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All of a sudden! The account of "Boss Cai", a car commentator with millions of fans, was blocked on ​​​.

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All of a sudden! The account of car commentator "Boss Cai", who has millions of Douyin followers, has been blocked today.

The auto industry focused on Douyin to search Boss Cai's Douyin account and found that his home page profile picture had been removed. In addition, the page also shows that the account has been banned due to violating the relevant provisions of the Douyin Community self-discipline Convention. At present, it is not known exactly why the name was blocked. As of press time, the "Boss Cai" Douyin account has 5.541 million followers and 91.631 million likes.


Relevant data show: "Boss Cai" mainly released content videos based on car commentary on the Douyin platform, and received the attention of netizens in the early stage with the popular "Porsche downsizing" incident. Looking back on the incident, in April last year, some netizens posted that the Porsche they ordered had been reduced by the authorities for no reason. Porsche has said that the electric steering column of some vehicles will be temporarily replaced by manual steering column due to the shortage of position chips, and promised to upgrade to electric steering column for free in the future. However, the official changed its tune and said that it would not upgrade free of charge, and only offered 2300 yuan in vouchers to compensate. As a reference, if a set of electric steering column is installed separately in a 4S store, the price is more than 30,000 yuan, which is not a little different from the value of 2300 yuan compensated by Porsche, which is also the reason for the dissatisfaction of many Porsche owners.

In response to this matter, Boss Cai released a series of videos on May 10 last year, calling on the entire network of "car reviewers" to pay attention to the Porsche "downsizing" incident. In the video, Boss Cai repeatedly used words such as "pleading" and "can you say a few words" and joined hands with a number of hot "car critics" to stand up for the huge group of Porsche owners in the Chinese market. As more and more car reviews joined, the event was so hot that it once occupied the hot search list at that time. "Boss Cai" himself received attention for the incident, and the number of Douyin followers increased by more than 200,000 in two days.


Caught the traffic password of the "Boss Cai", and then was reported at the end of May last year, Tesla sued for compensation of 5 million yuan. The incident began in April 2021, when Boss Cai revealed in a video that one of his friends was one of Tesla's suppliers and had been working with Tesla for many years. He said that Tesla had agreed that the price of an accessory in the United States was as much as it was, and the way to settle the bill was also very simple. However, after the construction of Tesla's Shanghai factory, everything changed and put pressure on the supplier's supply price again and again. In addition, it is also pointed out that in the annual inspection work, the personnel in charge of Tesla's inspection work "eat, drink, make merry, eat and take cards" and other behaviors in the name of the inspection work. At that time, the video also caused a heated discussion on the Internet.

Taking advantage of Tesla's popularity, "Boss Cai" successively sent videos through Douyin platform saying that he had been sued by Tesla. In October last year, the case also came to an end, and Tesla won the case. The court found that the video content of "Boss Cai" had no factual basis, and the words of "Boss Cai" in the video were more intense, with obvious negative comments, which went beyond the reasonable scope of supervision and criticism, and had the pertinence to slander Tesla Company. It was ruled that "Boss Cai" apologized to Tesla on Weibo, Douyin and Wechat official accounts, and compensated Tesla for 100000 yuan in tort losses. For this result, "Boss Cai" did not accept it, and then filed an appeal. The second trial of the case opened on February 7 this year, and the decision of the second instance rejected the appeal and upheld the original verdict. This also means that the case ended in Tesla's victory.



I originally thought that the case between the two sides had come to an end, but what I did not expect was that in early June this year, Tesla officially issued an article saying: "Boss Cai" was forcibly executed by the Ningbo City Intermediate people's Court of Zhejiang Province after he lost the case after infringing upon Tesla's reputation right, for refusing to perform his obligation of public apology on the relevant network platform. At the same time, Tesla pointed out: at present, we see that Cai is still active on the relevant online platform, with the number of fans rising from 540000 at the time of prosecution to 5.4 million, but he has not been punished by the platform for infringing acts. If there is no price to pay for the creation and dissemination of rumors, and if the traffic based on rumors becomes a source of profit, then anyone can become a victim. In response to Tesla's post, Boss Cai also posted a video the next day saying: "I lost the case, but I did what I was supposed to do in strict accordance with the verdict. I immediately paid 100000 yuan and paid more than 20, 000 yuan for newspaper publication." it was published in accordance with the requirements. How can it be enforced? "




Today, the fact that Boss Cai was blocked also went on the top search list on Weibo. It is worth noting that the game account sued by Tesla was also sealed today. At present, the Weibo account of Playplay shows the content due to complaints about violations of laws and regulations and the relevant provisions of the Weibo Community Convention. What exactly are the reasons for the closure of the two sides this time, this has yet to be followed up. As for the closure of Boss Cai, ideal car's CEO Li Xiang also joined the topic today, with a blank question, (dragon pig), (vegetable boss), (fill in the blanks)? The post also attracted a lot of comments from netizens.

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