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Extreme Krypton Law Department warns: ask some media to permanently delete the article and apologize

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Today, the Ministry of Polar Krypton issued a serious warning to "Euro Automotive", demanding that the article of "exclusive Krypton Direct Reform" be deleted immediately and apologized to their group executives.


Extreme Krypton Motors said that the content of the article was seriously false and slanderous, which seriously damaged the reputation of polar krypton cars and senior managers of polar krypton cars, resulting in extremely bad and serious negative effects. In this regard, the extreme Krypton Law Department requires Yiou to permanently delete the "exclusive | extreme Krypton Reform" and related articles published on all networks or public platforms, including the above, immediately after receiving the lawyer's letter, and at the same time clarify the false and slanderous content in the article and make a public apology to the relevant senior management. the clarification and apology must be approved and released. In addition, for the serious infringement of 100 million euros, Polar Krypton will take all legal measures to protect its legal rights.



In this article, Yiou used a lot of words to describe the current difficulties faced by the polar krypton direct operation model, saying that although it did not give up the direct operation model due to huge financial pressure, it had given up direct investment in new construction and operation of stores. instead choose to recruit dealers, in order to reduce high costs, so as to ease the financial pressure. In addition, Yiou quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that Lin Jinwen, vice president of extreme krypton, was no longer in charge of channel planning and was in charge of sales, after Zhao Yuhui, vice president in charge of sales, took over channel planning.


At present, the "billion euro" side has not responded to this matter, and the relevant articles can still be viewed on the official website.

Polar Krypton, Geely's new intelligent pure electric car brand, was launched on April 15, 2011. the first model, ZEEKR 001, is based on Lecker ZERO Concept and is officially priced at RMB30.00-403000. On November 1, 2022, the ZEEKR 009 will be launched. The new car is based on Geely SEA's vast architecture and is positioned as a medium and large MPV. The official price is 49.9-588000 yuan. On April 12, 2023, the ZEEKR X model was launched, which is positioned as a compact pure electric SUV with a price range of 18.98-209800 yuan.


At Geely's 2023 interim earnings announcement on Aug. 22, Polar Krypton CEO an Conghui said that Polar Krypton will launch a new car by the end of this year and two new SUV models next year. At present, the polar krypton 001, polar krypton 009 and polar krypton X are all products of niche market segments, and the next three new products all cover the mainstream market segments, so the sales scale is bound to rise.

In terms of globalization, polar krypton will push the European strategy to enter the European market this year. An Conghui said on CES 2023 that electric cars equipped with Mobileye-assisted driving systems are expected to be sold in the European market by the end of this year. Europe is the second largest market for new energy vehicles in the world after China, and data show that one out of every 10 new energy vehicles in Europe is from China.

In addition, polar krypton is planned for IPO in 2023. Polar Krypton plans to open a new round of water testing meetings with investors at the end of August, and plans to raise about $1 billion in future IPO. An Conghui said that he will continue to closely follow the developments in the capital market, will choose an appropriate window to go public, and revealed that the gross profit margin of extreme krypton vehicles reached double-digit levels in the first half of this year. Combined with recent operations, Polar Krypton IPO is expected to be valued at well over $13 billion.

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