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Tesla has a big update, starting at 259900 RMB.

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On September 1st, the new Tesla Model 3 was officially pre-sold. According to the official website, the price of the new Model 3 standard continued version is 259900 yuan, and the long-lasting version is 295900 yuan. Compared with the old model, the price of the new standard continued version of Model 3 has been raised by 28000 yuan, while the price of the long-lasting version has been reduced by 36000 yuan. According to the official website, the new Model 3 is currently scheduled to be delivered in the fourth quarter.


As we all know, since the listing of domestic Model 3, Tesla has been working hard to reduce production costs, with a starting price of 328000 yuan, a maximum price of 355800 yuan and a minimum price of 229900 yuan. Before the new model went on sale, the Model 3 sold for 231900 yuan.

The price of the new Model 3 is a bit disappointing! Prior to this, it was rumored that the new Model 3 would cancel all radars, including ultrasonic radar and millimeter wave radar, and did not use the same HW4.0 hardware of Model Y. this series of adjustments also made consumers look forward to the price of the new Model 3, hoping that the starting price of the new Model 3 would be less than 200000 yuan, but it turned out that the starting price of the new Model 3 not only did not come down, but higher than before.


After talking about the price, let's talk about the appearance. In terms of appearance, the overall change of the new Model 3 is not great. It redesigns the front of the car, the design of the headlight group is sharper, and the LED daily running lights are more recognizable. The front surround styling draws lessons from the design elements of Roadster, making the whole more concise and eliminating fog lights. Overall, the appearance of the new Model 3 is more superb.




In the rear part, the overall change of the rear part of the new Model 3 is still small, but the style of the taillight has also been adjusted, the taillight adopts high integrated design, and the modules are all integrated in the rear door, making the shape more exquisite. Tesla LOGO has also been replaced by the English logo of "TESLA" in the same paragraph as Model Sramp X. In terms of size, the new Model 3 has a 4720/1848/1442mm length, width and height and a wheelbase 2875mm, which has little change compared with the old model.

In terms of interior decoration, the interior design of the new Model 3 is more concise and still does not provide a dashboard. The new Model 3 removes the lever behind the steering wheel, and the steering, wiper and headlight control functions are all integrated on the steering wheel, while the gear shift needs to be done through a 15.4inch central control screen.


The new Model 3 front seat will support seat ventilation, with an 8-inch touch screen in the rear row that can be linked to the front screen, and the long-range version is equipped with 17 speakers (9 speakers in the standard life version). In addition, the new Model 3 front and rear windows are double glazed, and the sealing system and sound insulation material.

In terms of power, the new Model 3 standard continued version uses rear wheel drive with a maximum power of 194kW, peak torque of 340km / h and acceleration time of 6.1 seconds. Compared with the old models, the power of the new Model 3 standard continuous version remains the same, the maximum power of the long-lasting version is reduced by 26kW, and the peak torque is reduced by 100N ·m. In terms of battery life, the new Model 3 standard battery pack is equipped with a 60kwh battery pack with a range of 606km under CLTC conditions, while the long-lasting version is equipped with a battery pack of 78.4kWh and a range of 713km under CLTC conditions.

Tesla is really different. The update of the new car is too slow.

In the era of fuel vehicles, the general model will reflect the "three-year change and six-year replacement" rhythm, which is a normal phenomenon. In the era of electric cars, if an electric car has been sold for six years and has not been replaced or even changed, then it is very likely that the company will be labeled as "unenterprising", and this has happened to Tesla.

Since its launch in April 2016, the Model 3 has become the largest number of electric cars on the market and is often seen as a competitor by other car companies. Unlike Tesla, who used to trade volume with price, the starting price of the new Model 3 is not as low as 200000 yuan, which does make it difficult for consumers waiting for the new Model 3 to accept, but according to Tesla's tone, further price cuts will not be ruled out in the future.

Although the price of the new Model 3 is lower than expected, it has little impact on consumers who want to buy Tesla. From January to July 2023, the Model 3 sold a cumulative total of 102262 vehicles, with the most direct competitor, BYD Seals, selling 40659, Xiaopeng P7iP7, 39 and 31106, according to the Federation of passengers. It can be said that although the Model 3 has not been changed in the past six years, its popularity has not diminished. Compared with competitive products, it can still be beaten, and its market position is still unshakable.


Of course, Model 3 also has hidden worries. Although the sales volume of Model 3 far exceeds that of the same class of models, it is all obtained through price reduction, which is also the most effective means to enhance the competitiveness of Tesla's products when the iteration of product renewal is slow. Of course, this also led to Tesla's gross profit margin of less than 20% for two consecutive quarters, while handing over relatively eye-catching achievements, Tesla also paid the due price.

With the rapid development of domestic electric cars, Tesla is no longer the only object sought after by consumers. Although the sales volume of BYD Seal, Xiaopeng P7 and Xilai ET5 has not surpassed that of Model 3, it has squeezed the living space of Model 3 to some extent. Therefore, for Tesla, the modification of Model 3 is imperative.


At present, China's electric car market has become a red sea, and the rise of Chinese electric car brands has put great pressure on many joint venture / wholly-owned brands. According to the current market trend, the new Model 3 is about to fight an uphill battle, and it remains to be seen how Tesla and the renovated Model 3 will perform in the next four months.

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