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Several bloggers have been sued by Great Wall Motor! The latest follow-up is coming.

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In July, several bloggers were sued by Great Wall Motor for infringement claims of up to 5 million yuan, and new developments have been made in the incident recently.

Great Wall Motor posted an update on the incident on its official Weibo on Sept. 1, saying that in July, it continued to release infringement reports on the six accounts of "continuous power to the north", "to the northeast", "electric plus electric chat tram", "Big Eye Brother said car", "only cast leader BYD" and "positive energy patriotic car" on Weibo, Douyin, Snowball and other platforms. Great Wall Motor officially launched the legal proceedings and claimed 2 million-5 million yuan from the above account operators respectively. Up to now, the above lawsuits have been put on file and examined by the court, the relevant legal procedures are being promoted, and the follow-up progress will be disclosed as appropriate.

At the same time, officials also pointed out that after being reported and verified by netizens, the two accounts of "car owner Cheng Patriotic property" and "Wealth key" continued to publish a number of reports suspected of fabricating facts, irony, abuse, and maliciously slandering Great Wall Motors in the near future. seriously affect the company's image and product reputation, Great Wall Motor will also take legal measures to protect the company's legitimate rights and interests.


Review of related events: on the evening of July 25, Great Wall Motor posted on its official Weibo that it had officially launched litigation against six accounts, namely, "continuous power to the north", "to the northeast", "Big Eye said car", "positive energy patriotic car", "only cast leader BYD", and "electric plus electric chat trolley". In view of the fact that all six accounts are suspected of serious infringement. Great Wall Motor will claim 2 million-5 million yuan from the above account operators respectively. Judging from the content released by Great Wall Motors, the main infringement points of the above accounts are suspected of fabricating facts, labeling, abusive speculation, slander, fiction, insult and other language to slander Great Wall Motor.

Qiao Xinyu, executive deputy general manager of the Harvard brand of Great Wall, also said at that time: recently, brands, products, and sales terminals have been maliciously smeared and attacked by the Internet Water Army, maliciously editing videos and distorting the facts of the results. some big V take meaning out of context, pinch off the beginning and tail, publish and maliciously magnify false remarks, random rhythm, to the brand reputation of Great Wall Motor. The interests of users and sales terminals have brought great harm and damage. Great Wall Motor has collected and retained relevant accounts and evidence of its false remarks, and has initiated judicial proceedings for malicious smear attacks against it.


Several bloggers involved also responded to the lawsuit by Great Wall Motor. The blogger "continuous Power to the North" responded that he would wait patiently for the lawyer's letter and be ready to fight to the end. The blogger "to the Northeast" said that he acknowledged the act, but the Great Wall did not have the rigor and seriousness of the law and would actively respond to the lawsuit. The two accounts of "Big Eye saying cars" and "positive Energy Patriotic cars", which are the same operator, said: they think that the prosecution of Great Wall Motor is unreasonable and praise Great Wall automobile products all the time.


It is worth noting that recently, the Great Wall Harvard brand owl dragon has also been reported to "stop production", "can not keep electricity" and other news. In response to these news, Qiao Xinyu, deputy general manager of Great Wall Automobile, also responded that he noticed that some media, in order to attract eyeballs, issued false remarks about the "suspension of production" of Harvard Owl Dragon. It was also detected that some technology bloggers and accounts in a certain circle of cars released content with the same title and similar keywords, and even the responses were the same. Create something out of nothing, random rhythm, malicious magnification with no factual basis, and then distort the facts. The Internet is not a place outside the law, whether it is individual or organized behavior, we will pursue its legal responsibility. In addition, it also said that the Harvard brand dragon series product matrix has been continuously increasing and improving, and the follow-up dragon series are advancing in accordance with the rhythm. As for the situation that Haver's fierce dragon MAX "feels unable to keep electricity", Qiao Xinyu said: he has communicated with the technical team and confirmed that there is no problem under normal driving conditions.



Relevant information shows that the Harvard owl dragon series is a new model launched by the Harvard brand in May, which went on sale on May 9. Among them, Harvard owl dragon positioning compact SUV, a total of three models, the price range is 13.98-156800 yuan. Qiaolong MAX positioning medium-sized SUV, a total of three configuration models, the price range of 15.98-179800 yuan, is the first model equipped with Hi4 intelligent hybrid four-wheel drive system. Related data show that Haver Owl Dragon MAX sold 6197 vehicles in July 2023, accounting for 13.80% of Great Wall's total sales.

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