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Porsche booth a woman in a wheelchair to protect her rights!

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A few days ago, a car blogger posted a video on Weibo showing that a woman in a wheelchair broke into a Porsche booth to defend her rights at the 2023 Chengdu Auto Show. The woman was so emotional that she shouted "Porsche" and held a suspected CT picture high in the air, causing many spectators and chaos. Subsequently, the staff at the scene quickly took measures to take out umbrellas and black cloth to block the woman's view in an attempt to control the situation.


The blogger also exposed screenshots of the woman's chat in the group of car friends before defending her rights, either because the new Porsche was badly hit by suspected brake failure, and he also lost an arm and a leg in the accident. He was rescued through blood transfusion, so he planned to go to the auto show to protect his rights.


However, the above is only one side of the story of the car owner, whether there is a brake failure in Porsche, or whether the accident caused by improper operation of the driver, we do not know, and Porsche did not respond to the incident.

In fact, the time for safeguarding rights at the auto show is not uncommon, which has almost become a "traditional program" of the auto show, of which the most concerned is the incident of "Tesla female owner's roof protection" at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show. Ms. Zhang, wearing a white short-sleeved shirt with Tesla logo and the words "brake failure", stood on the roof of Tesla car on display shouting "Tesla brake failure", which aroused strong concern in the industry. Since then, Tesla no longer participated in any domestic auto show, but with the emergence of Tesla female car owner rights protection incident, more and more consumers also regard the auto show as a new place to safeguard their rights, and it is easier to get the desired results under the exposure of the media.



Auto show rights protection incidents occur frequently, and the brand's handling method also appears to be well-trained. At the beginning of the rights protection, they took out black cloth or black umbrellas to isolate the defenders, and at the same time asked the audience and media at the scene not to besiege and take photos. The most direct function of this operation is to remove the defenders from the scene as soon as possible, so that the brand can resume the publicity activities as soon as possible, but this does not solve the problem. And it will directly bring bad influence to the image of the brand.

From the perspective of defenders, rights protection should also choose legitimate and legitimate channels. Although auto show rights protection can bring effective flow attention and exert pressure on brands, it is not appropriate to protect rights in the auto show. On the one hand, it destroys the atmosphere and normal order of the auto show, on the other hand, it also affects other participating brands. Consumers can be justified in protecting their legitimate rights and interests, but they should still be treated rationally.

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