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Here comes the Golden Nine and Silver Ten! The car company official announced a price reduction of 150000 RMB.

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At the beginning of September, a number of domestic car company officials announced price reduction and sales, and the bugle of "Golden Nine Silver Ten" was officially sounded.

On September 1st, Tesla officially announced that the price of Model Spicer X had been reduced. Specifically, the price of the Model S dual-motor all-wheel drive version starts at 698900 yuan, down 56000 yuan from the previous 754900 yuan, while the Plaid version of the three-motor all-wheel drive version costs 828900 yuan, down 130000 yuan from the previous 958900 yuan. Tesla Model X dual-motor all-wheel drive version costs 738900 yuan, down 98000 yuan from the previous 836900 yuan, while three-motor all-wheel drive version Plaid sells for 838900 yuan, down 151000 yuan from the previous 989900 yuan.



It is worth mentioning that Tesla just announced a price reduction half a month ago. On August 16th, Tesla Guanxuan reduced the price, and the current car of Model S was sold at 754900 yuan, of which the dual-motor all-wheel drive version was reduced by 54000 yuan and the three-motor all-wheel drive version Plaid was reduced by 70000 yuan. The current Model X car starts at 836900 yuan, of which the dual-motor all-wheel drive version is reduced by 62000 yuan, and the three-motor all-wheel drive version Plaid is reduced by 69000 yuan. According to this calculation, the maximum drop of 200000 yuan for Model S and 220000 yuan for Model X in half a month is particularly frightening.


It is understood that the new Model Samp X was unveiled at the 2022 Guangzhou Auto Show and announced the price on January 6, 2023, in which the price range of Model S is 78.99-1.0099 million yuan, and the price range of the new Model X is 87.99-1.0399 million yuan. After the price reduction, the whole range of Model Splash X sells for less than one million dollars. However, compared with the Model 3max Y, the Model Spicer X, which is sold as an imported car, does not have a strong sense of presence in China. The Tramway report does not clearly understand the sales of these two models in the Chinese market, but according to the buying habits of the Chinese market, between 50 and 1 million yuan, they are more inclined to buy traditional luxury cars, such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, etc., while the frequent price reduction of Model SX X Or it means that Tesla wants to get some market attention.


The sharp reduction in the starting price of Model Spicer X also means that the price war in the automotive industry will continue, becoming more radical and intense under the "Golden Nine and Silver Ten".

On September 1st, Haopin GT, a subsidiary of Guangzhou Automotive Co., Ltd., added two new models with a price of 259900 yuan. At the same time, the price of the original 710 rear drive overcharge version was reduced by 20, 000 yuan to 239900 yuan, the new direct hard steel Model 3.


Zero-running cars launched a time-limited subsidy policy for zero-running T03 in September, with a subsidy of 8000-10000 yuan and a price of 49900 yuan from zero-running T03 after the subsidy. Geely Automobile official announced that Geely Panda mini models have upgraded ramp auxiliary functions and launched time-limited discount activities from September onwards. By September 23, they can enjoy policies such as a cash subsidy of up to 10000 yuan for ordering new cars. Xiaopeng Motor has also been exposed for Xiaopeng P7i "0 interest wisdom to enjoy the moon" activity, the car purchase discount plan can choose one of the two, the purchase of Xiaopeng P7i model can choose 24-phase zero interest or reduction of the final payment of 10,000 yuan, the event time from now to September 30.


On August 30th, ideal Automobile announced that in order to celebrate the first anniversary of the delivery of the ideal L-series, the cumulative delivery of more than 250000 vehicles, during the period from August 30, 2023 to September 30, 2023, owners who order any of the ideal L9, ideal L8 or ideal L7 models and purchase car insurance through a cooperative insurance institution can enjoy an insurance subsidy of 10000 yuan.

According to incomplete statistics in the Tramway report, since August, more than 10 brands, including Polar Krypton, Ulay, Zero and Nezha, have launched "price reduction and promotion" policies, including official reductions, time-limited promotions, time-limited subsidies, new models with lower configurations, and so on. The models involved are mainly new energy vehicles.

On the whole, the price war in the automobile industry is difficult to extinguish in a short time, which is the result of the competition between new energy vehicles and fuel vehicles, between new forces and traditional car companies, and between independent brands and joint venture brands. With the arrival of the "Golden Nine and Silver Ten", the competition for sales among the major car companies may become more intense. Measures such as price reduction, incremental no price increase, and the introduction of more entry-level models to lower the threshold may become the new normal in September, and the pressure of competition among car companies will also increase sharply.

The Federation said that the phenomenon of sales promotion in the car market will continue, and it does not rule out the phenomenon of counter-cyclical overweight promotion in some car companies, opening the peak sales season of "Golden Nine and Silver ten" ahead of time, offsetting the sales pressure to some extent, but with the arrival of the car market "Golden Nine Silver ten", the preferential strength of the automobile market may gradually shrink.

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