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It's on sale! The joint venture brand Chevrolet dropped 65000 RMB.

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On September 8, SAIC GM Chevrolet cut prices for a number of models. Chevrolet official sources show that from now to Sept. 30, including the Coruze, Trail Blazers, Malibu XL and Boundary Explorer models, the price reduction is 1.5-65000 yuan. Among them, the Kruze family reduced the price by 30, 000 yuan, the trailblazer reduced the price by 15000 yuan, and Malibao XL and the explorer both reduced the price by 65000 yuan.


In terms of breakdown, the original price of the medium and large SUV trailblazers was 19.49-266900 yuan, but the price-adjusted price was 17.99-25.19 yuan, a decrease of 15000 yuan; the original price of the compact car Luze was 949-108900 yuan, and the adjusted price was 649-78900 yuan, a decrease of 30, 000 yuan The original price of the medium-sized Malibu XL was 17.59-219900 yuan, but the adjusted price was 11.09-154900 yuan, a decrease of 65000 yuan; the original price of the medium-sized SUV explorer was 16.99-239900 yuan, and the adjusted price was 10.49-174900 yuan, a decrease of 65000 yuan.


It should be noted that the preferential policy announced by Chevrolet is "time limit", which not only has a limit on the purchase time, but also on the supply of official models, but the official has not released the specific limit figure.

It is understood that Chevrolet is the largest brand under the General Motors Group. It was founded on November 3, 1911 and was introduced into China by SAIC GM on January 18, 2005, becoming the third largest brand under SAIC GM. According to the official website, Chevrolet's models currently on sale include Marebo XL, Coruze, Kowoz, Volando, Chuangku RS, Chuangjie, Trailblazer, Explorer, Star Milo and other models.


From the perspective of vehicle positioning, Chevrolet's products cover three major categories: cars, SUV and new energy vehicles. However, as one of the joint venture brands, Chevrolet has a low sense of presence in China. Data show that SAIC GM Chevrolet sold a total of 99300 vehicles from January to July in 2023, of which 17007 were sold in July. In terms of specific models, the top three Chevrolet models sold in July were the Coruze, the Malibu XL and Changxun, with sales of 12502, 1750 and 734 respectively, while the explorer ranked fourth with 631, compared with 407 for the new Star Milo and 310 for the Trailblazers in September last year.


In addition to the limited time offer for Chevrolet, SAIC GM Buick also launched a limited time policy for car purchase in autumn on September 5, including Weilang Pro, the new Regal, the new LaCrosse, the Onkway family, Anke Banner, E4, E5 and Micro Blue 6430km version. The limited time discount period is from now to September 30, 2023. The price of Weilang Pro starts from 128900 yuan to 78900 yuan. Limited time discount of 50,000 yuan, and can enjoy 0 down payment, 0 interest rate, 0 month payment and other financial programs The starting price of the new Regal is reduced from 159800 yuan to 129800 yuan, a drop of 30, 000 yuan; the starting price of the new LaCrosse is 179900 yuan, with a time-limited comprehensive discount of 20, 000 yuan; the Anke family's time-limited discount is 60, 000 yuan, and the Anke Plus can enjoy an additional 4000 yuan replacement subsidy; Anke flag limited time discount of 70, 000 yuan.


"exchanging quantity with price" is almost one of the measures for many automobile brands to maintain their competitiveness in the rapidly changing car market. according to incomplete statistics, up to now, there are more than 50 car brands and hundreds of models in China. Through factory subsidies or dealer price cuts and other ways to participate in the price war, the discount range is generally 30, 000-120000 yuan, unprecedented in strength.

So, can "price reduction make a profit" boost the sales growth of car companies? There's a good chance! However, "Auto Industry concern" believes that "price reduction" may enable car companies to achieve sales growth in a short time, but it cannot become a magic weapon for car companies to achieve long-term sales target growth. From the consumer's point of view, whether it is fuel vehicles or new energy vehicles, the lower the price, the better. At the same time, it can also encourage car companies to provide more cost-effective products. But for the whole car market, price war is not a long-term solution. Although price cuts can stimulate car sales and ease inventory pressure in the industry, frequent "price wars" will also squeeze the profit space of enterprises.

From the analysis of the current situation of the automobile market, since the beginning of the second half of the year, the "price war" is still the main theme of the automobile market, and September is the first month of the "Golden Nine and Silver Ten" of the automobile industry, and the price war will also lead to a more fierce competition for sales among the major automobile enterprises. Elimination and reshuffle are also inevitable.

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