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Coming on the market soon! It is revealed that the new Tesla Model 3 has begun to take orders.

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Recently, the official account of China Finance and Economics released a message that Tesla's new Model 3 has begun to receive orders. It is understood that the news came from Tesla's store. At present, users can pay a deposit of 1000 yuan (non-refundable) before the specific configuration of the new model, and book according to the minimum version of the current Model 3.

As to when the new model will be launched, Tesla store staff disclosed to the media that it will choose an opportunity to launch during September and October. In addition, a netizen named "Tesla China Analyst" posted on the social platform that the new Model 3 will start mass production in September and delivery in October. Of course, when the new Model 3 will be available will be subject to the official announcement.



It is worth noting that the news about Tesla's new Model 3 has emerged one after another since the second half of this year, and it will not be long before the information of Tesla's new Model 3 will be exposed. As early as June, the media exposed several pictures of the appearance and interior of the suspected new Model 3. Judging from the exposed pictures, the appearance of the new car is basically the same as the cash, only a little adjustment has been made in the details. The new LED headlamp group is used on both sides of the vehicle, and the interior is inlaid with daytime driving lights to further enhance the visual effect of the vehicle.

The rear part of the car adopts through-type LED taillight design, equipped with duckling tail, and the lower part is treated with black trim panel to enhance the movement flavor of the vehicle. The interior decoration has changed a lot compared with the old model, the LCD instrument and the central control touch screen have adopted a brand-new design style, equipped with a large screen of the rotatable suspension type central control machine, cancelled the gear shift machine, and adopted the touch type to enhance the overall sense of science and technology of the vehicle. In July, another group of media released a set of spy photos of Tesla's new Model 3 for winter testing in New Zealand. Judging from the exposed pictures, it is very similar to the appearance of the new Model 3 exposed earlier. The exposure of these images may also mean that a new Model 3 is coming.




At present, it is not known when the new model will be on the market, but the news that the current Model 3 has been discontinued has spread all over the market. On August 3rd, a picture of the news that the production of the cash Tesla Model 3 would be discontinued on August 14th went viral on the Internet. According to the picture information: after August 14, Model 3 will be discontinued. The pick-up time of Model Y is about 5 weeks. The picture also triggered speculation among netizens. Tesla China then responded to the news: the news is not true.


Interestingly, on the same day, Tesla China posted on its official Weibo that Tesla Model 3 and Model 3Y launched a limited-time insurance subsidy of 8000 yuan. According to Tesla, a salesperson at a store in Shanghai disclosed to the media that now, in addition to insurance subsidies, you can also enjoy a gift of 3500 yuan recommended by friends. In this way, if you buy the minimum configuration of Model 3 existing cars within the limited time subsidy time, the price is as low as 220400 yuan. As for why Tesla Model 3 introduced a time-limited subsidy, the salesperson said: "the reduction in the price of Model 3 is to digest the old order." It is worth noting that Tesla has not only opened insurance subsidies in the Chinese market. In early August, Tesla made a price adjustment in the US market, lowering the starting price of Model 3 by US $2000 from US $32225 earlier to US $30315.


As we all know, Tesla Model 3 is Tesla's main model, and its sales have been on the rise since its launch in 2017. Related data show that Tesla Model 3 sold 482000 vehicles worldwide in 2022, of which 125000 Model 3 vehicles were sold in China. This time, behind Tesla's introduction of time-limited subsidies, netizens have different opinions. In this regard, Tesla responded that: this price reduction is on the basis of cost control, the greatest aspect of benefits and consumer welfare considerations. Tesla has been adhering to the cost-based pricing model and maximizing profits to consumers on the basis of cost control, which is a responsible attitude. As a world-famous electric car manufacturer, Tesla should consider not only the profits of the enterprise, but also the interests and social responsibility of consumers.


At present, Tesla has four models on sale around the world: Model 3, Model Y, Model S and Model X. According to the official plan, Tesla's sales target is 1.8 million vehicles in 2023, and Tesla's total delivery volume in the first half of the year is 889000 vehicles, with a target completion rate of only 49.4%. From the completion rate, it may also be one of the reasons for Tesla's price reduction this time. In addition, Tesla delivered 64285 vehicles in China in July, down more than 31 per cent from the previous month, according to FIFA data. For reference, Tesla sold 93680 vehicles in China in June and 77695 in May. With the introduction of time-limited subsidies by Tesla, Tesla's sales will also be increased to a certain extent. As for when the new Model 3 will arrive, the auto industry is concerned that the sooner it comes, the better. However, after entering the second half of this year, a number of car companies have started a new round of price war, the emergence of the new Model 3 will also face a series of battles.

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