ET5. The second model is a 7-seat SUV, which is positioned as an "ideal L9 replacement".


Baojun Yunduo is burdened with Baojun's determination to "fight against the back". After all, it is not easy to grab market share from BYD dolphins. Of course, it remains to be seen whether Baojun Cloud can get a piece of the dolphin's hands. After all, compared with BYD, the current "guide of new energy vehicles", Baojun backed by SAIC GM Wuling does not have a bright halo. But before Baojun Yunduo went public, Zhou Jinkai often interacted with netizens on Weibo to share car-building ideas and product opinions. This personal atmosphere is also easier to be recognized by consumers.

The highest-selling model of Baojun in July was the Baojun Hyatt, with 3254 vehicles, while other models were less than 1,000, including 333 KiWi EV, according to the Federation of passengers.

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