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A big change! Toyota Century SUV debut

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Toyota Century SUV officially made its debut on the Japanese market on Sept. 6, with an official suggested retail price of 25000000 yen, or about 1.24 million yuan. Like the Toyota Century car, the Toyota Century SUV will be a flagship SUV with its own Phoenix logo. It is understood that Toyota Century SUV will be produced at the Tahara factory in Japan, with a monthly production capacity of only 30 units, which means that the workmanship and luxury texture of this model will reach a new level. It is worth mentioning that Toyota Century SUV will be sold to the global market, but it is not known whether it will be introduced into China.



In terms of appearance, the overall shape of Toyota Century SUV is square, and the silver honeycomb net with its own Phoenix logo brings a strong visual impact. The headlight group adopts a split design, and the daytime driving light belt in the lamp cavity is very similar to the previous listing of the brand-new Toyota Lande Cool Luze, which has a high degree of recognition after lighting.

センチュリー(PHEV・E-Four Advanced)<オプション装着車>

センチュリー(PHEV・E-Four Advanced)<オプション装着車>

The side of the body, the front and rear encirclement of the Toyota Century SUV and the side skirt are different from the color design of the car body, with silver dense spokes large-size rims, and the second row of doors are also replaced by side sliding doors. The rear part of the car, the overall style echoes with the front face, is equipped with a split rear light group, and the layout of the lamp cavity is also similar to that of the headlights. In terms of size, Toyota Century SUV length, width and height are 5205/1990/1805mm, wheelbase is 2950mm.

センチュリー(PHEV・E-Four Advanced)<オプション装着車>

センチュリー(PHEV・E-Four Advanced)<オプション装着車>


In terms of interior decoration, the overall design of Toyota Century SUV tends to be retro, and does not create too much luxury atmosphere, and the overall tone is mainly black. It is equipped with suspended central control screen and full LCD dashboard, the center console also retains air conditioning physical keys and seat ventilation / heating touch buttons, and provides two USB-C charging interfaces and mobile phone wireless charging panel below. In addition, Toyota Century SUV uses a four-seat layout, with two separate seats in the back seat and a second row of seats that can be adjusted upside down, each with a separate display screen.


In terms of power, Toyota Century SUV uses similar power to the Lexus TX 550h+ hybrid model, with a 3.5L V6 engine and an E-CVT gearbox, but the specific power parameters have not yet been announced. It is worth mentioning that Toyota Century SUV is also equipped with rear wheel steering system and launched the "REAR COMFORT" mode, which can improve the ride comfort of the back seat.

V6 3.5L プラグインハイブリッドシステム

Toyota Century is regarded as the spiritual totem of Toyota and the most luxurious model in Toyota's history. it is the exclusive car of the Japanese royal family, known as the "Japanese Rolls-Royce", but it is rarer than the Rolls-Royce.

Toyota Century was born in 1967. Although the price of the top luxury car developed to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Toyota founder Kiichiro Toyoda's father, Toyoda Saji, does not mean that it can be bought, because its production is very low, it will be given priority to the Japanese royal family.

The code name of the original Toyota century is Toyota Century VG20, the car's biggest competitor is not Rolls-Royce, but the president of Nissan. The president of Nissan has a longer history than the Toyota century. If the Toyota century is "Japan's Rolls-Royce", then Nissan president can definitely be regarded as "Japan's Bentley". However, the Toyota century is still upgrading.

Toyota launched Century SUV, some media think that the market demand for SUV models is increasing, but this explanation is not acceptable, because Toyota Century is not a Volkswagen model, it will give priority to the Japanese royal family, and workmanship and texture will be the highest level of Toyota cars. It is obviously still difficult to accept the evolution of Toyota Century into SUV just because of the growing demand for SUV models. Of course, the current market is constantly changing, and Toyota Century SUV will not only supply the Japanese market, maybe Toyota has a different view of Century models, just like the crown of that year.

In terms of overall price, the Toyota Century SUV will be the most expensive model in Japan. Previously, the most expensive model in the Japanese market was the Lexus LX600 EXECUTIVE, with a price of 18000000 yen, or about 900000 yuan, while the Toyota Century SUV sold for 25000000 yen, or 1.24 million yuan.


Japanese media reported that Century SUV will not only be aimed at Japan, but a model for global sales, which means it may enter the Chinese market, but the price cannot be cheap. If the follow-up can enter the domestic market, its price increase room is much larger than we thought.

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