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Sell for 12.99-169900 RMB! Chiruishu is listed on the market.

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On the evening of September 12, Chery New Energy Holiday was officially listed. The new car has launched a total of 6 models with a price range of 12.99 yuan to 169900 yuan. It is understood that the new car is based on aluminum-based lightweight platform, positioning five-seat electric medium-sized SUV, power on the whole system using rear drive, NEDC operating mileage for 512km. After the launch of the new car, it will compete with similar models such as Deep Blue S7, Zero run C11 and Skyworth EV6.


In terms of appearance, the new car adopts a new design style, which is more simple and avant-garde than the previous big ant model. In terms of subdivision, the front face of the new car adopts a popular closed grille design, with the Chery CHERY English logo in the center, split headlamp groups on both sides, slender daytime driving lights at the top, and lens headlights at the bottom. The new car is surrounded by a three-stage design, with large-size diversion grooves on both sides, trapezoidal air intake design at the bottom, and a straight waterfall structure decoration, which has a good visual effect and a sense of movement at the same time.


On the side of the body, the new car is designed with coupe elements, the shape is full and round, and the two-color body design is adopted. The roof of the new car is equipped with decorations, and the slightly raised lower frame of the window creates a stylish and elegant posture, with black square eyebrows and five-spoke low wind resistance wheels, creating a very fighting feeling. In the rear part, the roof of the new car is equipped with a spoiler with integrated high brake lights, the blackened taillight group adopts a penetrating design, which effectively stretches the lateral visual width of the rear, and the trapezoidal license plate frame area is located in the lower surrounding part. the position of the fender on both sides is also designed with a decorative diversion groove to further enhance the movement atmosphere of the whole car, in addition, the silver shield of the new car is cancelled and replaced by a two-piece black diffuser. Visual effects are more athletic.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car is 4675/1910/1660mm, the wheelbase is 2830mm, and the positioning is pure electric medium SUV. Although the length of the new car is not outstanding, the wheelbase has reached a higher level. As a comparison, the length, width and height of Biadizon PLUS are 4785/1890/1660mm and the wheelbase is 2765mm.

In terms of interior decoration, the new car adopts a hugging layout, and the overall shape is relatively simple. The car is equipped with a 24.6-inch double screen, the chrome-plated strip running through the center console is very eye-catching, and the bottom of the strip is also equipped with atmosphere lights to enhance the sense of grade in the car. In addition, the number of physical buttons in the car is simplified, and most of the functions are expected to be operated in the central control screen.


In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous rear single motor with a maximum power of 155kW and a maximum torque of 285Nm. In terms of battery, it matches the lithium iron phosphate battery pack with a capacity of 67.12kWh, and the CLTC pure electricity lasts for 512km.

At present, Chery's new energy models include QQ ice cream, small ants, boundless Pro, big ants and Erize e. Among them, Chery Little Ant went on sale in 2017 and QQ ice cream went on sale in 2021. Both models sell for less than 100000 yuan. The former starts at 65000 yuan and the latter starts at 29900 yuan. It mainly competes with Wuling Hongguang MINI EV in the car market. At the same time, these two models are also the main selling models of Chery New Energy. Data show that Chery QQ ice cream and Little Ant sold 97000 and 94000 units respectively in 2022, an increase of 661.3% and 22.5% respectively over the same period last year, but the two models did not meet Chery's combined sales target of more than 300000 vehicles.


In 2022, Chery's new energy sales rose 112.9% year-on-year to 232000 vehicles, ranking sixth on the list of new energy manufacturers with a 3.9% market share. However, after entering 2023, as the new energy market continues to be hot and the competition in the car market intensifies, Chery New Energy's market share is gradually being carved up.


According to the latest data from the Federation of passengers, from January to August this year, the top 10 car companies of new energy manufacturers are BYD Automobile, Tesla China, GAC Eian, SAIC General Motors Wuling, Geely Motor, Changan Automobile, ideal Automobile, Great Wall Automobile, Ulay Automobile and Nahan Automobile. Chery New Energy has fallen out of the top 10 many times.

Chery New Energy's fall out of the top 10 of new energy manufacturers is related to its current poor product sales performance. In March this year, Chery New Energy announced price cuts for some of its models, including as much as 9000 yuan for Little Ant, 4000 yuan for QQ ice cream and 5000 yuan for unbounded Pro. In August, Chery New Energy launched a subsidy of up to 100 million yuan, but the price cut did not have a significant effect on sales.

Take August sales as an example, Chery New Energy's highest-selling model is QQ ice cream, with 5775, followed by Little Ant with 2320 and Big Ant with 1353, while Arize e and Unbounded Pro sell only 481and 29 respectively. Wuling Hongguang MINI EV8, a car of the same class, sells 15844 vehicles a month.

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At present, Chery's new energy mainly depends on mini electric vehicles, and there are no popular models, while BYD, Geely and Changan have all accelerated their expansion in the field of new energy, which will undoubtedly aggravate the pressure on Chery's new energy. So, can Chery Shu enjoy home support Chery's new energy sales? Considering the performance of the new car, the high probability is also more difficult.

How to transform in the field of new energy is an urgent matter for Chery Group. At present, Chery is speeding up its search for a new battlefield. On the night of 2023 Chery New Energy, Chery announced its transition to energy and launched the first new energy electric brand iCAR, its Xingtu brand new pure electric series Star era and the third generation hybrid technology Kunpeng super performance electric mixer C-DM. In addition, the Luxeed, the first pure electric sedan of Chery and Huawei, has appeared on the MIIT declaration list, and the new car will be unveiled this quarter. It is understood that Chery LUXEED is a brand new smart luxury new energy vehicle brand under Chery.

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