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Straight down 10,000! A certain type of car is complained by the owners collectively.

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Recently, with the start of a new round of price war, Zero cars also launched a time-limited car purchase discount for its model T03 in September. According to the official promotional map of the event, the discount ranges from 8000 yuan to 10000 yuan, with the lowest price of 49900 yuan for the subsidized zero-running T03 version and 79900 yuan for the smart version.


The introduction of time-limited discounts by manufacturers is undoubtedly good news for new users. But for users who have just bought, it must be unpleasant to reduce the price as soon as they buy. Since September 1, the number of complaints about zero-running T03 models has been increasing day by day, with hundreds of complaint messages. Among them, most of the models complained about are the zero-running T03 of the 2023 310 light-enjoyment version, and most of the complaints are zero-running T03 car purchase prices have been greatly reduced in a short period of time, asking the authorities to refund the price difference.


Some car owners complained that they bought the light version of the zero-running car T03 on August 8, and the sales said at that time that the purchase activity was the strongest, and there would be no such discount if they missed it. But in less than a month, we saw the official website drop by 8000-10000 on September 1st, saying that the most favorable policy was agreed. As a result, there was nothing promised and the price was higher than that of others. I hope the authorities can refund the price difference!


Another car owner said that he bought a zero-running T03 car on August 15. According to the sales, it is already the lowest price, and what you can give is the most favorable. The car was picked up on August 15, not long before the first insurance was passed. in September, the zero-running manufacturer officially announced a price reduction of 8,000 to 10,000. It contacted the official feedback that the policy was different every month, and the price difference was so large. So far, the invoice and the contract have not been given to me. I hope to refund the price difference. The car will be lifted for half a month, with a difference of thousands of yuan. In response to the complaints from car owners, the car quality net said it would transfer the complaints to production or sales companies, but the authorities have not yet responded to the matter.


Relevant data show that zero-running T03 is a zero-running car launched in May 2020, positioning miniature pure electric vehicle. The zero-running T03 used to be the main source of zero-running car sales, with cumulative sales of 46200 vehicles from May 2020 to the end of 2021, of which 39149 were delivered in 2021, accounting for 90 per cent of the year's total sales. The cumulative sales of zero-running T03 in 2022 was 61919, accounting for 55.7% of total zero-running car sales. After entering 2023, with the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the industrial chain is constantly improving, users' acceptance of electric vehicles is increasing, and consumption is also upgrading, resulting in a gradual shrinkage of the mini electric vehicle market. The sales of zero running T03 are also affected to a certain extent. Related data show that zero-run T03 sold 2164 vehicles in July, and the cumulative sales from January to July this year were 11139, down 71.1 percent from the same period last year.


In the context of the gradual decline in sales of zero-run T03, officials are naturally forced to strive for more market share with price for volume. Jing Hua, senior vice president of Zero Auto, once said: from the price fluctuations in July and August, we can see that market competition will continue in the second half of the year. Zero running cars are fully prepared, and there is room for further price cuts. Indeed, from the current increasingly fierce automobile market, price war is the inevitable outcome of market development. The introduction of time-limited offers can bring sales growth to vehicles in the short term, but the auto industry is concerned that in order to maintain high-quality growth in the fiercely competitive car market, it will eventually have to fight a value war.

The discounts offered by car companies are indeed unacceptable to users who have just bought them. In this regard, some legal professionals pointed out that the rise and fall of vehicle prices belongs to market behavior, as consumers, when buying large items, if they are more sensitive to prices, they can do more rational analysis and abide by the spirit of market contract. If the salesperson promises to the consumer that the price of the vehicle will not be reduced, or the price of the vehicle will not be reduced within a certain period of time, it can be determined that there is a contracting fault or contracting fraud in the sale, and compensation can be required.

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