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Tank 400 Hi4-T pre-sale, starting from 285000 RMB

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At the 2023 Chengdu Motor Show, the tank 400Hi4-T under the tank brand officially opened for pre-sale, with a total of two new models, with a pre-price range of 28.5-295000 yuan. It is understood that the tank 400Hi4-T is located in a medium and large SUV, with a non-load-bearing body and a plug-in hybrid combination of 2.0T+P2 motor and 9HAT.


In terms of appearance, the new car still adopts the popular "machine armor" style, the front face is outlined by a large area of hard straight lines, the grille presents a "T" shape, and the interior is decorated with sturdy double-banner chrome plating, and it is integrated with the headlight group to form an integrated visual effect, with a high degree of recognition. The front bumper of the new car is designed with forward protruding shape, and the bottom is equipped with black guard plate, which further enhances the off-road flavor. It is understood that the tank 400Hi4-T will launch four colors: streamer green, flying wing silver, nebula gray and phantom night black.



On the side of the body, the new car has strong lines, protruding eyebrows and decorated with rivets, C-column is oblique design, with back row privacy glass overall off-road vehicle flavor. In the rear part, the new rear light group is arranged vertically and vertically, and the LED light source is quite eye-catching, with external spare tires and angular rear bumpers to make the vehicle more armored, while the rear door still adopts the traditional lateral opening and closing design of the hard off-road vehicle, with the word "Tank 400" on the rear.

In terms of size, the length, width and height of the tank 400Hi4-T is 4985/1960/1905mm, the wheelbase is 2850mm, and the positioning is medium and large SUV. From the point of view of product positioning, Tank 400 is between Tank 300 and Tank 500, but its wheelbase is similar to Tank 500 system. For comparison, the tank has 5070/1934/1905mm in length, width and height, 2850mm in wheelbase, and medium and large SUV in positioning.

In terms of interior decoration, the overall design of the tank 400Hi4-T is relatively simple, with 12.3in LCD instrument, 16.2 inch super central control screen, HUD head-up display and streaming media rearview mirror, bringing a more technological driving experience.

In terms of power, the cross-country super hybrid architecture Hi4-T adopts the tank exclusive longitudinal parallel structure, which is equipped with the plug-in hybrid combination of 2.0T+P2 motor and 9HAT, in which the 2.0T engine has the maximum power 185kW, the maximum net power 180kW and the maximum torque 380N ·m.

Tank brand CTO Mahali said that for the post-80s, post-90s and even younger young people, they grew up watching armored vehicles and mecha technology movies and cartoons, and they all had the feelings of mecha, and the first mecha shape had a strong impact on consumers. It's obvious. The second super off-road ability, tank 300, tank 500 has been verified, cross-country ability is no doubt, the market has been tested. The third involves intelligence and luxury, which have also been passed down in our Tank 400, from styling, cross-country and intelligent luxury to my core competitiveness.

The tank brand, a high-end off-road brand of Great Wall, was launched in April 2021 and is currently sold in only two models, the Tank 300 and the Tank 500. As a hardline domestic SUV, the launch of Tank 300s lowers the threshold for domestic consumers to get access to hardline cross-country SUV, prompting sales of Tank 300to be booming. At present, Tank 300is still the main sales force of tank brands.

From January to July 2023, tank brands sold a total of 61521 vehicles, of which 52737 were tanks, accounting for 86% of the total, while only 8784 were tank 500s, according to FIFA data.


Can the tank 400Hi4-T become the new sales growth model of the tank brand? Although the pre-price is currently announced, and the final price may be lowered when the new car is officially on the market, according to the current pre-price of 285000 yuan, plus 50, 000 yuan, you can buy the 3.0T+9AT tank 500. compared with the tank 400, there is no need to recharge.

Today, the off-road market is extremely hot, in addition to tank brands, there are equation leopard, Beijing cars, shortcut brands, etc., but rather than the hard cross-country has become a blue sea, it is better to say that the current market is extremely inward, and there does not seem to be much road to go. The cross-country share of the whole market will still be growing, but the influx of so many homogeneous models at a time is destined to become a survivor game.

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