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It's still a family! Former Volvo executives join Geely

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On August 21, Geely Automobile Group announced that Qin Peiji, former president of Volvo Greater China, would join Geely as deputy general manager of Geely Automobile Group sales company and be responsible for serving as director of the Group's Channel Development Committee. in charge of the channel development and construction of the Automobile Group, report to Lin Jie, senior vice president of Geely Automobile Group.

Yang Xueliang, senior vice president of Zhejiang Geely holding Group, said on his personal Weibo: "Mr. Qin Peiji has excellent experience in localized sales management, especially in the development of new energy vehicle sales model. We have a wealth of experience in promoting the exploration of direct business models in traditional automobile companies. With the need for Geely to accelerate its transformation to new energy, the appointment of Qin Peiji is responsible for optimizing the acquisition of new users, channel network expansion and other related work, which will further improve Geely's market operation efficiency and user service quality. "


It is important to note that it is only two days before Volvo announced the departure of Mr Chin Peggy. On Aug. 18, Volvo announced that Chin Pei-ji, former president of Volvo Motor Greater China sales, would leave and be replaced by Martin Persson, the current general manager of Volvo Motor Japan. As for the reason for Mr Chin Peggy's departure, Volvo simply explained: "seek external development".

According to public data, Chin Peiji has more than 20 years of working experience in the automotive industry. Since entering Volvo Greater China in 2011, Chin Peigi has been in charge of car sales and was a Chinese executive after Geely acquired Volvo. Since then, he has served as Vice President of sales and Dealer Network of Volvo Automobile Group in Greater China and Chief operating Officer of Greater China sales Company. In June 2019, Chin Peigi was appointed General Manager of Volvo Automotive Greater China sales Company, responsible for Volvo car sales in China and promoting the implementation of the electrification strategy.


Mr Chin Peggy's tenure comes at a time when Volvo is fully accelerating its electrification transformation. At the 2020 Beijing Auto Show, Volvo unveiled its first pure electric vehicle, the SUV XC40 RECHARGE. However, as Volvo's new energy models are mainly oil-to-electric models, the sales of its electric vehicles in China are very ordinary.

So far, Volvo has released four pure electric models. As a veteran who led Volvo to accelerate the electrification transformation, Chin Peggy also made a high-profile forecast for the development of the new energy vehicle market during the year. In January this year, Chin Peiji said that the competition in the new energy vehicle market in 2023 will certainly be more fierce. "it is not surprising that many new forces say that 2023 is the year of baptism of streetcar brands. It has already started washing in 2022, and it will certainly be even worse in 2023. When all brands come into full play, the traditional fuel car Red Sea, there (fuel car market) is crimson, and this side (electric car market) is light red." During the Shanghai auto show in April, Chin Pei-ji even said harshly at the launch of Volvo's new car: "the new power will, and we will learn it in three years." We will. The new power won't learn for ten years. " This remark has also become the focus of attention in the auto industry.


Earlier, the media revealed that Chin Peiji, president of the sales company, had been arranged to participate in media activities related to the Chengdu Auto Show, but the auto show was just around the corner. Chin Peiji, as one of the Volvo veterans, suddenly announced his departure at this time without warning. Because it is customary for executives at this level to leave after the auto show, the industry is generally shocked by their departure. However, only two days later, Chin Peigi has joined Geely Automobile Group. Judging from this personnel change, Chin Peiji's return to the parent company from a subsidiary is actually more like an internal personnel change.

Regarding Chin Pei Ji's joining Geely, Volvo said in its latest statement: "Thank Mr. Chin Pei Ji for his contribution to Volvo Automobile and wish him greater success in his new position." Pan Hesong will serve as president of Volvo Automotive Greater China sales company and continue to promote sales in the Greater China region, which remains under the jurisdiction of the Greater China region, according to the statement. After taking office, Pan Hesong will report to Yuan Xiaolin, senior vice president of Volvo Automotive Group worldwide, president and CEO of the Asia-Pacific region, and Yuan Xiaolin will report directly to Volvo CEO Jim Rowan to promote Volvo's greater breakthrough in the Chinese market. In a previous statement, Pan Hesong reported directly to Bj ö rn Annwall, Volvo's chief commercial officer and deputy CEO, but this time it was readjusted to report to Yuan Xiaolin, which was also interpreted to mean that Volvo headquarters would directly manage the sales business in Greater China, which means that Volvo's sales business in Greater China will still be under the jurisdiction of the Greater China region.


Volvo's global sales rose 17 per cent year-on-year to 341700 vehicles in the first half of this year, while sales in China rose 11.7 per cent to 78200 vehicles, including 48 per cent for new energy models, according to the data. Volvo stressed in a statement that the Chinese market is one of Volvo's most dynamic markets in the world, and that the company will continue to accelerate its full electrification transformation in China and around the world.

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