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Hot! The price of all Volkswagen pure electric vehicles has been reduced.

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Volkswagen pure electric cars are all sold at broken prices!

According to the official website of SAIC-Volkswagen, its ID.3, ID.4 X and ID.6 X models all offer time-limited preferential car purchase activities, of which ID.3 offers a maximum discount of 37000 yuan, starting at 125900 yuan after the discount, and can also enjoy an insurance subsidy of 3000 yuan for the first year. The deadline for the event is September 30. ID.4 X offers a limited time discount of 3.3-42000 yuan, and the post-discount price is 16.2888-241388 yuan. The limited time discount price of ID.6 X is 20.9888-243888 yuan, with a discount of 50, 000 yuan all over the department.




In addition to SAIC-Volkswagen, FAW-Volkswagen also reduced prices. According to the FAW-Volkswagen website, its ID.6 CROZZ offers discount car purchase activities, with an official guided price of 25.89-336900 yuan, a time-limited transaction price of 21.39-291900 yuan, and a time-limited discount of 45000 yuan. In addition, the ID.4 CROZZ limited-time discount is 43500 yuan, the official guided price is 23.99-293900 yuan, and the limited-time transaction price is 19.64-250400 yuan. ID. The limited time transaction price of pure limited edition is 145900 yuan, the official guidance price is 193900 yuan, and the limited time discount is 48000 yuan.




This is not the first time Volkswagen has played a "price war". SAIC-Volkswagen officials announced a price cut on July 6, offering a discount on its ID.3 models to 125900 yuan, which directly boosted SAIC-Volkswagen's performance in the electric car market, with ID.3 sales of 10296 vehicles (wholesale sales) in July, compared with 9559 in the past six months.

Volkswagen ID.3 sales soared after the price cut, and it is reasonable to adopt a similar approach again. According to retail data, the highest sales of Volkswagen electric cars in August was the ID.3, with 7985, while the ID.4 CROZZ and ID.4 X were 2646 and 1665, respectively, while the ID.6 CROZZ and ID.6 X were even more bleak, with monthly sales of 551,358.


In the pure electric sales list, the best-selling ID.3 ranked 20, the only joint venture pure electric vehicle in the top 20, while the other ID. Family model sales are average, SAIC Volkswagen and FAW-Volkswagen price for volume is not surprising, after all, compared with domestic pure electric cars, Volkswagen ID. Family models do not have an advantage in price.

After entering 2023, the intensive listing of domestic new cars and price wars occur one after another, the prices of joint venture fuel vehicle brands continue to decline, and independent new energy brands participate in the market competition in the way of increasing quantity without price increase, which leads to Volkswagen ID. Family products lack competitive advantage. Today, Volkswagen ID. The price reduction of the whole family is the result of increased market pressure, and the price reduction will inevitably stimulate the end market, but at the same time, it will also aggravate the competition among products, and whether this can lead to sustained and steady growth in sales, we also need the market to give an answer.


At the beginning of September, a number of domestic car company officials announced price reduction and sales, and the bugle of "Golden Nine Silver Ten" was officially sounded.

On September 1st, Tesla officially announced that the price of Model Spicer X had been reduced. Specifically, the price of the Model S dual-motor all-wheel drive version starts at 698900 yuan, down 56000 yuan from the previous 754900 yuan, while the Plaid version of the three-motor all-wheel drive version costs 828900 yuan, down 130000 yuan from the previous 958900 yuan. Tesla Model X dual-motor all-wheel drive version costs 738900 yuan, down 98000 yuan from the previous 836900 yuan, while three-motor all-wheel drive version Plaid sells for 838900 yuan, down 151000 yuan from the previous 989900 yuan. In addition to Tesla, car companies including Zero run Automobile, Xiaopeng Automobile, GAC Ean, BYD and other car companies have launched "price reduction and promotion" policies, including official reductions, time-limited promotions, time-limited subsidies, new models with lower configurations, and so on. the models involved are mainly new energy vehicles.

In addition to the new energy car market, the price reduction momentum of fuel vehicles is even stronger.

A few days ago, SAIC GM Buick announced price cuts, covering Weilang, Regal, LaCrosse, Ankewei, Anke Banner, E4, E5, Micro Blue 6 and other models, of which Anke Qi has the highest discount rate, up to 70,000 yuan. In addition to Buick brand, Chevrolet brand Coruze, Malibu XL, trailblazer and explorer all reduced their prices, of which Marebo XL and explorer reduced their prices by 65000 yuan.


On the whole, the price war in the automobile industry is difficult to extinguish in a short time, which is the result of the competition between new energy vehicles and fuel vehicles, between new forces and traditional car companies, and between independent brands and joint venture brands. The "Golden Nine and Silver Ten" has arrived, and the competition for sales among major car companies will be more intense. Measures such as price reduction, incremental no price increase, and the introduction of more entry-level models to lower the threshold may become the new normal in September, and the pressure of competition among car companies will also increase.

The latest inventory early warning index survey of Chinese automobile dealers released by the China Automobile Circulation Association shows that the inventory early warning index of Chinese automobile dealers in August 2023 is 56.9%, up 2.2% from the same period last year and 0.9% lower than the previous month. The inventory early warning index is above the rise and fall line, and the automobile circulation industry is in a depressed range.

According to the analysis of the Circulation Association, the price reduction of car companies has effectively increased the order volume, coupled with the superposition of multiple factors such as summer outings, school season, and wedding season, further promoting the continuous release of car demand, but the operating conditions of dealers are still lower than expected. common problems include poor profitability of new cars, insufficient passenger flow, increased inventory pressure, and slow return of funds.

In order to achieve the quarterly sales target, the sales pace of dealers will be accelerated and the promotion will be intensified. In the short term, the price war is indeed the magic weapon to improve sales, but in the long run, it puts forward new tests for manufacturers' brand premium, cost dilution and system maintenance. in the future, if car companies want to win competition, core innovation ability is the key to win.

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