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Go public and reduce the price! Lectra 08 starts from 208800 RMB.

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Lectra 08 EM-P officially launched, a total of five new models, the price of 20.88-261800 yuan, Lectra 08 EM-P time limited edition official price of 288000 yuan, a limited edition of 1008. In addition, Lectra officially announced that from now on to October 31, the price will be reduced by 9000 yuan on the basis of official guidance, with a price range of 199800-279000 yuan after the discount.


In terms of appearance, Lectra 08 sells the first mass-produced model of its new urban opposite aesthetic design style, which is upgraded on the basis of The Next Day design language and combines technology with design perfectly. From the point of view of the real car effect, the overall shape of Lecke 08 is more fashionable, and the whole car depicts a sense of muscle through a large number of straight line elements. Specifically, Lectra 08 still uses split headlights, and upgrades for daily lights are more severe. The dot-type light belt runs through the whole front of the car, and the matrix headlights are integrated into it, making the whole front face look quite futuristic. It is understood that the new lamp group contains 32 matrix LED lights, and there are breathing light belts on both sides of the front, providing a variety of dynamic effects.

The side of the car body, compared with the solid and steady style of the collar 09, the collar 08 also brings a sense of movement through the outline of multiple lines, forming a more unique shape. The new car adopts the popular hidden door handle design, has an integrated frameless door, and has a smooth transition from the top of the body to the rear of the car, extending from the trim on the fender to the rearview mirror, making the design more unified and smooth. The rear part of the car also uses a large number of broken lines, the taillight can be said to be the finishing touch of Lecker 08, and the penetrating lamp group adds scientific and technological details to enhance the visual hierarchy. In addition, there is a diffuser design at the bottom of the rear, with a spoiler and a hidden rear wiper on the roof. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4820/1915/1685mm and the wheelbase is 2848mm.

In terms of interior decoration, LinkedIn 08 uses the brand-new design language of LinkedIn. The layout of the entire cockpit is very simple, but it does not lose the sense of technology. Lecker 08 uses the mainstream 12.3-inch full LCD dashboard and 92-inch AR-HUD to enhance the driver's interactive experience. In addition, the 15.4in suspension center control screen has an ultra-narrow frame and will be equipped with the Flyme Auto Meizu car system.


In terms of power, Lectra 08 EM-P will be equipped with a plug-in hybrid system composed of 1.5T four-cylinder engine and three drive motors, with P1+P3+P4 layout, with a comprehensive power of 436kW, a peak torque of 905Nm and an acceleration of 4.6s from 0100km / h. In terms of batteries, the new car is equipped with three kinds of ternary lithium batteries with different capacities, which are 21.2kwh, 39.6kwh and 39.8kwhling CLTC with pure electric mileage of 120km, 220km and 245km, respectively, and it takes only 28 minutes to charge 5.5L / 100km battery with fuel consumption of 5.5L / 100km and supports 3.3kW external discharge function.


Lectra 08 is the first strategic model of CMA Evo architecture and the first medium-sized SUV under LinkedIn. The new car is different from other Lecker models on sale in appearance and interior design. After the listing of Lecker 08, it will make up for the gap in the medium-sized car market.

Starting from Lecker 08, Lecker will focus on the new energy market. Lectra 08 will be a model focusing on new energy, which is also a change in the strategic direction of Lectra. According to the development and deployment of Lecker Automobile, it is planned that by 205, all products of Lectra will be equipped with Lecker intelligent electric mixing technology to realize the electrification of all products.


Lac 08's competitors will target BYD Tang, both plug-in hybrid models. Compared with BYD, Lectra has a more scientific and technological sense in design, and with the addition of Meizu FlymeAuto system, it will effectively improve the stutter problem of Lecker, and then enhance the competitiveness of products.

However, the current performance of LinkedIn new energy vehicles is relatively mediocre. At present, LinkedIn 01 PHEV, 02 PHEV, 05 PHEV, 09 MHEV/PHEV are on sale. The model with the highest sales in the first half of the year is Lecker 09 PHEV, with 4027 vehicles, while other models are less than 1000. Whether Lecker 08 can become a new popular style still needs to be verified by the market.

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