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Do you want to increase the price? Send the new Prado to accept reservations.

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A few days ago, pictures circulated on the Internet showed that the poster said, "the new Prado has now been booked", with the "TOYOTA" brand logo at the top left, the "FAW Toyota" brand logo in the upper right corner, and the Toyota Prado model evolution history next to it. According to previous reports, the new Prado will be made by FAW Toyota in 2023 and will be sold in the Chinese market again. The above information indicates that the new Prado has begun to accept reservations, but the authenticity of the news has not been officially responded to.


A few days ago, the new Toyota Prado was unveiled at the 2023 Munich Motor Show. The new car is based on the TNGA-F architecture, upgraded for appearance and interior, and will be powered by a hybrid system of 2.4T + motor and a 3.5T V6 twin-turbocharged engine.

The new generation of Prado will offer a dual design style, but it is unclear whether domestic models will follow. As Toyota's hardline off-road SUV, the new Prado still adopts the founder's hardline design style, with the English LOGO logo "TOYOTA" in the center of the black intake grille, and the rectangular headlamp group with the sturdy front surround below also enhances the visual impact of the front face. Another version of the front face replaced with round headlights, with the lower black front enclosure and lower guard plate, the overall design style is more retro, it is also a tribute to the classic FJ62.



On the side of the body, the new Prado uses a waistline design similar to that of the new Lexus GX, and founder's wheeled eyebrows further enhance the car's aura. In the rear part, the new car does not use the popular through taillight design, the square headlights on both sides still retain the original off-road flavor, and the rear Land Cruiser and Toyota logo are also designed in black. In addition, although the rear door of the trunk is opened up, the independently opened rear windshield is still retained, while the full-size spare tire is set at the back of the chassis.

When entering the car, the new Prado adopts a symmetrical layout and the overall design is more hard and retro, it is equipped with a brand-new multi-purpose steering wheel and a circular air conditioning outlet, and the 12.3-inch suspension central control screen (entry position 8 inches) will be equipped with Toyota's latest entertainment system. Below the shift lever area can be seen that it is equipped with electronic handbrake, automatic parking, rear axle differential lock and four-wheel drive system switch lever. It is worth mentioning that the new car will only offer a five-seat version and there will be no third row of seats.




On the power side, the new Prado offers a variety of power options, including 2.4T fuel power, 2.4t hybrid, 2.8t diesel, 2.8t diesel + 48V light hybrid and 2.7 liter powertrain. The new car will be the first to use a 2.4T hybrid system with an integrated maximum power of 243 kW, an integrated peak torque of 630 Nm and an 8-speed manual transmission.

Prado, which was introduced into domestic production and sales by FAW Toyota, produced a total of 346700 vehicles in 17 years and was eventually forced to stop production in 2020 because of the sixth national emission regulations. Prado 2.7L stopped production in October 2017, while Prado 3.5L stopped production in June 2020. With the suspension of Prado production, the Prado used car market has risen, and even the price is upside down, which is enough to see that this car is unique and popular with consumers.


After three years of suspension of production, Prado will return to FAW Toyota, the production plant will undergo 10 months of transformation, the new domestic Prado will be put into production in 2024, and the new Prado will only produce 2.4T turbocharged engine models at the initial stage of production. and hybrid models will also be introduced in the follow-up.

Of course, the most concerned thing is the price. It is understood that of the Asian Dragon's annual production capacity in 100000, the new Prado will be allocated 36000, with an average monthly production capacity of only 3000 units. At that time, the supply of Prado may fall short of demand, and the price increase in the terminal market may happen again. However, Prado re-domestic does not mean that it can explode, after all, major changes have taken place in the current market, and more and more domestic brands have joined this market, such as BYD's equation Leopard 5, Great Wall Tank 500and the soon-to-be-made Jiangling Ford Bronco, none of these models will have an impact on Prado's market position. In addition, Toyota may not be counting on Prado to provide much sales capacity, after all, the annual production of 36000 vehicles is not high compared to other Toyota models, the deeper significance may be to pick up this classic model, it can help Toyota improve its brand image.

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