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Roll! Multi-car business officials announce price reduction and promotion

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BYD announced on its official Weibo that 2023 yuan of Pro will offer a time-limited car purchase policy, and you can enjoy a car purchase of 2000 yuan to 8000 yuan.

It is understood that Yuan Pro is a small SUV car under BYD, 2023 BYD yuan Pro went on sale on May 31, a total of three models, the price range is 95800-113800 yuan.

As a modified model of the year, the appearance and interior of the new car basically continue the design style of the old model. The appearance continues to use pure electric Dragon Face 3.0design language, U-shaped silver decoration runs through the left and right headlights, all-LED headlights are exquisite, and the "yuan" logo is located in the center of the trim. The side of the body, the new car adopts double waistline design, the front and rear enclosure and side skirt are designed with black plastic parts, the visual effect is more youthful movement, and the shape of multi-frame wheels has certain motion properties. In the rear part, the rear part of the new car adopts the classic external spare tire design, the tail door is opened laterally, and the taillight is round and full. The rear bumper is made of thick black plastic with fog lights and reversing lights on both sides. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4375/1785/1680mm, wheelbase 2535mm, positioning small pure electric SUV.

In the interior part, the new car is equipped with 8-inch LCD meter and 10.1-inch adaptive rotating suspension Pad central control screen, and is equipped with DiLink 4.0 intelligent network connection system, the physical key design is neat, the shift lever style is thick, and the overall layout is simple without losing the sense of technology. In terms of power, the 2023-yuan Pro is equipped with permanent magnet synchronous motor, maximum power 70kW, peak torque 180Nm. The battery provides lithium iron phosphate blade battery with the capacity of 38kWh and 47.04kWh respectively, and the corresponding CLTC mileage is 320km and 401km respectively.

As the only SUV in BYD's 100000, the car mainly competes with small pure electric SUV of independent brands such as Nezhong V, Geely Geometry E and so on. The official announcement of the promotion may further boost new car sales.

It should be noted that less than two days into September, a number of car companies have announced price cuts and promotions. On September 1st, Tesla officially announced that the price of Model Spicer X had been reduced. Among them, the price of the Model S dual-motor all-wheel drive version starts at 698900 yuan, down 56000 yuan from the previous 754900 yuan, and the three-motor all-wheel drive version Plaid version sells for 828900 yuan, down 130000 yuan from the previous 958900 yuan. Tesla Model X dual-motor all-wheel drive version costs 738900 yuan, down 98000 yuan from the previous 836900 yuan, while three-motor all-wheel drive version Plaid sells for 838900 yuan, down 151000 yuan from the previous 989900 yuan. It also triggered a joint statement of car owners. According to the Tesla Model Splash X owners' Joint statement posted online, car owners ask for free charging and free upgrades to FSD (fully self-driving) functions.


Tesla greatly adjusted the ModelS/X on the same day, Xiaopeng Automobile, a new force in car building, and zero-running cars also launched a price adjustment policy.

Xiaopeng announced the launch of the P7i model "0 interest Wisdom to enjoy the month" activity, the car purchase discount plan can choose one of the two. From now on to September 30, the purchase of Xiaopeng P7i model can choose 24 periods of 0 interest or a reduction of 10,000 yuan. It is understood that at present, Xiaopeng P7i has a total of 4 models on sale, with a guiding price of 249900-339900 yuan. After the launch of the time-limited event, if you buy a 610MAX performance version, you can save up to 18000 yuan for 24-phase zero interest, and give away 6000 yuan for the original Dana Confidence series audio, totaling up to 24000 yuan.


Zero-running cars, which are also a new force in car-building, also announced that during the period from September 1 to 30, the subsidy for T03 pure electric minicars will be 8000 to 10000 yuan, and the minimum price for zero-running T03 will be 49900 yuan after the subsidy. The industry believes that the time-limited subsidy activities launched by the zero run are related to the gradual decline in sales of the zero run T03. Jing Hua, senior vice president and secretary of the board of directors of Zero Auto, said: "the purpose of the price reduction is to increase the sales of high-end cars and optimize the product structure. The price reduction will not affect the improvement of the gross margin of zero-running cars, at the same time, zero-running also has room for further price reduction. " When referring to the development of zero running in the second half of the year, zero running cars said that from the price fluctuations in July and August, we can see that the overall competition in the market will continue, and zero running is fully prepared.


In addition, there is news in the market that the MINI brand of BMW Group will launch a discount in September, with a maximum discount rate of more than 40, 000 yuan, as well as financial and maintenance concessions given to car buyers in the past. However, as of press time, BMW Group did not respond to the news.

For consumers, whether it is fuel vehicles or new energy vehicles, the lower the price, the better, but for the entire auto market, a price war is not a long-term solution, although price cuts can stimulate car sales and ease inventory pressure in the industry. but frequent "price wars" will also squeeze the profit margins of enterprises.

Judging from the current situation in the automobile market, the price war in the automobile industry is still going on. It should be noted that this month is the first month of the "Golden Nine and Silver Ten" in the automobile industry, and the price war will also lead to a more fierce competition among major car companies over sales. At the 2023 Chengdu Auto Show, an independent brand leader said: "in the current market environment, the 'price war' is expected to continue in 2023."

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