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Suspected of violating discipline and breaking the law! The party committee secretary of Dongfeng was investigated

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According to the website of the Xiangyang discipline Inspection Commission, Luo Xinwen, party committee secretary, director, and general manager of Dongfeng Consulting Co., Ltd., suspected of serious violations of discipline and law, has been designated by the Hubei Provincial discipline Inspection Commission for supervision, and is currently being examined and investigated by the Xiangyang discipline Inspection Commission.


When inquiring about Luo Xinwen's personal background, Auto Industry concern found that there was little personal information about Luo Xinwen on the Internet. It is worth mentioning that on 18 April this year, Dongfeng Consulting Co., Ltd. held a special meeting on democratic life of the party committee, which took profoundly drawing lessons from the cases of Luo Xinwen and Wu Wenfeng of the company, timely analysis and rectification as the theme, and seriously carried out criticism and self-criticism.


According to the data, Dongfeng Consulting Co., Ltd. was established in May 2019, with Lu Feng as its legal representative, with registered capital and paid-in capital of 111.900621 million RMB. It was formerly the equipment bidding Office of Dongfeng Motor Company, which was established in 1999. At present, it is an enterprise mainly engaged in business services. Equity information shows that the company is jointly owned by a number of companies, of which the major shareholder is Dongfeng Asset Management Co., Ltd., with a shareholding ratio of 43.79%, while Dongfeng Asset Management Co., Ltd. is wholly owned by Dongfeng Automobile Group Co., Ltd.


Recently, Dongfeng Group has been stepping up anti-corruption efforts. According to incomplete statistics, Dongfeng Group personnel investigated in the past half a year are involved in many sectors, such as independent brands and joint venture brands, passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles. Compared with other automobile groups, Dongfeng Group's anti-corruption campaign is vigorous and vigorous.

On July 26, incorruptible Dongfeng reported the supervision, inspection and investigation of Dongfeng Company in the first half of 2023. According to the report, in the first half of 2023, discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels of the company received a total of 313 letters and visits, an increase of 4.33% over the same period last year; 297 clues to deal with problems, an increase of 1.71% over the same period last year; 80 cases were filed, an increase of 9.59% over the same period last year; 87 people were punished, down 4.40% from the same period last year; 6 people were transferred to procuratorial organs; and joint examination and investigation was conducted in cooperation with local discipline inspection commissions, and detention measures were taken against 12 public officials in accordance with the law.


In addition, "Clean Dongfeng" pointed out in its circular that in the first half of 2023, discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels of Dongfeng Company used supervision and discipline enforcement "four forms" of criticism and education to help and deal with 317 person-times, the first form was 223 person-times, accounting for 70.35%. The second form is 61 person-times, accounting for 19.24%, the third form is 25 person-times, accounting for 7.89%, and the fourth form is 8 person-times, accounting for 2.52%.

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