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The tram of a certain car company was stopped and the wages were delayed? The official refutes the rumor

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On the evening of August 29, DPCA issued a statement to the public. The statement said: recently, there has been malicious slander and smear on the Internet by self-media account against Shenlong Automobile Co., Ltd., and the company's brand image has been badly affected. In particular, a news APP platform signed a self-media account named "car minutes", wantonly fabricating and spreading false information that "the Dragon Electric vehicle project called the suspension of performance pay".


In this regard, Shenlong Automobile Co., Ltd. solemnly declared: the electric vehicle project of Shenlong Automobile Co., Ltd. has never been stopped, the research and development of electric models is being carried out in an orderly manner, and the performance pay of employees of Shenlong Automobile Co., Ltd. has been paid normally. The self-media and individuals, represented by the Automobile minutes, make up facts and spread false information about the company, which is vilified and maliciously slandered. In view of the adverse impact of such false remarks on Shenlong Automobile Co., Ltd., the company has formally reported the case to the public security organs and initiated relevant legal procedures, and will investigate the legal liability of the parties involved in the relevant reports in accordance with the law. In addition, DPCA officials expressed the hope that consumers and the media will not believe or spread rumors and work together to resist online rumors and maintain a safe and stable network environment and social order.

Under the reform of the car market, DPCA, which was already late in the field of new energy, has lagged behind the development trend of the industry, but DPCA is still actively carrying out electric transformation. In February this year, DPCA announced that it would comprehensively promote electrification and launch eight new energy models in the next five years. The new models will be developed based on the electric hybrid platform eHMIA, which can provide HEV, PHEV, BEV and other power modes, covering a variety of car body forms, SUV and MPV. Among them, the first new energy model will be launched in 2024.


In mid-June, Citroen announced a marketing change plan to prepare for a comprehensive electric transformation, in which the future marketing work of DPCA will be further refined. Marketing business will be integrated into four departments, including brand development center, digital operation center, marketing center and customer service center. DPCA's Dongfeng Citroen and Dongfeng Peugeot brands will be unified management and network integration. DPCA said that the marketing change is aimed at optimizing and streamlining processes, improving internal efficiency, improving dealer profitability and responding to the market and customers better and faster. DPCA also hopes to speed up the electrified transformation process by adjusting the structure of the marketing field.

According to the plan, DPCA will launch eight new cars with pure electricity, plug-in and extended range power system in the next five years, the first new energy model is expected to be launched in 2024, while fuel vehicles may retain only six products. According to another report, a DPCA insider revealed to the outside world that China is in a leading position in the field of new energy and intelligence compared with foreign countries, and the relevant core technology of new energy models will be introduced from Dongfeng Company according to the current plan.


At present, the source of sales of DPCA still depends on fuel vehicles. According to data disclosed by Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., the cumulative sales of DPCA from January to July this year was 49223, down 25.86% from the same period last year. According to the 155000 sales target set by DPCA, the annual target completion rate is 31.76%.

Now all the major car companies have entered the cruel "knockout" stage, while the transformation of DPCA in electrification is relatively slow, and the road ahead of DPCA, which is trying to rely on new energy to help its overall upward development, is still full of thorns.

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