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Personnel adjustment! The intelligence of polar krypton will change again.

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On August 15, according to several media reports, polar krypton intelligent technology announced the latest personnel appointment: Jiang Jun became vice president of polar krypton intelligent technology, responsible for intelligent cockpit related business.


According to public information, Jiang Jun Zeng Renhua is the head of research and development, the director of project group, and the head of the core team of self-driving product line. He has rich mass production experience in intelligent product R & D infrastructure, software and hardware architecture, tool chain system, big data, cloud services and other business areas. According to polar krypton, Jiang Jun's appointment is the latest deployment of polar krypton in the field of intelligent evolution, indicating that the polar krypton intelligent research and development system is about to enter a new stage of development. In other words, this appointment can be seen as a major addition to Polar Krypton's smart cockpit business.


As early as January 2022, Polar Krypton began to invest in intelligence on a large scale, and announced the establishment of an intelligent R & D center to set up its own intelligent cockpit team. At that time, Zhang Song served as the vice president of extreme krypton intelligence, fully responsible for polar krypton intelligence, vehicle OTA and intelligent cockpit. In March this year, there was news in the market that the intelligent team of polar krypton cars had changed and Zhang Song, the vice president in charge of the intelligent cockpit, would leave. At that time, there were rumors that Jiang Jun would take over from him, but the news was denied by officials until this time he was officially appointed.


As for why Zhang Song left? At that time, an internal employee revealed, "after less than two years in office, Zhang Song may have left because the military writ issued last year was not fulfilled." The military writ is to let the polar krypton 001 ZEEKR OS upgrade version 4.0 and the market feedback is good, but in fact the market feedback is not good. "

Polar Krypton is Geely's intelligent pure electric car brand, released on April 15, 2021, a total of polar krypton 001, polar krypton 009, polar krypton X3 models on sale. Among them, the first model ZEEKR 001 is based on Lecker ZERO Concept, positioning medium-sized sedan, the price is 30.00-403000 yuan; in November 2022, ZEEKR 009 is listed, the new car is based on Geely SEA vast architecture, positioning medium-and large-scale MPV, the price is 49.9-588000 yuan; in April this year, polar krypton X was launched, the new car positioning compact pure electric SUV, a total of three models were launched with a price of 18.98-209800 yuan.


On August 11, Guanxuan of the polar krypton brand reduced the price of its extreme krypton 001 by 3.0-37000 yuan, of which the prices of the You version and ME version were reduced to 386000 yuan and 349000 yuan, while the latest price of the entry-level WE version was 269000 yuan. As for the reason for the price reduction, the main reason is to enhance the competitiveness of products so as to compete with other automotive products.

Earlier this month, Polar Krypton and Kazakh Orbis Auto officially signed a cooperation ceremony to launch Polar Krypton 001 and Polar Krypton X models in the Kazakh market, which are expected to start pre-sale in the fourth quarter and then deliver. In addition, prior to this, Zhao Yuhui, vice president of polar krypton intelligent technology, revealed that in addition to polar krypton 001 and polar krypton 009, polar krypton X officially opened delivery in 25 cities on June 12, and it will redefine a new standard for compact luxury cars. The sea strategy of polar krypton will also be gradually launched, and the delivery target of 140000 vehicles will be completed by 2023.


According to official figures, the cumulative sales of polar krypton brands in the first seven months of this year were 54700, up 127 per cent from a year earlier, of which 12000 were sold in July, up 139.7 per cent from a year earlier and 13.4 per cent from a month earlier, a record month-on-month delivery. Among the subdivided models, from January to July this year, the cumulative sales of polar krypton 001 was 37500, accounting for 69% of the total sales of polar krypton brands, 10080 for polar krypton 009, and 7117 for the latest polar krypton X.

Polar krypton CEO an Conghui has revealed that this year, polar krypton 001,009 and polar krypton X are expected to deliver more than 70, 000, 30, 000 and 40, 000 vehicles respectively, ensuring the delivery target of 140000 vehicles for the whole year. Judging from the current sales of polar krypton cars, polar krypton only achieved 39.05% of its annual sales target of 140000 vehicles in the first seven months of this year.


However, polar krypton is still improving its product matrix. In addition to polar krypton 001, polar krypton 009, polar krypton X3 models, the follow-up polar krypton will also launch luxury cars with a price of more than 1 million yuan. On August 10th, in response to the news that "light fake spy photos and patent pictures are the new polar krypton 001" circulated on the Internet, the polar krypton side refuted the rumor and said that ZEEKR 001 has no plans to change it. ZEEKR 001 krypton 001 will be the pinnacle of the research and development of polar krypton high-performance pure electricity, with a price of more than one million yuan. According to polar krypton insiders, the new car will be officially unveiled at the technical conference of the polar krypton brand later this month.

On the same day, the polar krypton auto official announced that some polar krypton stores in 10 cities across the country had extended their business hours to 23:00.

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