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Zhiji CEO is angry at the scene! Dissatisfied with LS6 and Xiaopeng G6 as rivals

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Recently, a Weibo certified automotive media named "Luo Songsong is his real name" posted an audio message on Weibo about a conversation between Zhiji CEO Liu Tao and his product manager. From the audio content, we can roughly hear that Liu Tao is dissatisfied with the product manager using LS6 and Xiaopeng G6 as competitors. The two are not aligned and are not at all the same level in terms of product configuration and product performance, it said.


In the audio, you can hear Liu Tao give a lot of examples, from the Zhiji LS6 voltage, electric shaft, silicon carbide, performance, product size, space, wheelbase, seat, audio and other aspects are better than Xiaopeng G6. At the same time, Liu Tao also pointed out that if there is a real competition, it should be the 400V version of LS6, the 400V version of LS6 in 5.9s, and Xiaopeng G6800V in a similar configuration of 6.6s. In addition, it is said that the 800V of LS6 is the performance version that far exceeds the performance of model Y.


In view of the audio content, many netizens questioned that it was an official marketing method. Some netizens said that this marketing is still a level, emphasized the advantages of their own car, but also rubbed the heat of Xiaopeng G6. Another netizen said: say so much, finally depends on the price, your price is higher than him, it is not taken for granted that it is better than him.




It is understood that the LS6 is the third mass production model of SAIC Zhiji Automobile, which will be listed at the Chengdu Auto Show on August 25. The new car is positioned as a medium and large pure electric sedan SUV, which uses 800V silicon carbide platform and carries a 100-degree ternary lithium battery pack with an official range of 706km. In terms of appearance, Zhiji brand-new design language is adopted, with closed front grille. In terms of size, the length, width and height of Zhiji LS6 are 4904 mm, 1988 and 1669 mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2950 mm. In terms of power, Zhiji LS6 can choose single-motor and dual-motor versions, with a maximum speed of 252km / h and zero acceleration within 3.5s. In terms of intelligence, according to the official disclosure earlier, the LS6 will be equipped with Zhiji's latest smart driving scheme, a single lidar + a single Orin chip.


It is worth noting that in early August, Liu Tao posted several articles to promote Zhiji LS6, and also released a comparative picture of the wheel distance parameters of medium and large SUV, saying that Zhiji LS6 is the most dynamic SUV within one million. It is not difficult to see that officials still have high hopes for the arrival of Zhiji LS6. Relevant data show that Zhiji Automobile is a high-end new energy brand established by Shanghai Automobile Group, Alibaba and Shanghai Zhangjiang Group with a joint investment of 10 billion yuan. It was established on December 25, 2020, in which SAIC Group invested 5.4 billion yuan to hold 54% equity. Zhang Jiang Hi-Tech and Alibaba each contributed 1.8 billion yuan to hold 18% equity, backed by three mountains, Zhiji Automobile is naturally favored by the industry as soon as it is established.



In April 2022, Zhiji's first model, the L7, was officially launched, with an official price range of 33.88-578800 yuan. For sales of the L7, officials have said it is expected to rank among the top three deliveries of medium and large luxury all-electric cars. Liu Tao is also very optimistic about the sales performance of the first model. In an interview, the straightforward Zhiji L7 is a "treasure car", calling it the next Internet celebrity and the next popular model. However, the hope is beautiful and the reality is cruel.

Relevant data show that Zhiji L7 sold a total of 4811 vehicles last year, with an average monthly sales of less than 700 vehicles. After poor sales of the first product, Zhiji launched a second model, LS7, which went on sale in February with a price range of 30.98 to 459800 yuan. Compared with the model L7, the sales of the LS7 has indeed improved a lot, but compared with other car-building new forces of the same class, sales still lag behind. The data show that Zhiji LS7 sold 1572 vehicles in July, and the cumulative sales so far have been 9309.


According to the official plan, the sales target is 45000 vehicles in 2023 and hopes to reach the production and sales scale of 20-300000 vehicles by 2025. Judging from the current completion rate, Zhiji sold a total of 9518 vehicles from January to July, only 21% of the target. Or under this background, Zhiji LS6 arises at the historic moment. Whether or not the relationship between Xiaopeng G6 and Xiaopeng G6 is competitive, maybe this is not important. As netizens said, in the end, you have to fight for the price in addition to the performance-to-price ratio.

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