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A new energy car company is suspected of lending more than one car? Official clarification

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On August 28, Skyworth issued an official statement to clarify false information about Skyworth in the sales process.

In a statement, Skyworth said that the recent false information about Skyworth in the sales process has seriously affected the cooperation between the company and various agencies. Now make the following statement on the relevant false information: 1. It has a strict management system for all dealers, makes it clear that dealers operate Skyworth cars legally, and has never participated in or approved dealers to cooperate with illegal platforms in marketing. There is no behavior to mislead consumers to buy cars, all Skyworth car series models are sold in Skyworth Automotive experience Center. 2. After confirming with Skyworth Automotive General Cooperation Agency, all the customers who buy Skyworth cars have real willingness to buy cars and the repayment is good, there are no serious overdue customers, and the overall risk can be controlled. At present, Skyworth Auto Justice is tracking the situation throughout the process, and if such acts are found again, it will reserve the right to pursue its legal liability. 3. It is clearly stipulated that the terminal fare clearly forbids illegal acts such as one car with more than one loan.


When it comes to Skyworth TV, you must be very familiar with it, but when it comes to Skyworth Automobile, it may be strange to people in the automobile industry. One of the reasons is that it entered the passenger car market relatively late and its voice in the car market is not very high. But in fact, the company behind Skyworth Automobile has been developing for more than 10 years.

Data show that Skyworth Automobile, which belongs to Kaiwo New Energy Automobile Group, was established in April 2021 and is headquartered in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. In 2011, Skyworth Group Chairman Huang Hongsheng reorganized Xiamen Jinlong and Nanjing Dongyu Automobile Group, and began to lay out the new energy vehicle market after the establishment of Kaiwo Automobile. In 2017, Kaiwo Motor obtained the passenger car access qualification approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In November 2019, Kaiwo Group officially established the Timi automobile brand, and released its first mass production model, Timi ET5, in October 2010. the price range of the car is 15.28-198800 yuan, and the power is powered by the Skylink intelligent network connection system jointly developed by Timi and Skyworth. Unfortunately, due to the weak brand and the lack of bright spots in the products, ET5's sales performance was low after its listing, with sales of only 595 vehicles in half a year.


In March 2021, Kai Wo Group acquired the trademark of Skyworth Automobile from Skyworth for use in its car brands. In April of the same year, Timi officially changed its name to Skyworth, and its Timi ET5 was upgraded to Skyworth ET5, and the vehicle tail tag was also updated from Timi's English name "Skywell" to Skyworth Group's English name "Skyworth". In July of the same year, Skyworth renamed Skyworth ET5 to Skyworth EV6 and went public. The new car launched a total of four models with a price of 15.28-249800 yuan. The main change is the optimization of configuration and battery, but unfortunately, although the new car has been optimized and upgraded, the sales performance of Skyworth EV6 still does not improve much after listing. Data show that Skyworth EV6 sold only 4782 vehicles from January to July, including 1106 in July.


Skyworth has previously revealed that it aims to deliver 30, 000 units in 2022, including 4000 in overseas markets, 100000 in 2023, 15000 in overseas markets, and 250000 in 2025, with 80, 000 in overseas markets. But in fact, Skyworth car sales increased by 255.72% year-on-year in 2022, but only 21916 vehicles were delivered. So far, Skyworth has two models on sale: Skyworth EV6 and Skyworth HT-i, and Skyworth has also upgraded two models recently. On June 23, Skyworth HT-i Ⅱ officially launched four models with a price range of 128000-259800 yuan. On the same day, Skyworth's EV6 II also officially launched, the car positioning medium-sized pure electric SUV, a total of four models, the price range is 156800-289800 yuan.


According to the data, Skyworth sold a total of 13379 vehicles from January to July, with an increase of 151.42 per cent to 3452 in July compared with the same period a year earlier. According to its annual sales target of 40, 000 vehicles, it means that the completion rate of Skyworth cars in the previous July is only 33.45%. It is still quite difficult for Skyworth to complete 26621 vehicles (an average of 5400 per month) in the remaining five months.

Among the new energy vehicle companies, the annual sales target of 40, 000 vehicles is not high. As a reference, the domestic mainstream car-building new power ideal car, Lulai Automobile and Xiaopeng Automobile sold 139100, 54600 and 41400 vehicles respectively in the first half of 2023. Industry insiders believe that Skyworth has been tossing about in the automotive field for three years, but it has not yet achieved success in terms of brand awareness or sales performance, and after entering 2023, the fierce competition in the domestic new energy vehicle market has exceeded the imagination of most people, and Skyworth cars are very difficult to survive in an increasingly competitive environment.

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