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BYD dynasty / ocean App is officially separated! Official response

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On August 31st, BYD officially announced that from August 31st, BYD Automobile App will be officially upgraded and divided into two independently operating systems, namely BYD Dynasty App and BYD Marine App.

Will it affect the use of BYD dynasty when it is independent from App? After comparing the use of car owners, it is found that there is no difference between the two App functions, so why should BYD split it into two models that can be solved by one App? BYD Ocean Network responded that the move is to provide car owners with more refined customer service. The basic functions that users are most concerned about, such as points transfer, comment area stutter, Bluetooth control, widgets, vehicle information display, maintenance records, real name authentication and so on, have been reported by customer service, and engineers are urgently dealing with them. For the loss of rights and interests caused to customers, BYD said it will record one by one and give compensation. Among them, it mainly includes many customers who have signed in for more than a hundred days. In addition, the laying of integral scenes and activities in BYD Marine App are also under intense preparation and will be launched quickly in the near future.


It is understood that the original BYD car App account can directly log into the two new App, points, orders and other data will be transferred according to the ownership of the vehicle. Dynasty owners go to BYD Dynasty App, Ocean owners go to BYD Ocean App, Dynasty-Ocean co-owners and users who have not carried out owner authentication can choose. If the original BYD car App users have not upgraded, they will only support dynasty-related services. In other words, although BYD Dynasty App and BYD Ocean App operate independently, car owners do not need to register new accounts after the upgrade.

According to the official classification given by BYD, the models currently on sale belonging to Dynasty Network include Han, Tang, Qin (Qin PLUS, Qin Pro, Qin), Song (Song Pro, Song MAX, Song), Yuan (Yuan PLUS, Yuan Pro, Yuan), F3, Sirui, S6, S7, E5, E9, E6, F6, Suirui, D1 and so on. Ocean net models include seals, dolphins, seagulls, Song PLUS, frigate 07, destroyer 05, Song classic version, S2, E1, e2, E3 and so on. From the point of view of product layout, there are about 21 models on sale, while only 11 models are on sale, which means that there may be a gap between the two matrixes in terms of sales volume. However, at present, the two major product series are constantly improving their product matrix.


At the 2023 Chengdu Auto Show, BYD Dynasty Song L officially unveiled the new car based on e-platform 3.0, positioning B-class flagship hunting SUV, with a new design style, and is expected to be officially launched this year, while the sales rights of the model belong to Dynasty.


As for Ocean net, the new Seal DM-i model has also been announced at the Chengdu Auto Show, the price range is 17.68-246800 yuan, the new car is renamed from the original destroyer 07, powered by DM-i plug-in hybrid power system, equipped with 1.5T or 1.5L turbocharged engine and motor plug-in hybrid system. The new car will go on sale on September 6 and compete with traditional medium-sized joint ventures such as Toyota Camry, Volkswagen Passat, Honda Accord, Nissan Teana and Buick Regal.

Up to now, BYD's total layout of dynasty net, ocean net, momentum, look up and equation leopard brand, from BYD's product line, dynasty series and ocean net series mainly enter the price range below 300000, seize the mainstream household market share, among them, the dynasty series tends to heavy business style, while the ocean net series focuses on sports and youth, with slightly higher configuration.

Starting in 2013, BYD began to launch the Qin, the first model in the dynasty series, and then successively launched products such as Han, Tang, Song and Yuan. Qin, Song and Yuan mainly won on the basis of performance-to-price ratio, while Han sold at a relatively high price. Ocean net is a new product sales network launched by BYD in 2021, which is subdivided into marine life series, warship series and e series products. According to the product layout plan, marine life series are pure electric models, while warship series are plug-in hybrid models. All products will be equipped with DM-i hybrid system, with cars, SUV and MPV models. With the destroyer 07 renamed Seal DM-i, it means that BYD Seal will have both pure electricity and plug-in power in the future, and the emergence of Seal DM-i will also change this situation. It is not clear how the subsequent BYD Ocean net product strategy will be adjusted.


From January to July 2023, BYD remained at the top of the list of domestic automakers with sales of 1.3855 million vehicles, making it the top seller of passenger cars in China, according to the latest retail data of the Federation of passengers. At the same time, BYD is the only car company on the list with sales of more than one million vehicles, with a market share of 12.3%. And a number of its products dominate the passenger car market segment.

Taking the July sales data as an example, BYD Qin PLUS, Han, Seagull and Dolphin all sold more than 20, 000 vehicles in July, ranking first, fourth, fifth and eighth respectively in the car list. Song PLUS New Energy, Yuan PLUS and Song Pro New Energy sold 29991, 23594 and 18800 vehicles respectively, ranking first, third and fifth in the SUV list, respectively. Seven of the top 10 models in the new energy vehicle sales list are from BYD, including Qin PLUS, Song PLUS New Energy, Han, Seagull, Yuan PLUS, Dolphin and Song Pro New Energy, of which Qin PLUS continues to top the list with sales of 37100 vehicles.


From the list of model sales, dynasty and ocean are the most important sales sources for BYD at present. the industry believes that BYD chooses to split the two series of App or to completely separate the two brands, but according to the current development trend, dynasty net and ocean net series will most likely follow their own old ways, that is, one is cost-effective and the other is younger. As for whether the "separation" of the two series of App will have an impact on YD's overall sales, it is not yet available.

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