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It is said that Wang Jun, who was suspended, returned to Huawei BU.

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According to several media reports, insiders close to Huawei confirmed that Wang Jun, who was suspended at the beginning of this year, has returned to Huawei BU to be in charge of strategic planning. Huawei has not responded to the relevant reports.



Prior to the suspension, Wang Jun served as president of Huawei's BU COO and smart driving solutions product line, as well as the external principal of Huawei's "HI model". In February, news of Wang Jun's suspension was reported in the market, and people familiar with Huawei's BU said that Wang Jun was internally punished at the end of last year, and the suspension was settled at that time. The exact reason for the punishment was that the project signed by Wang Jun was found to be non-compliant in Huawei's internal investigation. In addition, a number of Huawei insiders and original car BU employees believe that Wang Jun's suspension is mainly related to the HI model of car BU and the poor progress of auto parts business. In response to the report, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, consumer BG CEO and smart car solution BU CEO, responded: "this is a normal personnel change, and Huawei has not changed the direction of its car business." As for the voice that the personnel transfer behind and Wang Jun responsible for the business progress is not smooth, for Huawei car strategy adjustment of many speculation, Yu Chengdong said is "online hype."


Data show that Wang Jun was born in 1973, graduated from Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology, majoring in testing technology and instruments, began to engage in communications research and development in 1996, joined Huawei in 2000, and has served as president of Huawei FDD product line and minister of business department of Japanese operators.


In May 2019, when Huawei established its Smart car Solutions Division, Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei issued Huawei organizational change documents and announced the establishment of Huawei Smart car solution BU, which is managed by the ICT Management Committee and belongs to Huawei's first-tier division, headed by Xu Zhijun.

In September 2021, Huawei issued a notice of appointment for smart car solutions. Wang Jun, former president of Huawei smart car solution BU, was transferred to BU COO and president of smart driving solution product line, while Yu Chengdong continued to serve as Huawei smart car solution BU CEO.

Since its establishment, Huawei BU has also launched three business models: Tier1 (traditional parts supplier model, which supplies intelligent parts for car companies), HI model (Huawei Inside mode) and smart selection model. Among them, the Tier1 and HI models are dominated by Wang Jun's car BU, and the smart selection model is led by Huawei consumer BG team, which Yu Chengdong is in charge of personally.

In January 2023, Wang Jun appeared as a partner and owner at the user meeting of Avita limited edition model 011, and then the news of Wang Jun's suspension was reported in the market. In the HI model, Huawei has established cooperative relations with BAIC, Changan and Guangzhou automobile companies, among which BAIC Jihu Alpha S HI is the first mass-produced model equipped with Huawei L2 smart driving solution, while Changan Automobile, Ningde era and Huawei's Avita 11 is the first model with Huawei HI full-stack smart car solution. However, whether it is BAIC polar fox or Avita, from the feedback from the market terminal, these brands do not have particularly eye-catching results on the sales side. Data show that from January to July this year, only 10600 cars were delivered by polar fox, while only 12000 were sold by Avita 11.


In contrast to Huawei's smart selection model, as a high-end smart car brand deeply empowered by Huawei, AITO has achieved good sales performance since its launch. In 2022, AITO has delivered more than 75000 new cars, making it the fastest-growing new energy vehicle brand.

Wang Jun confirmed his return to Huawei as early as May and did not complete all internal processes until recently, but Wang Jun is no longer in charge of the "HI model" business after his return, the report said. Relevant reports point out that Wang Jun is no longer in charge of the "HI mode" business after the return, which confirms from the side that the "HI mode" will no longer be the cooperation form promoted by Huawei BU. Of course, whether Wang Jun will return to Huawei BU remains to be further disclosed.

On Aug. 11, it was reported that Huawei BU will operate independently and is currently in close contact with Chongqing SASAC on cooperation. The news also shows that the current car BU still belongs to Huawei consumer BG led by Yu Chengdong, and the independent car BU may become a new Tier 1 giant in a form similar to "Honor Solo". After the split, Huawei will recover its R & D investment on the car BU for many years. In response to the above news, Huawei officially responded that the online rumors were not consistent with the facts and Huawei did not discuss car BU-related issues with Chongqing State-owned assets Supervision and Administration Commission.

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