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Stitch freak! The official picture of the first model of Polar Stone Automobile has been released.

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On August 18, Jishi Automobile released its first production model, the official map of Jishi 01. According to the previous declaration information, Jishi 01 will be manufactured by Beijing Automobile Factory. The new car will be located in a medium and large SUV, with optional layouts of six and seven seats, and an incremental hybrid power system.


It is worth mentioning that the model declared by Beijing Automobile Factory at the end of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is marked "Stone 01". At present, the new car has been renamed "Polar Stone 01", which is more in line with the relationship between brand products and avoid misunderstandings among consumers.

In terms of appearance, the overall design style of the new car is founder and strong, which is very similar to that of the Land Rover Guardian. The Y-shaped headlights on both sides are matched with the smoked large-sized medium net to make it look very atmospheric. At the same time, a stout black strip is added to the edge of the grille to enhance the visual effect of the hard core of the vehicle. On the side of the body, Jishi 01 has a straight roof line to get a better head space inside the car, and the front and rear fenders protrude slightly from the body, full of muscle. On the rear side, the car uses a vertical taillight group and is equipped with an external spare tire to increase the off-road property of SUV. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 5050 (5295) / 1980/1869mm, the wheelbase is 3010mm, and the positioning is medium and large SUV.



In terms of interior decoration, the overall design of Jishi 01 is the same as that of many new power brands, which is equipped with a full LCD dashboard and a large suspended central control screen, physical buttons are almost cancelled, and dual wireless charging panels and double cup holders are provided. However, the car uses an electronic lever rather than the popular design. In addition, the second row of the car uses two separate seats and provides 6-seat and 7-seat versions for consumers to choose from.


In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with an incremental hybrid power system composed of 1.5T engine and front and rear double motors, of which 1.5T engine comes from Mianyang Xinchen Power Machinery Co., Ltd., the maximum power is 112kW, and the maximum power of the front and rear motors is 150kW and 200kW respectively, matching the ternary lithium battery pack from Ningde era, with a capacity of 56kWhWLTC with pure electric mileage of 235km and comprehensive mileage of 1150km. In terms of competitive products, after the launch of the new car, there may be medium and large SUV models such as the standard L7/L8.

Who is the polar stone car? Jishi Automobile is an automobile brand of Shanghai Luoke Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. the company was founded in April 2021 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan and the founder and chairman of the company are Changjing. The company's business scope includes new energy vehicle sales and other businesses. It is worth mentioning that Changjing is also the chairman of Beijing Stone Century Technology Co., Ltd., which was founded in July 2014, is a company specializing in the research and production of home intelligent cleaning robots and other intelligent electrical appliances.


Domestic media believe that Polar Stone Automobile is the car-building project of Stone Technology, which was run by Changjing to set up an independent car company, but Stone Technology has previously responded that the project is not directly related to Stone Technology and that Stone Technology is not involved. Stone Science and Technology focuses on scientific and technological innovation and is committed to the research and development of intelligent hardware.

In other words, Luo Ke Technology can be said to be a Changjing-led car project, but it has little to do with Stone Technology, which is similar to Niu Dian Technology and Niu Chuang Technology, both founded by Li Yinan, but there is no substantial connection between the two companies. Therefore, the idea that stone technology will end up building a car is not accurate.

Production qualification has always been a huge problem for new power manufacturers and cross-border car manufacturers. As mentioned above, Niu Innovation Energy announced the launch of its first model, the self-traveler NV, in October 2022. The new car is located in a medium-and large-scale SUV with a price of 27.88-318800 yuan, but only in the past two months, travelers have no choice but to announce the termination of operation, and the reason behind is the production qualification problem. A few days ago, Geely and Baidu official announced the establishment of the "Ji Yue" brand, the first model named "Ji Yue 01", and "Ji Yue" is the previous "Jidu", the reason why Baidu chose to retire to the second line or the problem of production qualification. Baidu must have production qualification if it wants to dominate the "Jidu" brand, but now the production qualification audit is strict and gradually tightened, Baidu has to compromise and change "Jidu" to "Jiyue". Make use of the production capital and quality of Geely Automobile to go on the market.



Polar Stone Automobile lacks production qualification and seeks contract production from Beijing Automobile Factory. According to the declaration information of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the declaration manufacturer of Jishi 01 is Beijing Automobile Factory Co., Ltd., and the tail mark is Beijing Automobile Factory, not Jishi Automobile. It should be noted that the Beijing Automobile Factory does not have much relationship with Beijing Automobile, which currently has production bases in Qingdao, Dezhou, Linyi and Huanghua and was acquired by Weiqiao Venture Group in April this year.


It is really difficult for Jishi 01 to get some attention in the domestic market. First of all, the current hybrid market has been "dominated" by ideal cars. The monthly sales of L7 and L8 have been maintained at more than 10,000 vehicles, and as the extreme stone 01 of the latter two, how to participate in the market competition through their own advantages. Secondly, Jishi 01 adopts a hardline design style as a whole, but it does not have the ability to cross the country, and its appearance is extremely consistent with the Land Rover Guards, and it is easy to be labeled as "plagiarism" and "stitching strange". Finally, Jishi Automobile is a brand of Shanghai Luoke Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., but what kind of capacity it can provide for Geshi Automobile is still unknown, and its choice is the OEM production of Beijing Automobile Factory, which will also affect the market choice.

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