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Wu Xinzhou confirmed to join Nvidia!

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On August 24, He Xiaopeng, CEO of Xiaopeng Automobile, posted a photo with Wu Xinzhou, vice president of automatic driving of Xiaopeng Automobile, and Huang Renxun, CEO of Nvidia, and said that deeper cooperation with Nvidia was about to begin. Subsequently, Wu Xinzhou forwarded this micro blog, confirmed to leave Xiaopeng car after joining Nvidia. Wu Xinzhou said that He Xiaopeng and Huang Renxun are two important men in their lives. "Tomorrow is the first day of work at NVIDIA. Thank you, Xiao Peng, for personally sending it to Old Huang. According to Old Huang, he'll still be working for Little Peng later on. It's just that he doesn't have to pay anymore."



On August 2, He Xiaopeng confirmed Wu Xinzhou's departure from Xiaopeng Automobile on Weibo. He Xiaopeng said,"In my past career, I have not seen a person who can devote himself to his work and organization in the transition period of nearly a year, but in the recent cooperation with Xinzhou, I saw this for the first time."


Later, Wu Xinzhou also posted his feelings on Weibo, reviewing the stories that happened in Xiaopeng Automobile in the past. For the experience of working in Xiaopeng Automobile, Wu Xinzhou expressed his feelings with the expression of "coming to a right platform at the right time, joining a turbulent and exciting track" and "how lucky, how grateful".


Wu Xinzhou's departure from Xiaopeng Automobile still triggered intense discussion in the market, because Wu Xinzhou is also the soul of Xiaopeng Automobile, but also the core of Xiaopeng Automobile's automatic assisted driving.

According to the data, Wu Xinzhou obtained a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Tsinghua University in 1998, and then went to the United States to study. He obtained a master's degree and a doctor's degree in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2000 and 2004 respectively. After graduation, Wu Xinzhou joined Qualcomm, a chip giant, as senior engineering director of autonomous driving, responsible for the autonomous driving business. In December 2018, Wu Xinzhou joined Xiaopeng Automobile as Vice President of Automatic Driving of Xiaopeng Automobile, comprehensively leading the automatic driving technology path and landing of Xiaopeng Automobile. Since then, Xiaopeng Automobile has launched High-speed Navigation Assistance Driving System (HNGP), Urban Navigation Assistance Driving System (CNGP) and Xiaopeng's latest second-generation intelligent driving assistance system (XNGP) for six consecutive years, which has established Xiaopeng Automobile's position in the field of high-level auxiliary driving.

It is understood that Wu Xinzhou's next stop is chip giant Nvidia, serving as Nvidia's global vice president, becoming the highest-ranking Chinese executive, reporting directly to Nvidia CEO Huang Renxun.

On May 30, NVIDIA became the first chip company with a market capitalization of $1 trillion, and the ninth company in history to enter the "trillion club" of dollar market capitalization. On August 24, Nvidia released its second-quarter earnings report for fiscal year 2024 ending July 30. The financial report shows that Nvidia's revenue in the second quarter was US $13.507 billion, up 101% year-on-year and 88% month-on-month, setting a new record; net profit was US $6.188 billion, up 843% year-on-year and 203% month-on-month. Nvidia shares hit an all-time high after the earnings announcement and are currently trading at $1.17 trillion.


However, Nvidia, which seems to have unlimited scenery, also has hidden worries behind it. As a new growth curve of the automotive business, its second-quarter operating income of $253 million, an increase of 15.0% year-on-year, revenue share fell to 1.9%. By contrast, Nvidia's automotive business revenue was $296 million in the first quarter of fiscal 2024, up 114.5% year-on-year. At the time, Nvidia looked ahead in its earnings report, with the continued penetration of applications such as autonomous driving, the automotive business is expected to bring new growth to the company.

Wu Xinzhou will join Nvidia as global vice president as Nvidia's growth possibilities in the automotive business are further weakened, or in order to revive the automotive business, and Wu Xinzhou's addition will also have an important impact on the chip giant's autonomous driving business in the Chinese market.

On August 24, He Xiaopeng, chairman of Xiaopeng Automobile, said that deeper cooperation between Xiaopeng Automobile and Nvidia is about to begin. In Nvidia's second quarter, Nvidia regarded the cooperation of Xiaopeng G6 advanced intelligent driving assistance system equipped with NVIDIA DRIVE Orin chip as a performance highlight, which was highlighted in the automotive business. In this way, Nvidia also attaches great importance to the cooperation with Xiaopeng Automobile, and Wu Xinzhou will play an important role in the next cooperation between the two sides, and Nvidia will invest more in the automobile industry.

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