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Challenge ideal L8! From 349900 RMB on the market of Jishi 01

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On the evening of August 22nd, Jishi 01, the first production model of Jishi Automobile, was officially put on the market, with a total of two new models priced at 349900 yuan and 359900 yuan respectively. The new car is located in a large SUV, which offers six-seat and seven-seat seating layouts and is equipped with a 1.5-range extender of the same model as the ideal L-series.


In terms of appearance, the new car adopts a tough design style, and the overall shape is very similar to that of the Land Rover Guardian. The front face of the new car uses a large-size front grille, the interior is decorated with honeycomb meshes and decorations, and the sturdy black decorative board at the edge of the grille is matched with irregular headlights on both sides, which makes the visual effect quite domineering.


On the side of the body, the new car has strong lines, and a penetrating waistline extends from the front to the rear, making the whole car look full of strength. The roof is designed with two-color and straight shape, the front and rear fenders protrude slightly from the body, and equipped with luggage rack, which is more in line with cross-country positioning, with broad protective panels below, showing a strong sense of muscle. In the rear part, the new car also uses a large number of straight lines to make the rear look more concise, but also in line with its hard-line product positioning. The taillight group design echoes with the front face, the tail door adopts electric suction design, and is equipped with external spare tire to further enhance the cross-country property. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 5050/1980/1869mm, the wheelbase is 3010mm, and the positioning is medium and large SUV.

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Different from the tough appearance, the interior of the new car is designed in a more simple style, with straight lines highlighting the tough style, with a 12.3-inch dashboard, a 15.7-inch central control screen and a 15.6-inch rear entertainment screen. The central control area is equipped with dual-format multi-function steering wheel, full liquid crystal dashboard, suspended central control screen and electronic handle, and cancels a large number of physical keys, and the operation functions are integrated into the central control screen. the overall design has both a sense of fashion and a sense of science and technology. In terms of seat layout, the new car offers two versions with 6 seats and 7 seats, 6 seats with 2-seat 2-seat layout and 7 seats with 2-seat 2-seat layout. Among them, the second row of 6-seat version adopts the design of aviation seats, which can provide an extremely luxurious ride experience.


In terms of power, the new car is equipped with an incremental hybrid system composed of a 1.5T extender and a motor, in which the maximum power of the engine is 112 kilowatts, and the maximum power of the front and rear motors is 150 kilowatts and 200 kilowatts respectively. Equipped with 56kWh Ningde Times battery pack, WLTC pure electric range of 235km MagneWLTC integrated mileage 1115km. For comparison, the maximum power of the 1.5T extender of the ideal L7 is 113kW, which is equipped with 40.9kWh 's Ningde era ternary lithium battery pack, and the WLTC has a pure electric range of 170km and a comprehensive range of 1100km.

According to the product positioning of the new car, although the exterior design of the new car is completely different from the ideal L series, the interior design, configuration, space, power and product pricing are quite similar to the ideal car L8. Industry insiders also joked that: Polar Stone 01 is a "hard off-road version of the ideal L8". Obviously, after listing, Jishi 01 will inevitably compete with the ideal L8 (the price is 33.98-399800 yuan). In addition, Lanshan DHT-PHEV (27.38-308800 yuan) and Lecke 09 (25.79-312900 yuan) will also be potential competitors for new cars.


So, will the listing of Jishi 01 take away the market share of the ideal L8? Auto Industry concern believes that there is a high probability that it will not. On the one hand, Jishi Automobile is a new brand, which is not well-known in the car market, and the price is a little expensive. On the contrary, the ideal car has been highly recognized in the class 300000 medium and large new energy SUV market, and both the ideal L7 and L8 have more confidence in the face of consumers.



According to the data, Jishi Automobile is the automobile brand of Shanghai Luoke Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., the company was founded in April 2021, the registered capital is 10 million yuan, the founder and chairman are Changjing. At the same time, Changjing is also the founder and CEO of Beijing Stone Century Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Stone Technology"), which was founded in July 2014. it is a company specializing in the research and production of home intelligent cleaning robots and other intelligent electrical appliances. However, there is no direct connection between Stone Technology Gold and Polar Motor. Stone Technology does not participate in Polar Stone Automobile. A Stone Technology insider also said in an interview with the media: "car-building is the personal behavior of the boss (Changjing) and has nothing to do with the company."


Speaking of Changjing, the founder of Jishi Automobile, he may not be very famous in the auto circle, but everyone knows about focusing on the Internet. In 2021, Changjing and Yan Feng, then Weima CTO, founded Luoke Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., and then started the dream of building a car. Like Li Xiang, Changjing is also a continuous entrepreneur, and Jishi Motor is regarded as "Changjing's third start-up."

Of course, like most technology companies that become monks, Changjing also faces the problem of car-building qualifications. The first product, Jishi 01, is produced by Beijing Automobile Factory. To put it simply, Jishi Automobile can be regarded as a new energy vehicle brand jointly created by Luoke Intelligence and BAIC Manufacturing. Luoke Intelligence is responsible for providing intelligent solutions and design, while BAIC Manufacturing is responsible for production landing. It should be noted that BAIC manufacturing has nothing to do with BAIC Group. BAIC Manufacturing, whose full name is Beijing Automobile Factory Co., Ltd., mainly produces off-road vehicles and military vehicles, and is controlled by Weiqiao Venture Group in Shandong Province. Most of the shares have been acquired by Shandong Weiqiao Venture Group at the beginning of this year.


In fact, there is no shortage of cross-border entrants in the car market in recent years, but it is undeniable that since "Wei Xiaoli" broke out of the siege, most cross-border entrants still have more failures and fewer successes. As a new brand, Polar Stone Automobile not only has to solve the problem of low popularity, but also has to face fierce market competition. At present, the new energy track is already a red sea, coupled with the automotive industry is going through a reshuffle cycle, many new power car companies have been eliminated by the environment. Obviously, the launch of the new Changjing car still needs a long experience.

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